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My Story

WARNING: What you are about to read could be shocking. If you are not aware of this phenomenon, you would probably not believe what I say. What you find here are my observations and analysis based on my own experience.

When I worked for an email company in year 2009, I experienced a very strange situation. For the first couples of weeks, everyone seemed to be nice and friendly. Two weeks later, I felt something is not right. All of sudden, I noticed a clear difference of the way they (especially one particular group) treated me.  Some people were so rude. Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about my personal life. Some talked about  things I said or did in my apartment. They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago. Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe. Some others mimicked my actions, words and my dresses. Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents. Someone had scratched my car door while it was in the parking lot. Those incidents seemed like small mishaps. I had to pee several times per day while I was at work. Sometimes I had to pee 4 times in two hours. I felt some vibration/needle like pain on my belly, leg and arm time to time. Whenever I went to pee, someone was following me. Different people were doing this at different times. But when this happened everyday more than couples of times a day, I came to realize they were doing this purposely. Weeks later, there were some changes in the management in my team. Couples of people left the company. It appeared that one particular group were behind this. Some other people are actually nice. Some of them seemed to be sympathetic to me. I was supposed to report to a new supervisor and she screamed at me couples of times. I was given less work. Sometimes I was not given any task for weeks if not months. Even If I was assigned something, it was not something important.  At the same time, this group tried to isolate me within the company. They were trying to humiliate me, control me, harass me, single me out, manipulate me and change my thought process.

Gradually, Harassment occurred even outside of the office. Whatever happened inside the office started to happen in public places too. Random people bumped on me while I was walking.  Someone was always watching me or following me while I was outside. A neighbor came or left the apartment at the same time I left or came. My neighbors started to harass me in various ways. One on right above my apartment started jumping on the floor at night. Another one banged my wall while I was sleeping. Some neighbors frequently slammed the doors. I had couples of car accidents during a short period of time. Wires of my car were badly damaged while it was at a garage overnight. The following day I was informed that  wires were eaten by rabbits. They did not pay me a penny for the damage. Instead they charged me lot more for changing a water pump that was perfectly fine.  Basically I was harassed 24/7.  I could not go to the grocery store, coffee shop, bar, gym, mall. You name it. I was harassed everywhere. Some of  the harassment tactics are strangers blocking my way using grocery carts, invading my personal space , cutting me off while I was walking or driving (This is called classical conditioning in psychology. Once you are harassed in this fashion for a long time, you would be so defensive next time you go to one of these places. You are stressed out. You are anxious).

They tried to isolate me from the society. Basically, They tried to put me under unofficial house arrest. I could not talk to anyone. Random people/friends/coworkers used directed conversation to harass me. Some tried to put the blame on me. Real perpetrators used different people to convince me that I was  just paranoid. I could not even talk to a woman. She may talk to me for couples of minutes. Then she gets a text message. Next thing I know is she is not the same woman anymore. Her tone is different. She is suspicious of me. All of sudden she wants to leave. When this happened again and again, gradually I lost interest in talking to people. Keep in mind, all these things I have described here are still happening. Intensity of the harassment is different from time to time. This is an unofficial house arrest. Luckily some people who knew what was going on tried to help me. (There were some nice people in the company too. Even the HR and training managers and many other people seemed to be nice people. It appeared that they did not have the power. ) However, gradually they were also not able to do anything. Soon, I realized that it was a carefully coordinated psychological harassment carried out by an organized group. I have been a victim of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment, manipulation and mind control. This is also called organized stalking. What happened at the email company is called workplace mobbing. This is just one part of the harassment process. When all these things happened, I got sick couples of times. I had back pain, lose motion, head aches, breathing problems, allergies, cough. I could not sleep well. I felt exhausted. I was so demoralized. I was depressed.

However the surveillance had begun long before the second phase of the harassment(sensitization) occurred.  I believe this was happening even before I came to US. When I looked back at my past events and compared them with what is happening now, I came to know there is a clear pattern of this harassment. The surveillance started when I was in Sri Lanka. I was in junior high school back then. (May be even before that. We never know). I had no idea about this until I was mobbed at the email company. (Even though I was suspicious of some of my past life events , now only I can understand why and how these events happened. It was not easy to find a job. It was not easy to start a meaningful, intimate relationship with a woman I like. It was hard to meet people and make new friends I like to hang out with. I had been bullied at many different places. I thought they all happened because of my fault or I was just unlucky. Now I know that my perpetrators have been denying my basic human rights for years. They have been sabotaging all my opportunities. They have been ruining my personal/social/dating relationships. They have been doing lots of evil acts. They have been trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. (Many things happened in my life since then. Some of these events had changed my life for ever). I clearly don’t know why they targeted me at the first place.

But I must say that everyone is not bad. A group of people from one particular group wants to destroy my life. This is the same group who started bullying me at the email company. It was clear they were manipulated by an invisible force (The real perpetrators). They all have the same political/religious view. They have found a similar group in Sri Lanka too. Apparently they all worked together. (Not necessarily they belong to the same race or religion). Those who started this at the workplace were able to recruit more people from different races, religions, colors, social levels, professions and political groups.  Slowly they were able to turn many people against me by spreading all sorts of lies and rumors. It seemed like they were able to recruit some of the local police officers too. I was followed by police cars for no reason when I went to work and back home. Some days, police cars were parked at the company parking lot. Apparently they can recruit anyone from the society.  They manipulate not only me but also anyone who comes into my life.  All information about me is passed to my friends, coworkers, relatives and strangers by these handlers so that they are motivated to do or say negative things. (However, I must say not necessarily everyone say or do bad things). Sometimes people are not aware that what they are doing is harmful. This is a no touch torture. My life has completely changed and harassment continues ever since. They may have put me on a watch list as this author describes here.

Most large corporate workforce and many smaller ones have already been brought wholesale into this Network through ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ laws that require employees and employers to report anything in the workplace that might be considered suspicious or threatening activity. Anyone who is reported on is assessed (without their knowledge) to determine if they should be put on a ‘watch list’. Watch lists are a key aspect of the Network’s operations, and will be discussed further on. – The network(version one) by Anthony Forwood

Also see ACLU spy files article.

The following research article describes this situation below. This is the story of my life. This is exactly what I have been going through for last 4 years. Well at least I had a good support system before I was mobbed even at my previous workplaces.

Workplace mobbing 

This phenomenon has been called “mobbing,” “ganging up on someone” or psychic terror. It occurs as schisms, where the victim is subjected to a systematic stigmatizing through, inter alia, injustices (encroachment of a person’s rights), which after a few years can mean that the person in question is unable to find employment in his/her specific trade. Those responsible for this tragic destiny can either be workmates or management.

case study – Leif case :

Leif could not keep his job, nor could he get another one, as his medical history could be only too clearly seen in his job applications. There was nowhere in society where he could turn for help. He became totally unemployable — an outcast. One of the ironies of this case is that Leif had previously been employed by a number of companies where he had performed well, had been a good workmate and had been given good references by his employers. (We have found similar cases in Sweden, Denmark, Western Germany, England,Austria, USA, and Australia.)   

Psychical terror or mobbing in working life means hostile and unethical communication which is directed in a systematic way by one or a number of persons mainly toward one individual. There are also cases where such mobbing is mutual until one of the participants becomes the underdog. These actions take place often (almost every day) and over a long period (at least for six months) and, because of this frequency and duration, result in considerable psychic, psychosomatic and social misery. This definition eliminates temporary conflicts and focuses on the transition zone where the psychosocial situation starts to result in psychiatric and/or psychosomatic pathological states.

Phase 2: Mobbing and Stigmatizing
Many of the communicative actions which can be observed occur fairly often in everyday life. But within the framework of the harassment phenomenon, they have an injurious effect,as these actions are used consistently and systematically over a long period, with the intention of causing damage (or putting someone out of action). All the observed actions have the common denominator of being based on the desire to “get at a person” or punish him/her.Thus manipulation is the main characteristic of the event. What is shown to be manipulated is:
1. The victim’s reputation (rumor mongering, slandering, holding up to ridicule).
2. Communication toward the victim (the victim is not allowed to express him/herself,
no one is speaking to him or her, continual loud-voiced criticism and meaningful
3. The social circumstances (the victim is isolated, sent to Coventry).
4. The nature of or the possibility of performing in his/her work (no work given,
humiliating or meaningless work tasks).
5. Violence and threats of violence. 

Important note in preface to Heinz Leymann, “Mobbing and Psychological Terror at Workplaces,” Violence and Victims 5 (1990), 119-126.

This is from another article.

A few common ways in which harassment is expressed
1. Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.
2. Making gestures that seek to intimidate, engaging in reprisals.
3. Discrediting the person: spreading rumors, ridiculing him, humiliating him, calling into question his convictions or his private life, shouting abuse at him or sexually harassing him.
4. Belittling the person: forcing him to perform tasks that are belittling or below his skills, simulating professional misconduct.
5. Preventing the person from expressing himself: yelling at him, threatening him, constantly interrupting him, prohibiting him from speaking to others.
6. Isolating the person: no longer talking to him at all, denying his presence, distancing him from others.
7. Destabilizing the person: making fun of his convictions, his tastes and his political choices.

In the workplace, employees who are psychologically harassed or psychologically tortured are often described as having the wrong interpretation of events, or having a “perception problem”, a “bad attitude”, and the wrong view of reality. They are then asked to consult a medical professional, a psychiatrist, and are then usually subsequently discredited and classified as having a psychological problem or mental illness.


Author Gail Pursell explains the 5 phases of workplace mobbing process.     5 phases of workplace mobbing process

Community Mobbing 

Gradually the harassment at work place turned out to be a community mobbing as I explained before. It spread out everywhere I went. The perpetrators have been systematically destroying both my personal and professional life. They had been distancing me from my support groups by spreading various lies, rumors. They have isolated me from the society. The perpetrators have been constantly trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. It is extremely difficult to make friends. Whenever I meet someone or a group of people, the preps approach them and poison them with negative thoughts. (But I believe some people also try to help me. The real perpetrators are so cunning and they can deceive those who try to help me). So eventually, the preps take control of friendship /relationship and manipulate my friends.  Still I try to stay positive. I decided to upload videos of my own experience at public places to social networking media like YouTube and let other people know what I have been going through. One of my goals is to educate people about this crime against humanity. If you are not a targeted individual, it would be very difficult to understand or believe what I say. People barely notice this crime even if this happens right in front of their eyes. This is happening in every country in this word today.

Harassment tactics:

Basically I am under 24/7 electronic surveillance. My personal phone conversations are listened. My phone is illegally wire tapped. My personal computer is hacked. My personal email and social networking accounts are hacked. My every move (even inside my apartment) is watched. Those who monitor me, share my very personal information, weaknesses, fears, likes, dislikes with my friends, co workers, managers, relatives and even strangers so that they get offended. Some of them may hurt. Some of them may feel jealous of me. Some of them feel inferior to me. Some of them may feel hatred towards me. The perpetrators gradually feed the information. Keep in mind, what ever the perpetrators say may not necessarily be true. They manipulate or misinterpret it. Whenever someone gets offended/hurt, they can use my personal information against me to harass me. The stalkers spread lies, twisted rumors and half truth. By doing this, the perpetrators try to discredit me as well as motivate others into using verbal attacks, cyber bullying or any other type of harassment. I don’t have any privacy right now. The perpetrators use racial, religious stereotypes as well as any other differences to turn people against me. They could use anything such as race, religion, color, age, gender, region, profession, political opinions etc. They try to break all my support systems.  They divide people into different groups and try to turn one support group against another. The perpetrators try to sensitize me to certain objects, sounds, words, that are related to a previous stalking incident. After I am sensitized to these words, objects or sounds, they ask my friends, co-workers to use these words during our conversations. The stalkers try to make me look like a crazy and paranoid person.  Lots of people participate in this stalking game. Some of them think this is just a simple joke. As they don’t see the complete picture, they don’t fully understand the sinister side of this program. Let alone dating it is extremely difficult to make any friends now. The perpetrators try to convince the audience that I am anti-social or I am a loner. The truth is the perpetrators prevent me being socialized by using various psychological harassment tactics. I was a very healthy, active, friendly and fun loving person before I experienced this harassment.

Some of other harassment tactics are gas lighting, cyber bullying, trolling, slander campaign, brightening (flashing lights by random drivers at nights), staging car accidents,  crowding at public   places, invading my personal space by strangers at public places, manipulating traffic lights while driving, creating artificial traffic on the roads or around the neighborhood, financial losses, noise campaign such as door slamming or banging walls by neighbors, rumbling car or motor cycle engines loud inside my apartment complex, honking, synchronization,  monitoring and electronic harassment by neighbors, mail tempering , delaying service at public places, keeping me waited in long lines,  anchoring, baiting, black mailing, mimicking my actions and words, sabotaging my job opportunities , blacklisting me in the job market, ruining my financial , professional and personal life . I cannot describe here some of other things they have done. This program is designed so that when a target try to explain what he/she experiences , the target appears crazy or paranoid.

Who is behind spying?

They are everyday citizens. Apparently some people from many community organizations like neighborhood watch, large corporations, religious organizations, city utility workers, senior citizens, fire fighters, local law enforcement officers, some officials from local fusion centers participate in this stalking game. It could be anyone from the society. Many of them are deceived and manipulated by the perpetrators. Also I have a feeling that real perpetrators are trying to divide people into different groups based on their religion, ethnicity, skin color, profession , social level etc and use them against me. They are using age old tactic called divide and rule to turn people from different groups against me. Vast number of people have no idea that they are being manipulated to harass and intimidate innocent people. Criminals, drug dealers and street thugs also seemed to be involved with this stalking game. For some reason, one group can do more harm compared to another group. This does not mean everyone who participates in this stalking game does bad things to me. Some are actually acting like guardians.  Everyone in a group/organization/neighborhood watch is not necessarily bad either. But some people actively engage in these stalking activities for various reasons.  Ordinary people are encouraged to participate in stalking activities. People are motivated to commit these hate crimes by instigating racial, religious, social level, skin color, different professional stereotypes. There are people who try to take advantage of my situation. There are people who are trying to degrade the quality of my life. There are people who are trying to put me into the lowest level of the social ladder. There are people who want to destroy my life. There are people who try to blackmail me. They are people who want to push their own personal agenda.  It does not matter where I live. They know everything. Once I move into a new area, a new groups in the local area are recruited and my personal information is shared with them. Also new groups also gather my information and report back to perpetrators. Everyone may not say bad things. Everyone may not report back. But some do. Now I know it for sure. I believe some of them(may be group leaders) have the capabilities of accessing the surveillance program. (It could be a software that pinpoint my exact location. Also these local groups may be able to listen to all my phone conversations, read my emails ,personal Facebook messages etc or else they get all these information from those who monitor me) . Even if I go to another country, still the perpetrators can track me. Still they can harass me. The same comedy is scripted by different groups. Intensity level of the harassment is different from country to country. So apparently this is an international network. So this could be collaborative work of rogue elements of intelligence agencies around the world. They may have infiltrated to every part of the society in this world. They are using community groups to spy on fellow civilians and even harass targeted civilians.  Once someone is on this watch list, his/her fate is at the mercy of these community groups. If they are decided to mess your life, you are on your own.

Job loss and unemployment :

It appears that I can no longer find a job in my field. Whenever I get an interview, those who want to sabotage my career, approach the employer somehow and tell all sort of negative things.  They are trying to convince the audience that I am not able to do anything.  Those who destroyed my professional career want to justify their actions. So they continue the harassment. They do not want me to work for a new company.  They do not want me to get to know new people.  Especially they do not want me to get to know influential people who may have ability to help me. The perpetrators are afraid of being exposed.  They may feel safe as long as they can convince the audience that what they had told about me is true. For me, it is obvious what they are doing. But it is barely noticeable for outsiders unless someone knew the whole thing from the very beginning.  The perpetrators use my friends and relatives to convince me that I need to do an odd job. They try to convince the audience and I that this is a very normal situation and no one sabotages my job opportunities.  Now, it seems like even if I get a job, I would be underpaid and most probably it may not be something related to my past experience. They are trying to destroy all my skills. They want to make me a useless person. They do everything possible to demoralize me. Once I am no longer tolerate their BS, they say he is not good at IT. He should do something else. Since 2009, I have been working on small projects. My salary has been decreased gradually since 2009. I was doing nothing for weeks sometimes. In couples of years I will forget things I have learn t so far. When I don’t use something, I easily forget it. Automatically I will no longer be able to take any interviews. Once this happens, my perpetrators would not have to do anything new to ruin my life. The perpetrators control every aspect of my life. Not only they ruined my professional life, they also destroyed my social life. This may be the same group or a different group. They have been trying to change my behavior. They do not let me make any friends, date any woman, go to social events. Even If I go there, they make sure I would not meet someone I can get along with.

Psychological warfare:

How everyone thinks about me depends on  carefully manipulated propaganda. Perpetrators share my personal information the way they want. They know how to deceive the audience. Many people do not believe that I am going through a hell. Some people notice my bad luck. Still they think it is just a coincidence. Either they are honestly not aware of what has been happening to me or they are afraid of accepting the truth.

Also the way everyone thinks about me depends on how the people around me (my friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers) report back to the network/surveillance system. If they say good things, the harassment is considerably less. If someone says a bad or negative thing, the harassment is severe. So I have to be very careful of befriending people. I have to be careful of what I talk. I need to be very picky. If I want to make new friends, I have to select pretty much perfect people who would not get offended easily. If one of my friends or a neighbor or a coworker gets offended, I may be in trouble. I may not get the job I want. I may not be able to date a woman I really like. I may not be able to hang out with people I like. Let’s say I did not get along with a rude person. This person happened to be someone from different race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. Or he/she could be from the same race, religion or color etc. This person can report back to the network that I don’t get along with people from his/her race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. If the person is from the same race and religion,then he/she plays a different card. Even This person can say I hate them. Basically personal conflict is generalized. I believe this is done by the perpetrators. May be it is the system (rogue elements of intelligence agencies) or people them self. One thing I surely know is severity of my harassment depends on people who come into my life. Someone may say why I care what other people think about me. Well we live in a society. We all are part of it. Humans need to interact with other human beings. We need to interact with people from opposite sex. When the perpetrators manipulate my personal information, they can basically control who I am going to befriend with. They can control my social network. They control every aspect of my life. Because of this psychological warfare, I don’t get a chance to talk, hang out with people I like. I don’t get a chance to date a woman I really like. I don’t get my dream job. All my dreams and life plans are shattered.
I usually like urban, educated (not nerdy), open minded, fun, fashionable,independent  people. Because of the propaganda, I mostly meet people who have complete opposite personalities, likes etc. When I meet a woman, there is a high probability that she is 20 years older or younger. I rarely meet someone around +/- 10 years of my age. This could be because of the following reason. When I was in my late 20s, I dated someone around 22 or 23. (No need to say why it did not work). One of my friends or neighbors might have observed this and reported back to the system or the loosely connected network. Ever since that group think I only like women in early 20′s. They tell this to everyone who comes into my life. So my new friends, neighbors also start to think that I only like women in early 20′s. The danger is when this happens, women in all other age groups stop talking to me.  Let’s take another example. If I talk to a tall guy, the perpetrators convince everyone else that I only get along with tall guys. So all the short guys stop talking to me. The perpetrators can manipulate any situation. If I say, I don’t like small size girls, the perpetrators try to convince the audience that means I like big size women which is not necessarily true. I like average body size women. If the perpetrators decide not to let me date or even talk to any woman, they can actually make it happen. That is what they have been doing so far. Not only they try to confuse me, but also they try to confuse my friends as well. My friends, relatives do not know what I really like anymore. Different groups say different things. However, all these groups can be manipulated by one group at the top level. Either they want to destroy my life or they want to prove everyone that what they have been telling about me so far is true. Once I move to a new state or country, groups in the previous location pass the information to new groups. Different groups may pass different information. They pass it the way they want. (I am not sure this is done by intelligence agencies directly or by loosely connected social group. Most probably, information may be passed by both groups). Again, if the first group thinks that I am going to like the second group and first group may not be able to control my life anymore, the first group may try to spread disinformation among the 2nd group so that they would have negative impression about me. Always groups can control what other people think about me. Not necessarily everyone says bad things.

Sometimes, the perpetrators script certain events to convince the audience that I am an alcoholic or I am such an irresponsible person etc. Different groups script different events. After I was mobbed at my company, I noticed that the perpetrators do not let me see a good-looking woman. Let’s say I sit close to a good-looking woman in a coffee shop. The perpetrators get someone to sit in between that woman and I. Believe it or not they do another thing. if I am going to sit next to a good-looking woman in a bus, the perpetrators get to know it promptly. Again they get someone to sit next to her. So that they make sure I would not even get a chance to talk to a good looking woman. I know many people would not believe this. I can give you another example. After the second stage of my harassment, I am not very comfortable of talking to people. If I talk to a working class person, my perpetrators convince everyone else that I can only get along with poor working class people. So where ever I go, I only get a chance to talk to that type of people. That really freaks me out. I can tolerate this for couples of times. After a while, I am sensitized to them. When this happens again and again for a long time, I tend not to talk to that type of people. Then perpetrators accuse me that I am arrogant big headed, ignorant person etc. You see how the play this game?

When my perpetrators generalized certain events , scenarios, they go to extreme ends. As an example, sometimes they say. “he is a super rich person.He does not have to work”. When I resist, they quickly change it to other extreme end. They try to convince everyone else that I am a really poor guy so only people I can get along with are poor people. Either way they always put me in a tight spot

I have been experiencing this harassment since 2009. The perpetrators have been doing this even before 2009. But I had no idea about those types of scripted events until I was mobbed at the email company. Couples of people had clearly gotten offended and reported back something really bad about me. I try to explain this in details under psychological warfare section of this blog.

Like I said before everyone is not bad. But even those who used to support me have sidelined now because of what evil people do. I know I am not the only one who is going through this. If you read this, please educate your friends and family about this crime against humanity. No human being is deserved to be treated like this. 

For further information please watch my personal videos on YouTube. Also please read “psychological harassment and psychological manipulation” and “coercive persuasion and mind control”. I have posted links on the top right side of this blog. 


103 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Sorry to hear what you’re going through. In a similar position here in the UK. I deal with it by reminding myself that the ‘mob’ is made up of sadistic cowards and that I am, therefore,’better’ than them.

  2. I thought it was just me but I have experienced similar things for the past 20 years. Actually and when I tried to expose them I was vilified or called crazy. This is certainly going on. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Its all about terrorizing and humiliating. They want people to be conscious and knowing that its happening. It tells the target, “We are watching you” and “We are in control”. They don’t have to do anything to attack or harm the target. The knowledge and terror of being stalked and harassed does all of their work for them. Once it has been imprinted upon the targets mind that they are in the spot light the trauma from not knowing who or why and, the feeling of constantly being watched and humiliated, eventually degrades the mental and emotional state of the targeted individual. Some go so far as to commit suicide. It is important to keep a note of just who these stalkers are (if you have the means of recording or writing the events). I’ve found many of them come from the lower classes of society. I don’t like to use slurs or class distinctions but, these people truly are trash. From my perspective it has been gangs, pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts, transients and the like. But, not all. Church groups, security firms, city or county employees, ambulance drivers, and police are all in the mix. Which tells me that there is money and influence behind the scenes pulling strings. A large chess board is being setup. Master manipulators are working hard to keep everyone on string. A person need only ask, why?

    • Very good post, and right on target (no pun intended). Once you know what is going on, and what types of trash and low lives are trying to project the message, it becomes completely pointless and a joke. Having a person who can’t get themselves out of a ghetto / slum lifestyle calling someone else a loser has no point ay all. It’s like a fat person making fun of someone else for being out of shape. Once a target knows that the perpetrators are using felony tactics to get their point across (committing a crime), all legitimacy and moral backing of the Gang Stalker’s judgement on another persons activities, habits, and lifestyle completely vanishes. Gang Stalking is a destabilization program most likely. The elites keeping the under classes fighting each other as a distraction.

    • Your post reminded me of a story that someone told me about a young high school girl that was being picked on and targeted with harassment by another girl at her school. One day, the targeted girl went to visit a friend who live in a trailer park. By pure coincidence, the bully girl also lived in that same trailer park. As the targeted girl was walking home after her visit to her friend, she could hear the voice of the bully girl use directed conversation saying very loudly to one of her cohorts, “Who the hell does she think she is cumming into MY trailer park thinking that she’s is all that?”. Ha Ha!, oh the irony, the sweet irony. I think of that story every time I hear a gang stalker try to project some judgement or opinion at me using that lame tactic. You can truly rise above anything with a little humor.

    • Thank you for your comments. Yes It is all about psychological terror.

    • In MY case, the puppetmasters of this harassment on me were actually trying to induce physical harm too!
      At first they were using my coworkers (who were racist ex-cons) to constantly give me a hard time…getting in my face, calling me names, degrading stuff.

      THEN, the puppet masters upp’ed the ante by feeding into the workers’ racism, which led to some physical contact on their part. They physically pushed me, or even threatened me with a knife! and when I present this to my bosses (the puppet masters), they just shrug it off with a “Prove it”. And if the racist coworkers DID in fact stab me or whatever, the puppet masters are in the clear, because those workers were ex-cons…they’re expected to get in trouble! While the bosses go scott free!

  4. Thank you for letting me know about your blog. Your story is much like my own in many ways, and I feel your observations and conclusions are correct. I have moved a number of times over the years, and the tactics and behavior of the perpetrators is identical no matter where I go. They are like clones. It’s a psychological operation that negativity affects the perpetrators, as well as the targets. I believe this is a huge world wide destabilization program. I’m also starting to think that the way targets abuse and harassment is decided and managed is completely computer driven. Seems like all the data that is obtained via 24/7 eavesdropping, and our reaction to the harassment tactics by everyday perps is feed into a system, and their next move is calculated by a computer algorithm. The perps are all trained in the same basic psychological bully tactics. The central computer feeds the next tactic to be used on the target to a local controller (agent) who is a member of the community leadership. This controller then contacts his low level perps with basic instructions, such as key words to be used in directed conversation, Psychological Triggers that are to be used on the target, such as a certain noise, flashing lights, color coded clothing, of action of invading personal space. The perps who make direct contact with the targets are not very bright, and most likely have no true knowledge about what they are truly part of. They are being controlled even more then the targeted individual. The low level perps are not deciding what to do to you, they are under orders. Their bag of tricks are very limited, as is their true knowledge about the targets history. All these perpetrator people are being manipulated, and are programed. This entire program is from my personal observations tied directly to protected drug dealing, human trafficking, and other vice activity legal and illegal. The true controllers of this crime are buffered by the low level, low education, bully type street perpetrators. I believe that the surveillance and electronic weapons, and payoff favors and gifts given to perpetrators who commit the more sinister Gang Stalking harassment (break-ins, property damage, etc.) are funded by Homeland Security funds and monies made from drugs and vice operations.

  5. I am sorry but you sound like a very ill person. Paranoid delusions cannot be fun to live with. I have a lot of the same problems “stalkingnightmare” has, and so does the rest of the population. However we recognise that in life not everyone is friendly and we get on with it. I find the idea that you think traffic flows are being manipulated to hinder you personally absolutely hilarious.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you all start taking your medications.

    • For other readers: This is one of the psychological tactics.

      • Yep, that poster Toby is employing a smoke screen tactic. The participants in the monitoring program are getting paid, and will do anything to protect the system that is supporting them. It’s all just part of the way things work. I mean this is felony activity they are participating in, and it also is very effective for them. It’s kind of like how the tobacco industry would call any scientific proof that smoking was harmful “crazy talk” and the scientists are wackos and conspiracy nuts for years before the truth was fully realized by the general public. There is also a commonality to the way they word these responses. They make sure to bring up “start taking your medications” jab. I think that many people are realizing that the entire psychological medication industry is a huge scam. It’s also very much like the domestic abuse cycle, where the abuser will Gaslight the victim. “Gaslighting” describes actions that make another person believe he or she is crazy, and discredit the person by making others think they are crazy. It’s well documented. Sorry, but these tactics will not work on us Toby. I ask other readers who are interested in this subject to research such tactics.

      • So, if anyone disagrees with you, they’re in on it? Can you tell me the difference between someone being played by this stalker game, and someone who’s suffering from severe paranoia?

    • Dear Toby,

      It is not paranoia and you are an ignoramus at best or a perpetrator at worst to ignore the sheer number of professional people who report this -and worse. It’s government/police/organized crime harassment and it’s been steadily growing for the last 30 years worldwide. It’s well documented and deadly to the victims.


      I’m not going to even bother presenting evidence as it’s clear you’re not worth my time.


  6. Yes..Some of them pretend like they are trying to help us. But we know what their true intention is. They do not want to take the responsibility for what they are doing. When we expose their evil tactics , they are trying to label us as mentally ill.

    “Increase suggestibility and “soften up” the individual through specific hypnotic or other suggestibility-increasing techniques such as: Extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills, Excessive exact repetition of routine activities, Sleep restriction and/or Nutritional restriction”. – Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D

  7. I appreciate you referring to my document, The Network. You should also look at my more recent Psyops and Perception Management. Here’s a link:

  8. Yesterday I stopped by just to thank you for referring to my document, but after reading your blog I decided to come back because I wanted to give my support. I found both your blog and all the comments (except one) to be very intelligently written and very accurate.

    The one that I feel differently about is typical perp mentality. I’m talking, of course, about the comment by ‘toby’.

    I notice that toby first came across as a naïve but caring person, trying to excuse this as ‘just the way things are’, but by the end of her comment she revealed that she was merely mocking you (and the rest of us) by finding this all so ‘hilarious’. I guess she doesn’t realize that when she does that she just comes across as a prepubescent teenager who knows nothing. No intelligent person takes such comments seriously, although I feel that she thinks they will.

    It seems to me that TIs are very distinguishable from perps by how they react to the sort of information presented here. These perps are the same type of people who have a knee-jerk reaction to ‘conspiracy theorists’, discrediting everything said without ever providing a reasoned argument or ever considering what has been said. They never do anything to help. They just try to hurt. And they make themselves look bad in the process.

    One of the surest signs that someone is mind-controlled is their lack of critical thinking skills and their reliance on these sort of knee-jerk reactions. These are auto-response mechanisms, and they reflect the suppression of mental development. This is a scientific fact.

    It’s very obvious from this simple distinction who you can trust or rely on, and I use this in everyday life as a test of a person’s merit.

    Perps also use the ‘attack, never defend’ philosophy, so I judge the worthiness of a claim or opinion by whether the person making it can and will defend it. I often take advantage of this to test anyone who says something that I know or suspect is false, and if they are attempting to pull this ploy, it exposes them every time.

    To toby and anyone else who reacts like she does… you’re the ones who really need to get help. If you’re still only a teenager and just getting your childish kicks, it might be excusable, but otherwise you need to reassess your own mental state and do something about it before you end up making the wrong idiot comment to someone in the real world who’ll set you straight the hard and painful way. Seriously.

    • Yes Toby has typical perp mentality. Toby is being manipulated. She pretends like she is someone who wants to help us. What her motive is exactly the opposite. Deniability is part of this program.
      As you mentioned , we can identify the people who are genuinely care about us when you talk to them. I must accept it is not easy though sometimes.

      • This is the first time I have heard of this and I believe it. I don’t like it when people just dismiss something like this as a “mental illness.” That’s just an excuse to a reality they can’t explain. I wish you well. I would like to quote from the bible. “Do not fear him who can kill the body and can do no more but rather fear Him (God) who can destroy both body and soul in hell.”

      • Thank you. Unfortunately this is happening all over the world today. This is a crime against humanity.

    • Anthony,
      Was finding some very pertinent co-relations to my own stalking with-in your comments; “One of the surest signs that someone is mind-controlled is their lack of critical thinking skills and their reliance on these sort of knee-jerk reactions. These are auto-response mechanisms, and they reflect the suppression of mental development.”

      This makes my prior experiences more understandable in this light. People have a preconditioned response to different people in different situations which they rely upon. When encountering a TI, on the street or in any other venue, the perp reverts to the pre-programmed response. This explains why so many perps repeat the same words during their attacks and why I keep encountering repeat situations. A limited bag of tricks.

      Thanks for the revelation.


  9. The real mental illness is ignorance and complacency.

    • Hi I am back. I just want to say this is so strange how I got to your blog from reading the comments on Vigilant Citizen’s website. After reading what you are going through, being the first time I heard of this, I believe you. And then I was listening to a radio teaching on and Scott Johnson was playing a tape from a woman name Deborah Tavares who exposes a lot of what the government is doing and about to do. The subject of Organized stalking briefly came up and she said this is what the government is doing to people but the testing of it is over. they are going to do this to masses of people. So I went on her website and I came to this website from a person who commented about someone who wrote a letter to President Obama regarding this torture. Here is what it says if you are interested. It’s just strange, well, maybe not, how all this is coming together. Here is the link to the letter to the president.

      I wish you well.

      • Thank you for info. Actually I have seen her YouTube videos. She seems to be a very knowledgeable about this subject matter.
        Thanks again for posting the link. It seems like the perps knows your exact location no matter where you live in this world. I even moved into a different country couples of weeks ago. Still I am not able to find a job. Still certain things happened in US are happening here too. I wonder I can ever work again. Surprisingly it is the same protocol.
        For last two weeks, I did not carry any cell phones, credit cards or driver’s license with me when I went out. I used the public transport to travel. Still they can track me. I believe either they have implanted a RFID chip or they are using some sort of facial recognition satellite technology. All I know is still they track me somehow.

  10. Thanks for making this book available.

  11. Angel Cop is using another tactic – generalizing what someone else says to make it sound stupid.

    Sorry, Angel Cop, but stupidity is quite apparent to those of us who are above it. Educate yourself so you don’t say stupid things and come across as stupid as you try to make others..

  12. They can track you without relying on your cell phone because they have perps watching everywhere. I would guess that at least HALF the people I come across in public have been recruited into the network.

  13. Ya, I think I might have an RFID chip as well. But RFID only has a very short range… about 10 to 20 feet. They could have sensors planted everywhere that amplify the signal and retransmit it further. I woul;dn’t doubt these retransmitters are in vehicles, street lamps, etc.

  14. You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out how the magician does his slight of hand tricks and illusions, and that is something that the evil beings who runs this entire program are trying to do to us. It does not matter how they are doing it. The fact is that they can do it, and are doing it. I have been to some very remote places, and within minuets a shill / perp will arrive on the scene to make it known that I am being monitored. The entire point of this tactic is to have your mind contemplate and dwell on the how and why aspects. This is a form of sensitization. This is done in combination with other psychological input that will give the perpetrating organization a desired emotional state of mind in the target, so that they may further control the targets action and lifestyle.

    • True..The fact is that they are doing it somehow. I had to move out of US because I could no longer find a job. Now I live in Sri Lanka. Same thing is happening here as well. I could not find a job here as well. The same script is orchestrated here too.
      Later years even If I got a job, It was extremely difficult to work as most of the people were trying to confuse me when they try to explain even trivial matters. Couples of days ago, It happened here as well when one of my relatives tried to explain something. When she tried to explain me, She was deliberately skipping important things. Apparently,She had assumed that I have a ego. This is because, perps had fed her all these negative thoughts. So She spontaneously reacted. This is just one example.

      I think I can ignore pretty much everything except the work. I am not sure what I am gonna do if they don’t let me work anymore.

      • There are only few place where we can actually find refugee. I myself found refugee in Pakistan(yes still alive and breathing lol).There are options of investor visas we can use like Ecuador,South America,Pakistan,China,Russia.Even this program has reached India and Sri Lanka.Pakistan,Iran are probably safest bets at least for me.You can live poor but remember peace of mind and love of your soul is most important thing.

  15. Thank you for this post, you have described what ive been going thru for almost three years now. I am 37 wife and mother, who previously led a pretty happy life with many whom I considered friends, and now have no friends or support. My family, even my husband cannot see what is happening to me and so do not really think anything is happening. They care about me but they think ive lost my mind, which at times I have wondered the same, because it really is all to crazy to imagine . I do understand their reaction , but hurts nonetheless. I am hit with sound waves or electromagnetic waves several times a week which causes nausea and agitation, headaches… all this with the isolation, rumors and bullying is sometimes almost more than I can take.Just knowing someone else knows what im going thru is real, helps..Thank you

    • I am sorry to hear that yet another person is going through this torture. Yes they want us to think that we are crazy and we have lost our minds. Unfortunately many of our close friends either do not understand this or do not want to accept that this is happening to us. When some of my friends, co workers try to bully me, I try to explain this phenomena. I still keep trying it. When I try to explain, most of the people get offended. Some people get angry. Some people stop talking to me. However still I think I am doing the right thing by keeping them informed about this evil act.
      Don’t ever think you have lost your mind. There is nothing wrong with us. They are trying to label us as mentally ill so that they can cover up their crime. But I understand what you mean. At least you have a family. That is a good thing. I cant think about a family life now. They do not let me to date someone I like anyway. Let alone dating, they don’t let me make any friends. My old friends hardly talk to me now. I lost my support system as well. It is almost impossible to find a job. Like you said, saddest part of our stories is most of our friends can not see what is happening and think we are just whining and complaining about everything all the time. But only we can see how they destroy every aspect of our life piece by piece.
      Stay strong….

  16. Ditto ditto ditto …same thing with me ..makes for a hell of a life for an innocent person…as you dig for answers you find a lot of Cowards and a lot of people died exposing the truths…me..I don’t fear death! I often think about all my pretendaChristian neighbors (some were good friends)and can’t wait to be standing with Jesus as they kneel before him and explain their actions on earth!…ie. as you dig you wonder how you never knew anything about it and how many people pulled the wool over your eyes. Illuminati keeps coming up with every shovel full.

  17. Is there any device to detect electronic stalker?

  18. Very pleased to find your blog. My route to this site was through your post on the article about the role of EMFs in the recent tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard. I have been dealing with many of the same issues that you and others have described and I wanted to add my voice to yours. For seven years now I have been gang stalked, ridiculed, mocked and harassed in Japan, Australia, and the United States. The situation has become so bad that I too have found it difficult to secure meaningful employment in my field (teaching and writing) despite having ten years of college teaching experience, completing a PhD and publishing a novel.

    At this point, I’m more focused on overcoming the effects of these attacks and trying to raise consciousness about the various forms that bullying and harassment take than I am in repeating my old sad history. But perhaps a little background will be helpful.

    I began teaching at a university in Japan in 1999. For the first year and a half of my contract, things went very well. I had good relationships with everyone I was working with and there were no problems to speak of. The trouble began when I took a stand on communicative English courses for our second year students. I suggested that the perceived shortfall of manpower was actually due to half the staff working as adjuncts at a neighboring university for additional pay while a similar number of tenured professors at the other university taught at our school. A week later, I was informed that my contract would not be renewed. For the last year I was subjected to low-level forms of harassment and bullying that included not being invited to departmental events, mocking, veiled slander and ridicule.

    Fortunately, I was able to find another position at a women’s college in Kobe and began working there in 2002. By 2006, the low-level stuff that I’d experienced earlier had become much more serious. Soon I was being tormented by an ever-widening circle of people both at work and at home.

    The reason that the EMF thing caught my attention was that a similar thing happened to me. After I moved into a new apartment on the third floor of a five-story building in a quiet area, the family to one side of me (I had the end apartment) moved out. A single man moved in. Within days of this change, I found it difficult to sleep. I’d wake up with intense headaches. I also noticed that the contents of my dreams were changing. It was almost as if I was being subjected to a strange kind of subliminal porn that had no basis in my psyche (i.e., wasn’t based on fantasy but violent and clinical in nature). I began doing Internet searches to find out if anyone else was being subjected to this. Back then, there wasn’t much information available but I did act on one recommendation: I bought an EMF meter and began monitoring the waves coming through the wall. Sure enough, there was a spike of these whenever I was awoken in the middle of the night. I began sleeping on a futon in the living room.

    After a couple of weeks of sleeping in the living room, a new tenant moved in upstairs. Again, it was a single guy. This time, however, it was a man who worked nights in a bar. He’d come home at 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. in the morning, slam open and close the doors and windows and pound the floor directly above my head. Over the next year, I spoke to him about it three times, called the owner of the apartment building three times, and had the police come twice. Nothing was done. The whole thing was turned around to suggest that I was the problem.

    At the same time that this was happening at home, a parallel attack was going on at the university. A professor with an office next to mine was slamming his window open and shut repeatedly while someone on the floor below was pounding the ceiling in a vacant meeting room directly beneath my office.

    The net effect of these attacks (I’ll save some of the other forms of attack for the next post) was the intended sleep deprivation and subsequent loss of concentration and job performance. I think the goal was to get me to quit before my sabbatical came up but it wasn’t successful. I went down to the University of Adelaide and wrote a dissertation and novel on the subject of school and societal bullying. The novel is called The 89TH Temple and I have just made it available for free on Smashwords so that you and your followers can read it if you’re interested. You might also be interested in the companion essay on suffering as entertainment called “That’s Entertainment: The Observation Principle from Bentham to Foucault” also available for free on Smashwords .

    My apologies for the long post. Let me close by saying thank you. I understand you, believe you and honor you for the courage that it took to write about this. You have made a new friend.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights. As you have already identified, this is happening all over the world today. This is an international network.
      I have been going through the same kind of harassment as you described for last 3-4 years. I must say everyone is not bad though. It seems like certain types of people are easily motivated to do such things. Also thanks for sharing those novels with us. I will definitely check it out.

    • I have been searching the web for an explanation to the technology that is used to perform these extraordinarily evil acts of terrorism, intimidation, manipulation, harassment and a total disregard for ones right as a human being to live in peace, and happened upon this blog…………… I really feel for you all……, as I personally know what its like to be terrorized in this manner. I have never been the type of person who takes any injustice lying down, in fact I have developed my own way of dealing with this scum as we all have.
      The similarities in every targets stories is no coincidence to my thinking and agree with all targeted people on this blog in that this is a massive injustice, and very intricate in its design, form and delivery. I believe that my personal harassment has a prerecorded role play delivered through software with operators\ human intervention when needed.
      I have many names for these people conducting these terrorist acts against humanity and fight back with my own harassment on them. As I write these words the terrorists are transmitting the usual bullshit of trying to confuse, humiliate and turn me against any ideas of connecting with or developing relations with other people who are undergoing the same or similar experiences,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they are truly pathetic.
      I would like to implore all targeted human beings to strive for a strong family and friend connection, we can all trust people, and through trust we can fight back against these GRONKS. Keep your heads up do not concede defeat, make connections with important and respectable people in society, let your confidence radiate through their technology. Please don’t be scared or intimidated by their role play, their psychology is as they are, truly pathetic.
      I have grown stronger,smarter and faster, both physically and mentally in the 13 months I’ve been under and will continue to do so, adaptation is the key ,,,,,They want to program us HA,,,,, we program ourselves.
      ,As Bob Marley once said,
      “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”.

      I am truly grateful for having stumbled upon this blog

      • Thank you for your comment. As you said, it is important to keep our heads up. We need to be patience. We need to be compassionate to event those who harass us. I know it is not easy. What they want us to do is be violent against our harassers so that the real perpetrators can justify their cause. I completely agree with your comments about making social connections. It is very important to make new friends, make connections with important and influential people in the society. We need to tell our story as well. Otherwise people will hear only one side of the story. After I exposed what they are doing, they don’t let me work again. They are trying to sabotage all my job opportunities by spreading lies and rumors.
        Now I have nothing to lose.

        Stay strong…!!!

      • Here is a site I came across…I hope EVERYONE here reads it…it’s VERY informative and explains a ton of the info we all seek. It’s mirrored so be patient it will show up :)

  19. It should be noted that the psychological electronic weapons are very sophisticated and very effective on the human body. Maybe another article on the techniques and heavy usage of the devices on society? Pulsing the body for sleep deprivation, voices projected to the head without hearing, muscle strains and involuntary movements, vision interventions… Only the tip of the ice berg.

    • Thank you for your comment. I personally did not experience the voice to skull thing. However I have experienced something different. Instead of voice commands, I used to hear some loud music. I heard that whenever I went to sleep. As soon as I woke up and changed the direction, I could not hear it anymore. I felt like it was coming from a neighboring apartment. I have seen You Tube videos of some of these devices. Even if the perpetrators don’t use any electronic weapons, still TIs may experience sleep deprivation, tiredness, soreness, depression and various other symptoms due to stress cause by psychological harassment. It is worth reading Dr Robert Duncan’s The Matrix Deciphered.

      Here is the link to his blog.

  20. Robert Duncan writes disinfo, and he’s attempting to make money off of people who are desperate for help. I contacted him after looking at The Matrix Deciphered, asking for technical details about how the tech worked. He led me on a run-around, first claiming that it was available in his newer book, Soul Catchers, but it turned out that it wasn’t. Soul Catchers is marked as Volume II, and in it he states that all the technical data is in Volume I. So when I found that out, I contacted him again, to see about getting Volume I, and he told me that it wasn’t published yet.

    It never has been, and it probably never will be, because he has no technical data and is lying about all of it.

    Ask him yourself for the technical data, or Volume I.

  21. He CLAIMS he’s a TI. He also claims he’s ex-NSA. Would you REALLY trust anyone who makes such claims but won’t produce any sort of evidence to back it up?

    You really have to watch out for those people who put out a lot of unfounded material while making claims that they have ‘inside information’. Robert Duncan, in particular, writes a load of nonsense. The Matrix Deciphered is typical time-wasting material for TIs to get caught up in fantastical ideas about the tech. I stay grounded in fact as much as possible. I f you start to believe things that aren’t explainable in scientific terms (which RD doesn’t do, even though he claims to understand the tech he describes so well), then you’re a bigger target for deception.

    This is a psy-war as much as anything. Agents abound on the internet, spewing BS for TIs to gobble up. They have systems ib place to monitor what is being bought into, and they take advantage of that to keep TIs off-track.

    • psy-war is to keep TIs in line. This is all done by one way communication. Whenever I talk to my friends, they are not allowed to talk to me about certain things. Most of the time, my friends hear one side of the story. Those who monitor share all my personal information with community/organizational group leaders. Those group leaders may share my information with my friends,relatives,co-workers,strangers or anyone who come into my life. This is how I feel about how they do this. I am not sure whether those community groups also have direct access to the system which is used to monitor TIs.
      Also I don’t think people from intelligence community directly contact my friends, co workers etc and share my personal information. I believe they are using loosely connected civilian groups to do this spying job for them. What is your thoughts on this? Actually You have mentioned how the network is created in one of your book. I feel the same way as you describe there.

    • As a “TI” myself, one of the most disheartening things has been my discovering how many “assassins” (“Perp” is just too cutesy a term for these murderers, IMHO) fake at being “TIs” in order to inflict further psychological pain and confusion.

      I agree with your opinion of Mr. Duncan. The same can be said for the leader of FFCHS. Also ‘frmr. NSA’, also gathering info. and grouping up “TIs”. Most, if not all, of the “talkshoe” hosts of calls/shows on this are disinfo. shills and enemies as well. Same with a LOT of sites and blogs on the web.

      It’s just very sad that hurting and scared and bewildered people are so screwed when it comes to receiving any kind of real aid. It’s also “sad” because many are just looking for a friendly word or two, and when received, it turns out to just be another assassin playing “wold in sheeps clothing”. I don’t know how they live with themselves. They really must be “programmed”, for this behavior to not affect them.

      TY for stating some “truth”, “Anthony Forwood”.

  22. Thanks for sharing all of this stuff! What you are describing is EXACTLY what I have been experiencing over the past few years since my daughter was born, and sinc moving to New York City. I began making films of some of the harassment, keeping email documentation and screen shots of people who have made comments that could be seen as cyber harassment, and I have had to go to court a few times in order to deal with some of these issues. Links to my films can be seen on my blog here I used to be in adult films in order to put myself through college, and I believe that I may have been targeted because of that. I’ve actually succeeded in decreasing some of the harassment, but though unsavory means. I became so irate that I couldn’t take it anymore, ad began carrying around drinks when I’m on the bus or subway,, and dousing the worst offenders just before I get off the bus/train (technically you could be charged with assualt for something like this – however only if you get caught.) I also noticed that my home was under constant surveillance by average citizens, and I moved to a very quiet neighborhood where anyone loitering would be immediately noticed and could be technically charged. My phone was hacked and I noticed that NOT carrying a phone usually results in less amounts of harassment. Your phone can actually be programmed to send out blue tooth messages when you are not aware of it. Factory reset your phone every so often. Most recently, I was fired from my job due to several emails that were sent out to different branches of my work, containing photos of me in the films.

    • Thanks for your comment. I believe my perpetrators can track me even If I don’t carry my phone with me. I tested this couples of times. I noticed still they could track me. I don’t know whether they are using satellite technology or something to track victims..

    • I don’t agree with spilling drinks or whatever on people you ‘suspect’ are perps. That just makes you a perp as well. Think about your actions and the consequences of what will happen if everyone thinks that way. That’s dfeeding right into the PTB’s hands!

  23. Wow, just wow. You actually believe that people want to do this and that they have the time to do this.
    That isn’t how the corporate world works.

    • You are the same person who replied to my CNN comment. You said the person who wrote this blog needs to seek professional help. You are from Dallas, TX..What a coincidence..The head office of that company is located in Dallas, TX. However, I don’t blame everyone in that company. Only one particular group from that company did this to me. Apparently, they are a conservative small town right wing religious group. I hope you are not one of them..:)

    • People DO do this. I get mobbed on the street every single time I go out. My room is broken into while I’m out. I can’t hook my computer to the internet without it getting hacked and spyware or malware installed. My family has been turned against me completely due to lies that are fed to them by the police. Nobody seems to want to get to friendly with me. Strangers treat me completely different than they do anyone else. This has been going on and increasing slowly for a number of years. Google my name and read some of my articles on this topic to see for yourself that I’m not crazy or deserving of this. I have a high IQ anry stable mind. My published work is all I can do to proove myself in spite of whaterver people are told about me.

      My corporate suit-and-tie church-going brother who pretends to be a good person set me up with a rigged computer in an attempt to spy on me. I found the spyware and it isn’t run-of-the-mill tech. He’s involved in a secret society or working for CSIS or something like that. He refuses to face me about it, and hides from me now. His name is Garry Forwood. He’s a fake. I’m real.

  24. This has happened to myself, as well!! Thank you Dr. Phil for airing this story… so that I could find your posting! My story started when I reconnected with an old boyfriend from high school on Facebook. He lived in Maryland and I in PA. He was married and in the process of leaving his wife. We dated long distance for 6 months. On August 1, 2010 we moved into a very remote 2,500 sq ft home on 5 acres in Phoenix, Maryland. I brought my two sons whom were 19 and 17 at the time. The home was in a valley, on a very long shared driveway. We could see all the homes surrounding us, but these other homes were all up on the hill looking down at us. The home was beautiful and I was feeling totally blessed, but these feelings were short lived as total hell was about to start taking place.

    Our arrangement was simple. I paid half the rent $1100. and the electric bill. He paid for everything else. What was a simple arrangement was actually what led us to realize that something was very wrong. One of “their” really dumb mistakes!!

    His divorce was started and on Aug 26 we became engaged.

    In this home, I felt like I was never alone. Someone was watching and listening to us, at all times. By the second month of our residing there, my electric bill was more than my half of my share of the rent. And 4 times as much as I was paying for a 5,000 sq ft home in PA. I knew this couldn’t be right. We started poking around at the wires coming into the home. Where they started, ended, etc. Watching the spinny thing that measures your wattage being used. We turned off everything in home, including refrigerator. The meter was still going as strong. Called the electric company and was told they would check it out. They got back in touch with us and reported everything was fine. I was upset and we were discussing terminating our lease. But by the next meter reading electric bill, our bill coincedentally came down to mid $200’s. Go figure??? Instead of being elated at this new amount though, it brought on a whole new lists of concerns…. Was the eletric company, whom found nothing “wrong” a part of this, and were the neighbors using our electric and working with the power company… Either way, there was definitely something “going on”.

    By this time, my fiance started to really feel uneasy around the home, as well. We started looking into this house we were leasing a little more. Finding wires that shouldn’t be there. Light switches that didn’t work anything. Trap doors, under rugs that led to creep spaces under the rooms in the first floor. A seperate basement entrance that led to the water heater that was directly under our living room. The home had been left with decorations hanging. We started having problems with our own electronic devices (computers, cell phones). GPS’s turned on after we had turned them off. Virus’s in the computers. We systematically went around the house and cut wires, pulled out electrically units from walls, that had wires attached to the inside of them that shouldn’t have been there. We bought those cell phones at the drug store that can be thrown away. Tore down all of the hanging decorations. removed all of the hanging metal objects including nails in walls that no one would have ever hung a decoration from. Was metal used as a receptor of some kind?

    At the same time that this was all occurring, there had been all sorts of other occurrances happening as well. We were being followed when we left our home. But not just by one car… there were multiple cars following. Our driveway led to a 5 mile rural road that eiher way led to a larger highway.

    Out in public at the local grocery store, tanning salon, hairdressing salon, to and from work, restaurants, veternarians, post office. The realization that the other patrons were not as they appeared to be. People following on cell phones. Only to dissappear for a while then reappear later.

    At home, the woods with the homes surrounding us, above us, became alive. There were red lights being aimed at our home from the other homes and from the woods. At times there were a bunch of white lights as if by a lynching gang walking through the woods from those homes towards ours. Our guns were loaded (we were all trained in guns and I had a carry permit from PA for my business). We went to the local gun store started target shooting again and brushing up our skills. Bought another shotgun. Changed the locks on all the doors.

    Took our computers into be examined. Nothing was found. There wasn’t a single virus. Met with a Private Investigator. At one point called the police department, who would not come down to the home. They had us meet them up at the end of our driveway, by the road. Said there was nothing for them to do.

    We had a car in the woods that we saw through the kitchen window, with lights darkened. Someone in it accidentally turned on a light. We turned on all of our outside lights and ran out to confront them. They started the car and left immediately.

    I looked out my kitchen door, another day, in the dark and a flash went off from a camera.

    All this happenings were really starting to take a toll. Our sanity was at stake, because nothing could be proven. I was wondering what was my fiance involved in… and he was wondering the same thing about me. He was going through a divorce… could it be related? Was a government agency behind any of this for unknown reasons? My boss at the time was a heavy cocaine user… could it be him? Everything was at question… At this point in time, my fiance let me into the fact that the woman he was divorcing dad was a retired CIA spy. What?? Couldn’t quite digest that information.

    We decided to take the offensive approach. Never driving directly to a location. Pulling off in a driveway lights off, while on this rural road and writing down car types that past. Sure enough, they’d return going slower in the opposite direction. When they’d turn around and come back for a third run…. after they would pass we left for a hurried ride home.

    Started taking down license plates in the strip mall, while the person was still in their car. When they had pulled in behind us, but never got out to frequent a store. Started taking pictures of the cars, license plates, and people. Remarkably the events started to calm down.

    And then there was a DEATH. The retired spy, was found dead in his home. No cause was determined.

    Things did continue, but not nearly as dramatically. We still felt watched and “under surveillence”. We decided, because we could to move. We did the whole move as quietly as possible. Using my daughter’s laptop and cell phone in PA. We moved clear across the country in the matter of a month. To a leased home on a mountain in CO. One road in full of switch backs, and out again. We armed the home with ADT survellience. To this day, we’ve wondered did this really happen? Did we loose our minds at exactly the same time? Family didn’t understand. There was no one to talk to. It seemed like everyone was involved, but no one knew anything. I finally went back to my old cell phone number. That was probably a mistake on my part. I can’t say it is over. We moved off the mountain to a small town. We brought ADT with us, as well as all of our guns. My fiance found a job out here. I stay home 99% of the time. This is real! It has happened to two well respected former business owners. I don’t know if I will ever be the same, or look at any potential friends or aquaintances in the same way again. These people have ruined my life. I now only feel safe at home.

  25. Wow Amber this sounds like a movie. That is crazy how they ruin your life like that. I’m glad you are armed and willing to fight back. I wish you and your family well.

  26. It sounds more like the house was recently used for a grow-op. That would explain the initial high electrical rate. If the previous tenants were running a high monthly bill and had been there for a while, the electrical company would start averaging the rate and collecting in advance, so that they didn’t get screwed. Also, this would explain the extra wiring, light switches, and trap doors to stash spots (in case they had to tear the grow-op down and hide the equipment quickly). The nails in the walls may have been for hanging wires for the grow lights. Also, the houses looking down on you may have been involved, as a lookout to watch for police or thieves.

    You might have been followed all the time because the police had been watching the house, if it had been a grow house and they were on to it. They’ll keep watching for a long time and put on some pressure by being a little obvious, to make the grower nervous enough to make a mistake. They don’t know for sure once the last tenants left that it wasn’t still being used to grow. This would explain why they didn’t want to come to the house on official business. It would blow the surveillance of another police unit. That’s how they usually operate.

    The lights in the woods might be anything. If you aren’t familiar with the area, being new there, you really can’t be sure what the neighbors do for fun at night. People can be rather strange with their nighttime recreational activities, me included. In fact, in reading your post, it doesn’t sound like anything all that weird. The guys out in the car in the woods were probably just kids drinking or smoking a little weed, and you scared them off. It sounds like what me and my friends used to do for fun at night. At worst, it was probably cops or neighbors helping the cops and snooping around.

    The ex-wife’s dad being a CIA agent and dying is probably not related at all, but given the paranoia you were having from all the other stuff, it would naturally make you wonder at that point. And the computer and GPS stuff may have been related (illegal police surveillance tactics… don’t put it past them!), or it might have been just coincidental problems.

    I’m just speaking from personal experience as a past grower who knows all the tricks and telltale signs. I had my own grow house for 6 years, and I was being watched by the cops for at least 2 years while I had it, with their unmarked cars constantly cruising by day and night, neighbors snooping around for them, people coming around trying to rip me off, etc. Some areas have a real problem with it because criminal gangs will move into a neighborhood and rent a number of houses in a neighborhood. So the police get the other residents in the community to watch new people who move into the area, and they can get rather invasive and suspicious.

    Yup, the more I think about your story, the more it sounds like it was a recent grow-op and the cops were still watching the place. It sounds like an ideal location from the way you describe it. Lots of indoor space, isolated, etc. Were there any signs of water damage or mold on the inside walls of the house? Any signs of large holes in the walls or ceiling for exhausting air? Holes in the ceilings from large hooks? Traces of growing soil or vermiculite anywhere?

    Hell, after having grown for so long and totally on my own, I find the pressures of my current gang-stalking to be nothing in comparison to what I dealt with then. The pressure was constant and intense. I learned a lot of useful stuff from that experience besides just horticulture. :) The most important lessons were how to stay calm under intense pressure and not get paranoid, and to think things through carefully before drawing conclusions or making a decision.

    Life is a challenge…

  27. and you don’t know why your are presently being gangstalked??

    • I assumed you have never been gang stalked. Anyway I will try to explain why I am being gang stalked.
      I don’t know why they put me on this list in the very first place. Apparently, they had put me on this list when I was in high school. May be even before that..We never know it for sure. Since then they have been manipulating my thought process, behavior and harassing me psychologically. It is up to the community to harass me or not. However I had no idea about what was going on until they decided to let me know that I am under 24/7 covert electronic surveillance. This is the 2nd stage of the harassment. This is when the victim is sensitized to certain types of words, actions, noise, objects, colors etc so that later they can use any of them to control the victim or even drive the victim over the edge. Second stage of the harassment started When I was working for an email company. Some of these managers and some coworkers believed what perpetrators said about me and they started bullying me. This is done in a more organized manner. That was more than bullying. Long term effects could be fatal. Once they realized what they have done is a crime, it was too late. They had already become part of this stalking game. They knew that have engaged in illegal covert stalking game. Some of them even knew that they have committed a crime. Yet they do not want to accept any wrong doing, They do not want to get caught. So they keep trying to justify what they have been doing. They try to convince others this is all my fault. This is how they recruit new groups.

      If you read my blog ( some other victim’s blog or any other educational materials about gang stalking), you may realize that the perpetrator’s main goal is to destroy all our support systems including spouses, family, friends, co-workers etc. How they do that? They use disinformation propaganda or more correctly psychological warfare. The perpetrators monitor and study my behavior/personality/habits over a long period of time. They know all my weaknesses, strengths, fear, likes, dislikes, desires, how to black mail etc. They share my personal information with anyone who comes into my life in a negative way. Not all the groups are trying to destroy me. However if someone is offended by one of these negative rumors, that person may start say or do negative things deliberately. Different people are motivated to harass someone who never met in their life personally due to different reasons. The perpetrators use racial, religious, skin color, social level, profession and any other difference to turn people against the victim.
      So to answer your question, different groups gang stalk me for different reasons. Actually some of them even act as guardians. But they may also be deceived at times. The perpetrators are cunning. They have destroyed my social and professional life. I can hardly make any friends now. I am loosing trust on many people.
      I have a feeling that you think it is ok to gang stalk if someone has done something wrong. Again I think you have never been gang stalked in your life. If you were, You would never asked this question. Why? No human being is deserved to be treated like this. Supposedly , we live in a civilized, so called democratic society. There is a legal system. There are laws and judicial system. If someone has committed a crime, that person can be brought to justice through within legal framework.
      Gang stalking is nothing to do with crimes. This is all about control. Unfortunately this secret system exists in every country in this world. if someone ask you to say or do something negative, never ever do that. This is a slow kill process. I have read somewhere this is like killing someone with 1000s of paper cuts.
      Be educated about this crime. Tomorrow they might target you.( I never wish so). They don’t need a reason. All they need is someone to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  28. It’s very difficult to believe that you could travel to an entrie different place and this still be happening to you. I’m not shutting the idea out completely, maybe just because I’m half-weary that it could be true, but for so much effort to go towards one person is incredibly unlikely D;. I’m reading the comments and I feel really bad for everyone, regardless if its true or not, and wish you the best of luck!

    • I understand. At the very beginning, I could not believe what I had been going through. But I was 100% sure this was a well coordinated psychological harassment and this is not just some random mishaps. Unless you are going through this, it will be very difficult for you to fully understand the severity of the harassment or the complexity. Even those who involve with this programs know only small part of it. Not everyone is doing everything. Everything is well coordinated and synchronized. It is not really difficult to do this if you really think about it. Let’s imagine a group of people have access to some surveillance tools that can be used to listen to your phone calls, emails, your locations, what you say or do etc. Once they know everything about you, they can control, blackmail and manipulate you. If you have some time, please read the educational and research materials that I posted on my blog.

    • This targeting isn’t just towards one perso0n. There are millions of us reporting it. With the internet and wireless communications, the networking between involved parties is international in scope. Please do some research into ‘Fusion Sites’ to understand how this involves governments and corporations as much as smaller ‘citizen police’ groups, criminal gangs, etc. Also please read The Network, linked to on this blog site.

  29. you show your stupidity, and inability to “think outside of the box” syndrome! good luck!

  30. I don’t know this Amber is a real TI or not. Either way, She is being manipulated by my perpetrators. What made her to make her last comment all of sudden? If you read her two comments here, you will think they were written by two different people. I can understand why she got pissed now. She may be approached by one of my perpetrators and shared my personal information in a negative way. It is not secret anymore that my perpetrators had been trying to control my social network. I usually get along with urban educated crowd. The perpetrators can not deceive the audience anymore. This is a yet another reason for them to harass me.They are pissed and they are using other people including TI’s to harass me.
    If you are real TI, think about how they use you to harass other TIs. It may help you to avoid such situation in future. The perpetrators find out some difference between you and I. Then they use it to turn against each other. This is called divide and conquer. The perpetrators even divide community groups based on their race, color, religion,ethnicity,location (urban, rural), social level etc and use these different groups to destroy TIs support system. First group try to destroy the support of the second and third group while trying to take control of TIs. They want to be the only group who contorl TI. Second and third group would do the same. So ultimately TI ends up with very little or no support from any group.

  31. Hi

    I am being gangstalked too. The perpetrators have a hive mind, like bees. These are demons in human form. They want to possess the TI. That is for sure. They do it slowly, gradually. We live in the end times, so the veil is falling and we see what is going on. Read the Bible, everything written is true. Book of Isaiah, Book of Amos and Revelation of John. Look here: I live in Poland, here are many of them. They are really fallen, but angels are here too. They protect us. I have experienced this. As long as we believe in God and His Son, we can win. He is stronger than it that is in the world. Everything has a religious background. These people are robots, made to search and to destroy. They want to the TI to commit suicide, they can’t kill you by force. I have bruises and the demon almost made me blind, but God is stronger. What could be stronger than the Creator of life and of the entire universe? He upholds this realm and the spiritual realms. He is our redeemer. You must believe that. He sent His Son to redeem us. The perps know that and shudder. “You believe that there is one God; you do well: the demons also believe, and tremble.” The world as we know it will soon end, the signs are there. We can only pray that God will have mercy on us.

    • No offense..I respect what you believe. But don’t expect me to believe what you believe. I believe Buddhism as a philosophy. That is it. Religion is used to harass, manipulate or control the behavior of the TI/people. The perpetrators have a cult type mentality. they can change the reality by using some psychological tactics such as coercive persuasion, classical conditioning etc.

      • No offense to you but you have no hope. I symphatize with you and what you are going thru. These are horrible things you and many others deal with 24/7. But the god of this world (satan) is ruling now until the 2nd coming of Christ. It is inevitable that we will one day die and the question is where are you going? Our body will die but our soul and spirit will live forever. There is a better place than this world and its called heaven. That is my hope. I wish you well and I pray you will believe God can forgive all your sins according to the righteousness of Christ and receive what He has done on that cross. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” Romans 6:23

  32. First I can say is I believe you as this is happening to me right now as well. Research , research anything and everything. But my advice, backbone to stand up and go in it with a fight method. Get yourself infrared security cameras and watch on your monitor you can detect any laser beams or thermal imaging rays point the cameras in different directions and watch, second, lasers deflect on mirrors and glass will distort thermal images your body heat can’t be detected. Third, as I have discovered there is a contraption that’s being used to follow me on my property and inside my house, it happens to be in the upper part of the air conditioner on my roof, I believe it’s a series of expensive mirrors that reflect other mirrors and whenever I make a move its thumping on my what sounds like my roof and zapping me. My right foot seems to be the favorite place to cook me. Well I’ve been going thru this Crap for 6 months and I’m seriously DONE!! I don’t care if it’s government, police, military or a PI. I’m retaliating. I’ve done the moving thing several times and it doesn’t work, they follow you somehow. It’s illegal to use such devices for harm on a human so if they can do this to me then it’s not illegal for me to damage their Crap. I’d rather be shot or beat up then endure this nightmare. One things for sure, we are alone in this and I’m not going to die like this. So you really need to reevaluate yourself whether to take a stand or let em` keep torturing you. Start taking Amino Acids eating an iodine pill, magnesium and calcium. Keep your insides strong and keep mentally strong. I can’t believe nobody has started some kind of retaliation group or posse against these asshats. I’m not scared anymore and this is a huge part of their will.
    Good luck to you and everyone going thru this

    • Thank you and I am sorry to hear that you have been going through this BS too. Yes We definitely need to stand up. No point of trying to hide.
      All we can do is expose this crime. This is a crime against humanity. However don’t use physical force. Don’t think everyone is bad. Still there are nice people in this world. Some of them are powerless. They can’t do anything about this. Try to identify your stalking groups/perpetrators. Let everyone know what you have been going through. Yes I try to eat healthy, stay active and do some hobbies. However I have been so down for last couples of months. But I won’t stop exposing what they are doing. I have nothing to lose.

  33. I am a victim of this treatment too. I believe its a grown up man who is lives in the same block as me. he has a family too. I have no idea why but he seems to be around 24/7 and doesn’t seem to go out to work. I cant have the police to arrest them because i need concrete evidence. I have been researching to find out more . We should not only discuss our problems but also research to find solutions to stop this.
    If cell phones can be tapped , but they have no physical access to them then it should be sth searchable to to them online like maybe satellites and radio waves. Check out indoor positioning system , it can trace u indoors unlike GPS. So is GSM and also Rf detectors and rf fingerprinting. I know my neighbour is spying on me in my house. I bet he even knows i am writing this right now , Hi Neighbour , but i am mystified by how they can spy on me indoors when they have no physical access to my rooms . My tv has no webcam … so is my lappy. So how? Hope you guys can share what you have found too. Thanks

    • I agree with you. I have a similar experience. I am sure many of other TIs have similar experiences. Somehow the perpetrators know what I do inside my house, which room I stay at that moment etc. I also think they use satellite technology or combination of different technological tools. I went out couples of days without carrying my cell phone, drivers license, credit cards etc, still they can track me. May be they are using some kind of facial recognition/ heat sensitive software and satellite technology to track our location 24/7. I don’t know. Only the perpetrators know it for sure. I don’t know may be a RFID chip is inside my body.
      What we can do is expose what they are doing. Tell everything who is doing what.

      • My thought is if they are microwaving our skin then it’s possible we are glowing to them with whatever special infrared camera they use via ground, plane and or helicopter.

  34. Yes me too , but we shouldn’t just let them have their way. A solution is necessary. I don’t think there is an RFID chip in you . Normally clothes and even your shoes may have the chips implanted in them and they are known to survive even in washing.
    A sure way to destroy these chips is to microwave your clothes and shoes and whatever you are wearing into the microwave for 15secs. Any metallic item embedded inside will be destroyed . And then you should just wash them again because the microwave radiation lingers on the clothes. Water is an absorber of radiation.

    I know my hackers are reading this as i type but i am so tired to be bothered by them. Hi neighbour hackers men.

    stalkingnightmare , about the illegal wiretapping of phones , email and all electronic stuff , i have these problems too. My family are skeptical about what i tell them too and that hurts but i wont give up. I urge all other TIs to do so too because our lives belong to us.

    You may wanna look up on web beacons (known as the invisible tracking bug on emails and nets that you serve)
    Also stalkingnightmare , since you have a degree in electronics engineering , which i read in your post , is it possible if you can make an diy Rf detector , X-ray detector , NFC detector ? I want to make them , saw them on youtube but then i dont know how to use diodes and all those stuff.

    There are bugs that use multiple frequencies in rapid sequence called “spread spectrum” that an RF detector will not pick up. These bugs are used by professionals and require a spectrum analyzer and an experienced technician to find. So if Rf detectors dont work , you have got to use spectrum analyzer.

    Has anyone tried using wifi jammers , gps ,radio and nfc jammers to stop the signals in the house so that whatever signal being sent in your house will be stopped.? I want to try but i have no money.

    Another suspected i think that stalkingnightmare, you can be tracked even when you went out couples of days without carrying yr cell phone, drivers license, credit cards etc, still they can track you could be that the problems have already started at home. There are actually articles on human acting as an attenna to receive signals . Microwave signals can actually be absorbed by humans and probably those hackers are using to communicate with waves to find you. GPS tracks u outdoors and convert to hybrid system IPS to track u in a building. When you are near any forms of electronic , all the better for the signal reception back to them . Maybe you can check out these factors and tell me about what do you think about them ? Hope to get everyones’ support and help !

  35. i had read your story and whatever you had said is happening to me right now, those devil worshipers are on me…they are doing the same thing to me.

  36. All of this activity is highly suggestive of some kind of separation which occurring in society. This has probably been going on for some time and has only recently reached a new level of stratification. As such, I believe there are two distinct societies. One unknown to the other. There are probably more sub societies as well. For Us TI’s It is important to know who is what and where. I recommend watching the Movie Harrison Bergeron. It may help to explain some of what is occurring to society right now. Also, this interview on Red Ice Radio through u tube is an interesting clarification on the subject. Hope you like.

    • Thank you.. this much helped me
      its make me going crazy while its happen about long time ago without explanation and everybody called me crazy why I try to tells… all I know its keep tracking my tablet, its sound like rat walking on ceiling.. its can control house electricity/and phone line/internet…

  37. Great Blog , keep writing, keep Exposing them, i wish all TIs would do what you are doing, if they did this evil will end in no time.
    Organized Stalking in Chennai, India started for me in the year 2008 with Hacking of cell phones and computers , proceeded to all the typical gang stalking tactics and electronic harassment

  38. At this point I’m thinking it’s DEA or a secret “black ops” form of DEA sent to stop the drug use OR somehow we were hanging (at one point) with the wrong person or people and didn’t know it and were being made or setup as a “fall guy” ok I’m pretty sure this is my story. But just something to keep in mind. Be VERY careful about internet dating and who you choose to be friends with. People ARE NOT what they appear to be anymore. They such you into their black hole with fake friendship and false hope you never saw coming and when they panic you will get the bad wrap….

    • Unfortunately It is hard to trust people anymore. We don’t know who is going to be manipulated by the perpetrators. I guess there are many groups involved with this, everyone is not necessarily bad though. I must say that dating is extremely difficult. They will everything possible to keep you isolated. Even if you find one, the perpetrators can manipulate your partner. However that does not mean we should give up all our hopes. Still there are nice people in this world.

  39. I’ve shared every one of your experiences(including medically documented poisoning) except one-including working long term in the IT field. I am curious, did you insult, file an internal affairs complaint or otherwise affect the career of any law enforcement officer? Even the most petty of incidents can provoke this kind of (life threatening) harassment.

    • Not that I am aware of. But I made a complaint with HR department at my previous company where I was subjected to workplace mobbing. But that was only after the 2nd phase of the harassment started. I believe the reason for my 2nd phase of the harassment is one group who appear to help me noticed that they can not control or change my behavior or thought process. So they decided to ruin my social and professional life. However the surveillance had started long before the 2nd phase of the harassment.

  40. To be fair I was warned by a lawyer not to go work for them. Funny , the same lawyer is afraid to speak to me now.

    Yep, phase 1 of destruction started at work with a workforce mob after I switched to another agency that was gangstalker central. I stopped drinking the coffee after I noticed mine was spiked with benzadiazepenes. They said I was rude not to drink their coffee of course.

    Went through horrible mobbing and slanders, intentionally jacked up software projects, hacking of my phone, feedback(or rather someone telling me directly that he was hacking the phone and everything else). I got through my projects though to spite them. Lazy brown noser degenerates. I hope they all rot. They satisifed themselves with police cruisers following closely and a noise campaign at my apartment which they were forced to stop.

    The destruction phase happened after I rode a bike into a secured area (little did I know) and pissed off law enforcement. The next day they then attempted to plant files on my work PC. I caught it and made a report–next day started the fumigations that went on for 2 weeks. I finally got with friends and started fighting the battle to get proper medical care. Recovery took months. Lost the job and home. Home-a condo-was fumigated too+ noise campaign. It wasn’t fun. I was very very sick and they were very very persistant. Would stop traffic every time I got on the road. Did I say I hope they all rot? I mean it.

    I wonder just how long this kind of stupidity has been the norm? I’m guessing 30 years the government has been major corrupt-and I’m guessing it became an unstated governmentwide policy around 2005 because that’s when the numbers of targeted went exponential. I think we’re all really screwed unless we get the story out. We really need to do whatever it takes to get this out. I’ve got some ideas but don’t want to share them with the perps looking.

    Please let me know if you don’t mind being one of my recommended sites. I think we all need a real victims group. I’m working on it. We’ve got nothing at the moment.

  41. I too have been a victim of this “stalking” much of it stems from my public and effective criticism of oil companies, arguments supporting the scientific causes of Anthropogenic Climate change, alternative energy sources, and my research in Extra Terrestrials. I know this sounds as if I have “paranoid delusions” but as some of you who are truly being stalked (and not just disinformation agents) reality can often be much more interesting than what is stated publicly.

    My surveillance began around 2003-2005, at that time I was in my 20’s in graduate school, I like to listen to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and I fast blasted him some ideas on how to contact aliens and I think whoever is in charge these secrets really got angry and I was monitored. The stalking really got bad in 2008 when I publicly and effectively argued for the scientific causes of anthropogenic climate change, nearly everyone from professors in schools to regular people began to behave in a manner indicating as if they knew something about my private life. It is still going on today (June 25, 2014), but I have found ways to degrade their ability to monitor you, here is what I have learned:

    1. Most of the surveillance devices are electronic, many of them are embedded and I believe may have been built into consumer electronics. Most Ipods, Ipads, Itouches, I-anything are just loaded with monitoring devices, most laptops are packed to the brim with surveillance devices, in fact most consumer electronic devices built within the last 20 years most likely have some form of monitoring devices.

    2. Now, even if you get rid of all electronic devices built within the last 20 years, those who are addicted to stalking people, will place monitoring devices on the walls of your residence. These are very difficult to locate and remove. They also seem to be powered either by thermoelectric temperature gradients and/or electrical wires in the walls. Electrical wires (which power your outlets) built into the walls emit powerful electromagnetic waves which can induce a voltage in devices not directly connected to it. Of course there may be other methods by which to power these devices of which I am unaware.

    3. These devices must somehow transmit collected data, much of the time this is accomplished using radio waves, possibility optical transmission, and don’t forget power line transmission. I have found that most of the electronic surveillance devices transmit data in the frequency range of CELLULAR PHONES, some also transmit outside these bands, but most transmit data via Cellular frequencies. So, if you want to significantly degrade their ability to monitor you simply buy a high-powered multi-frequency cell phone jammer. Here is one I use, it works very well:

    I also ordered another signal jammer that jams nearly ALL public frequencies that could be used to monitor you and your movements:

    (Major credits to the Chinese)

    One word of caution, the 6 antenna cell phone jammer is incredibly powerful, it will jam cell phone and wi-fi signals for your entire neighborhood, neighbors might start complaining of no cell phone reception and bad wi-fi and they may start pointing the finger at you. So it may be best to buy the 8 band wireless jammer, it has controls to limit the jamming to a volume that covers only your house.

    4. The most insidious form of monitoring, monitors your thoughts! Basic electromagntics state that radio wave are emitted anytime electric charges are accelerated. The human brain operates on a complex movement of chemicals, most important are ion flows in the brain. Ions are charged molecules anytime they accelerate they emit radio waves. So when you are thinking or visualizing something, the ion flows in your brain emit radio waves. It seems as if the component most responsible for these radio wave are the magnetic component of the radio wave. These waves are very weak But they can be detected using special detectors:

    I recently ran across a patent on google that claims to supposedly detect signals from molecules, which can be used to detect signals from our brains at a distance:

    This information may be useful to those who may wish to develop a system that can reconstruct thoughts at a distance.

    5. So the question becomes, how can we attenuate the signal from our brains to the detectors? The goal is to attenuate the brain signals so much that they fall below the detectors ability to distinguish the signal from the background. According to classical electromagnetism, materials with both low resistivity and high relative permeability have the ability to attenuate low frequency signals, this is known as skin depth:

    Low frequency signals require thicker material to significantly attenuate the brain signals. I have found that IRON (the purer the better, 99.999%+), 3 mm thick, attenuates brain signals sufficiently so as to render them undetectable. Since the brain signals may be detected from any part of the body, just to be safe, it is best to build a tight fitting IRON room.

    Now, if proper security precautions are not taken, someone may place sensors on the surface of the iron that can transmit brain signals through the iron, hence defeating the purpose. These sensors are difficult to remove or disable, you can try sandpaper, chemical baths, exposure to high heat, or torches. One method may be to expose the iron room to high current electric shocks. If none of these methods work, there is a method of last resort that has a high probability of working. Disassemble the iron room, take ALL the iron to a foundry, have the foundry melt the iron completely and raise the molten iron to temperatures higher than the melting temperature of Iron > 1538°C, 2800°F, but lower than the boiling point < 2862°C, 5182°F. Most semiconductor materials melt below 1538°C, so if there are any such materials they will be disassociated. Afterwards have the foundry cast the molten iron to the proper dimensions and purity as before, then reconstruct the room.

    Make sure to be in direct visual contact with the Iron at all times (no remote monitoring of any kind) from the initial deconstruction of the room to the final reconstruction of the room.

    Now if this doesn't work you may consider mining and purifying raw iron directly from the earth (under your supervision), this iron will be completely untouched, no funny business.

    4. You can also construct a high powered Helmholtz coil in all 3 axes, inside the Iron room, for added protection. Combine this with a random noise generator 0-100hz and a high powered amplifier and you have some nice protection. By the way you can use almost any high powered audio amplifier, since they can still amplify low frequency signals. I use a Crown PS-400 with frequency response of 0-20000hz, just to be safe.

    5. Once you are satisfied the IRON room sufficiently attenuates your brain signals, the next step is security, to keep the surfaces of the Iron free of sensors. Given enough time or resources nearly any security system can be bypassed, no matter how sophisticated or advanced. So the only security systems left are those where it is physically impossible to bypass, without completely and irreversibly breaking the structure. One such system is to lock all doors, windows, and any other type of access from the inside.

    One such method is to use a hasp and padlock mounted on the inside of every door something like this:

    Make sure to use a good, difficult to pick padlock, one of the best padlocks on the market are made by mul-t-lock, these locks are nearly unpickable, though just to be safe mount them on the inside:

    It is critical to not have any part of the lock or mechanism accessible from the outside, given enough time they can be bypassed. Also, make sure to keep all doors tight fitting with the frame, so as to reduce the probability of inserting some wire-thin picking devices.

    Next is windows, I used a simple plier tightened sliding window lock on all windows, something like this:

    Very difficult to open from the outside, for ultimate security you can high-torque bolt the windows down from the inside. Don't' forget to lock down the garage door it is all too easy to open the garage door from the outside by pulling on the emergency release handle with a wire. Unplug the door opener (if it has one), sometimes you can use window locks on garage doors too, along with high-torque bolting.

    So how do you go outside your residence if you can only lock it from the inside? This is a tricky dilemma, though there is a method that has worked for me. Nearly any remote control locking device can be bypassed by emulating the signals, BUT there is a way to make it secure, get a digital power timer like this:

    Also get a DC to AC inverter like this:

    Then get a car battery (deep cycle or not depending on the application) like this:

    Connect the deep cycle battery to the DC to AC converter, then to the digital timer, then to the remote locking device. This way you eliminate the possibility of communication via power lines. Set the timer to turn off one minute after you leave (make sure to watch the door) and to turn on 1 hour or so after you come back. This way you have nearly complete security.

    If you are worried that it may be possible to communicate with the digital timer via Electromagnetic signals you can place the inverter and timer in a thick cast iron pot with a lid. As a last resort you can make your own timer using analog parts.

  42. Perfectly explained what you are going through.
    Same thing happened to me in the period of 3 years. The only difference is that I know who is the “invisible force” behind it.
    Yes, they want us eliminated, institusionalized(jail or mental institution), even dead. Yes they want you to lose credibility and be stigmatized with lots of different motivators for different groups of people – you are racist, molester, bully, dangerous, criminal or whatever other incriminating details they could come up. Only few know the whole picture and it is the invisible force or the starters of the hunt.
    I come from an European ex communist country, and it all started after a break up with my ex-girl(very possibly a psychopath) which started the hunt. She has connection with the influential judges which started the hunt with the public prosecutor – mobilizing the police and secret service.
    How they isolate you? They spy people who are in touch with you and find material to blackmail them by legal prosecution or private info or simply corrupt them and then their job is to motivate others(racist, criminal, etc).
    In my case the judges were directly connected to the underworld to put another level of the pressure on the people around me, this people (professional fighters and loansharks) broke my shoulder, tried to break my neck(actually the judges husband – a doctor), made accidents and other things which in regular situation would be an urge to the official institutions to stop it. While I tried to seek help from the police they pretended they can’t do anything, some of them actually repeated the specific sentences from my private life and phone talks, letting me know I am being wire tapped by them, advising to seek psychological help etc. what they have been made to say. Their goal is to stop it to come in front of the uncorrupted judge and this is their purpose to make you look crazy and lose income so you can’t start a private trial, because obviously the state doesn’t want to, they will actually help in cover-up.
    So basically they killed your life, you are alive but this is not called living. They want you to make a mistake by becoming aggressive or do other illegal things. They went so far that they made three girls as undercover investigators which actually lead me to a psychological breakdown, I couldn’t believe it. They used them as GPS, wire tap, plotting tool, psychological abuse, loss of privacy etc.
    So why they let everyone know what is going around you and your details while not being afraid they will let you know?
    Because same thing would happen to them. In most of the western countries and in mine to, there is a law for undercover investigation in which they make you lose all the human rights guaranteed by the constitution. It clearly says in that law that everyone who gets in touch with the investigation or finds out about it is that they must keep it secret or else they can go to jail for up to three years for obstruction of the investigation. They use this part to freely spread the rumors. Add to that, they have probably involved them in the false investigation letting them know afterwards that they are actually a part of organized crime, what makes completely sense they will not risk their life for yours and will do anything they ask of them, even kill you so everything goes uncovered.(
    It is horrible when your network of people is destroyed, you need years to build it up again and probably they will try to ruin it again.

    How to prevent it? Probably a good news story would be a good call with some obvious evidence which would make public go mad rather than make them think you are a schizophrenic or paranoid. Probably a good lawyer as a PR.

    How to prevent it in the future? I would advise counter intelligence methods the secret service uses. You should let know people around you what happened before and if it happens again how they should let you know without actually giving a proof(those under blackmail). Secret sign like sending SMS written all in capital letters, putting a special facebook profile picture which will not be obvious as a sign etc. also you should let know people that lots of talking on the phone or chatting over other services is not what you like to do much since this is all the easy methods they can collect information for the psychological molesting or blackmailing.

    Yes, your life becomes a James Bond life, or a mafia boss life from now on. Isn’t that what we always imagined we wanted to do? :)

    In your case something makes me believe that this started while coming to the USA. Sri Lanka as much as I know about it could be a country of threat to the state, terrorism etc. they don’t need to actually believe you are the terrorist but someone connected to you, what above law of losing constitutional rights applies as well.

    There was a really great thinker and writer from my region who said that sometimes it is best to push things to the craziness and ridicule it completely. Act happy and a bit ridiculous in front of everybody, mock them, smile to them, talk funny jokes, start singing suddenly etc. rather then get afraid. In police psychology investigation, if you get afraid, they actually believe there is a reason for you to act like that and that is you are GUILTY what makes them to continue.

    Final advice is not to go to the psychiatrist, I went there and luckily he didn’t mark me as paranoid or crazy (“Martha Mittchell effect”) but rather diagnosed me with the post traumatic stress syndrome. In most cases after saying you are being followed, mind controlled and explaining about Gangstalking(the invented word about which they probably never heard of) you will end up with wrong diagnosis which will go after you for the rest of your life.

    God bless normal people who use their power for the good cause!

    • Actually in my case, the surveillance had started when I was in Sri Lanka. I have strong evidence that this whole thing had been going on since I was a kid. When I moved to US, It continued. Different groups took control of my life. Now I am back in Sri Lanka. Again groups in here started harassing me.

      • Well you should find out why and who to be able to fight it and where exactly it comes from, everything is run by someone. The “messenger” is not really that important. I am somewhat lucky I know who it is so I can make actions if it goes too far and if I will have nothing to lose. In my case I think it even helped to send a message to them through the messenger that I will kill or hurt someone and I would probably get a short sentence due to attacks and molesting(in the most countries of the world molesting, punishing etc is very illegal especially when officials are involved- up to 10 years in my country)…and they decreased their actions significantly. I think, because if I would really do that, it would attract attention to the case and perpetrators would be revealed. Also the snitches realized they got only one life and I am not really that important even if they gotta go to jail for a year or two for their mistakes with which they blackmail them or the money they got is not worth the risk.
        Think and keep calm, don’t let them frustrate you.

  43. How do I stop it, its ruined my life & getting worse.

    • I am sorry to hear that. They have been destroying all my support systems one by one. I did couples of things when I happened to know that I am a victim of an organized stalking crime. Different people have different opinion. I started reading articles about this crime. I started watching You tube videos. I started reading the stories of other victims. Like everyone else says knowledge is the power. I started telling everyone what has been happening to me. Sometimes some people think I am crazy or paranoid. But not everyone. Some people actually believe what I say. There are many different groups. Try to identify who are the bad guys. Try to identify the pattern of their harassment. Try to stick with nice people. I started writing a blog. I try to present my facts as logically as possible. But It is extremely difficult as you may have already understood. I started video taping stalking incidents/harassment/people etc. I posted them on You tube, Facebook etc. I started noting down what has been happening. I installed a basic surveillance camera in my apartment. Whenever possible, I made complaints with relevant authorities. However still I could not stop it. Some harassment were decreased over the time though. When the perpetrators try to misinterpret my words,act, I try to explain it to my friends via social networking sites like Facebook. Also when someone tries to harass me, I explain him he is being used by a group. Sometimes some people listen to me. Don’t believe everyone is in it. Still there are nice people in this world. Don’t afraid of expressing yourself. Listen to your heart. Do what you think is right. Before take decisions, make sure no one influence your thought process. I know it is not easy. Go out and get to know new people. Specially professionals, powerful people. Stay strong..I must say they pretty much ruined my life too.

    • It will be with you till you die is what I’ve heard..I pray my children and my family are not put on this black list for doing absolutely nothing but being related to me only. I will hope to take this to the grave with me only & only me hopefully.

  44. Dear Stalking nightmare&other victims of this evil empire destroying innocent peoples lives on every level possible.My experience,observations,and tragedy also began in 2009…I have done extensive research,read many other victims stories around the world and have developed sharp instincts and perception of the people taking part in these crimes and worse…By now i can predict well in advance there every move and destructive acts.They have common patterns and operate by there sick play books,very predictable in deed…My circumstances are identical to the other victims stories,and has destroyed my life,my family my finances,career,health and relationships,friendships some life long,my faith,trust,and in every area one could suffer such pain&suffering from the most egregious atrocities ever perpetrated against human beings,unjustly and without cause nor reason.I thank you for sharing your story and for your courage!I feel the only way we can fight back is by standing together and exposing ALL those participating and documenting each event,crime,calculate the losses to every area of our lives socially,economically,physically,mentally,emotionally,and in every and all areas and ways it does harm and causes harm and permanent damage to each victim of this senseless crime without end or reason.And then launch the largest lawsuit the planet ever will ever see!!!!And each person involved should endure the same hell we have for the same length of time and level!!!Light has to be shone on them and each and everyone of them exposed!!!! And truth told!!!! Your friend always,another survivor-

    • Thanks for the comment. They have been destroying every part of our live. As you pointed out above, mass lawsuit can be the only option that is left. Also I agree with you that only way we can fight back is by standing together. Stay strong friend..!

  45. Holy crap!!! This is my life… This is a Zerox of what I have been through. In fact even the date 2009 is quite accurate because that is around the very start of my life of disaster. Not word for word but certainly not too far off.


  47. Does anyone who’s been threw this for a long time know how to handle situations as to how to let someone new in your life that possibly you want to spend your life with to prepare them to know what is happening to you before these scum bag’s somehow notify your partner/partners family of your every flaw or slander they want to destroy you with? I just lost someone I dearly care for that I never told what was going on–heart broken right now and miserable. What he did and I believe truely was suddenly evil eyed only when treating him on my expense then would immediately abuse me with words right after that would blow my mind, there would be perps there in the restaurant that would call out my nick name or one of my childrens names out loud, you wouldn’t know exactly where it came from and then he would know he was being monitored and suddenly would say stuff like “I hate you”. I had to eventually let my amor’e go.

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