My stalking nightmare – 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment


“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” – Abraham Lincoln

I want to tell you about what I have been experiencing since 2010. When I was working for an email company, I had a feeling that one group of people are purposely trying to harass me psychologically.  Apparently, they knew about my personal information too. I realized I am under 24/7 covert electronic surveillance,psychological harassment and manipulation.  Even though,  I got to know this when I was mobbed at this company, the surveillance had started long before I worked there.

Possibly you can help me as well as thousands of other victims. We do need help from non victims. It is important for you to understand the severity of this crime. Please don’t jump into conclusions before you are well educated about this crime. This is an invisible crime.  This was designed the way when a victim tries to explain his/her experience, he/she appears to be crazy or paranoid. For an outsider, this seems to be very trivial thing. The real perpetrators are destroying every aspect of our life.

This is my real life experience. Please read “my story” and “psychological warfare “sections. Please watch my videos. Feel free to share them. One of my goals is to educate people about this crime against humanity. This is happening all over the world today. Also I have posted many useful links about this crime.

My You Tube videos about 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment and manipulation ( These are some of the things they do)


25 thoughts on “My stalking nightmare – 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment

  1. I really thought it was only me…The local employer harassing me knowing i could do nothing in a right to work state. finally terminatiang me for BS because im too strong to quit. The street games and theatre….The random ass people at Winco,Frys, target, Cararmbas!!!!
    This is my part of town and for a moment, I thought I had taped the footage. (Fucking Cardinal plates and stickers-no one even likes that team!!!!) Scary ass evil people. I know why I am stalked. Relative of a high profile defendant in a local case. Before that, Life was good. The radio stations, the music played again and again…..Contact me. I will need to delete this soon

  2. I wish you had told it in writing. I hate watching videos, and I won’t be tuning into these.

    If you want to communicate, I urge you to use the written word as it is easier and quicker to take in for some people than a video that takes time to download and may be of poor quality.

    1. Thank you Theala..I take videos as evidence. You may be missed written description about each video. Also please check my story and psychological warfare on this blog. I tried to explain as much as I can. I wrote this blog based on my personal experience.

  3. You are so fake along with the other tards who follow you. Get a real job! It’s stupid how you try to copy TIs. TIs are too good for you to try to identify with them. Get lost.

  4. Solutions to organized Stalking are 1) Eduction- educate yourself about this crime , visit youtube channel of OS Informers and search for Dr John Hall Satellite surveillance videos on youtube. Knowledge is power and it will render their psyops useless.
    2)Expose them- keep writing more ane more about your harassment in this blog and in the net
    3)Network with fellow TIs in your city and try to hold regular meetings of TIs in your city.

  5. Im being harassed electronically, and physically and people keep shushing me, and implying i have a problem i never realised they were mind readers?.Who ever is behind owes me compensation, probably the loony left British government. Even when i went on Holiday to Norfolk, in England the abuse never abated.

  6. I like this . It’s Quite interesting and informing!
    I’m a man of 60 year’s. This has happen to me for over 46 year’s and then some.
    I’ve lost my wife of 33 years to cancer 2 year’s ago. I’m trying to save my home and my life. I’m in dire straits with no one to turn too. I can truly attest to the fact that this sort of thing is for real!!! I’ve even called the Attorney General’s office in Washington and in short got laughed at, from what I had heard in the office background. Real big joke. Ha Ha He He, tax dollars at work…
    I’m a true believer in the golden rule do unto others and don’t tread on me.
    I’m a very deep persons and a veteran. I love my country and I would gladly lay down my life for it, protect it and the good in it. However I will not be murdered or should I say youthenized as my late friend and attorney Ken R.stated year’s ago may he rest in peace…
    After taking to hundreds of people over the past 4 decades , I’ve come to the general concept that were not alone in the universe. All this that were going through is in my option, the Luminaries.
    I Live in a neighborhood where they are living right next door and across the street. I’ve been physically attracted by my neighbors wife and she was convicted of assault and battery. During the seance part three months later he attacks by grabbing me by the throat and asking if I knew who he is and they have me where they want me.
    He has me by 90.or so lb’s . I’m not a violent man, but I’m not going to take that crap so drove his grinning face into the neighbors flower bed.He came in tears saying”call 9/11 call 9/11″ to my good neighbors. He told him “you call’em”.
    Win one for the under dog, he’s my little Be-ach now!!
    I could go on for hours about my (I/e) exploits but I have thing’s too do.
    I wish there’s some one that could help.
    All we can do is hope and pray for each other.
    Keep the peace and the FAITH PLEASE…

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have no idea what we are to learn from our own country treating us like this. All the resources wasted on bullying good citizens. Write your congress person (not that it will help) but if we all write, maybe someone will listen. Please know you are not alone. That doesn’t help much I know. I am in the same position just for calling our local airport. The world has gone crazy is how it feels. Write me and I will write you okay? You have a friend here. Blessings

      1. Prayers are wiIthyou.

        Since I posted the last time, I’ve achieved a great deal with trouble physically psychologically and financially. I had visited my parents my wife’s grave to take flowers Saturday, I was so distraught and depressed I figured I would go out and be in public awhile just to chill out a little bit have a beer possibly. I went to a local restaurant had dinner and a beer and I was sitting there enjoying it I was probably 2 hours. a couple came in and they were having a good time and the man said, he’s got a three million dollar hit out on him. he was looking at me when he made the statement. immediately paid my tab finish my beer and left. As I was driving past another place that I used to go to, I went in to have another beer. more couples came in and sit down and they were having a good time so I was getting more depressed. I left. And then,so I’d stop by another place on the way home not far from my house about seven or eight miles, to play a game of pool and have a beer and just socialize slightly. A rowdy group came in and started kind of pushing me and harassing me so I went to leave. As I was headed for my car 2 gentleman was sitting in another car, and one of the persons at the driver seat said that’s the one I’m going to kill him quote. so I went to my car I set there for a few minutes they started their vehicle in There head lights came on I left went through the traffic light not breaking any laws and as I was turning to go on the Main Street to my home a car came up behind me, got right on my bumper and so I took off, I thought it was the 2,they were going to chase me down, so I accelerated and got up in a 55 mile an hour speed limit I got up to around at I would estimate I was watching the speedometer so its slowed way down to miss my turn backed up and turn right then the blue lights came on, lo and behold it was an officer that I’ve seen before that has been stalking me and I got a DUI reckless driving ticket I was arrested. they took all my cash and went through my vehicle through my bank statements and such, now I have no cash I’m at home, my banking account is almost closed out I’m not allowed to get my safety deposit box,which has 30k, of my wife Jewelry. I have very little funds probably l0 dollars in my bank account. now I’m at the point of trying to hire a lawyer and fight for my life yet once again. there is truly no one out there that can help. I don’t know what to do now.I have received some information for legal assistance which I don’t know how far that will go, and also for mental health issues. So right now the way it stands I’m probably very close to death since I have very little food in the house, and my power and water is about to be cut off. I have animals that I’ve been trying to find homes for and no one can help with that, so I don’t know what to do.

        Yesterday I had walked up to the post office which is approximately 7 miles round trip, and low and behold I was stalk by the same deputy that i had issues with me as my wife was passing away. 4 times I saw him drive by on his cell phone looking at me. so I don’t know if I even try to walk anywhere if I’m not going to be shot run over harassed or gotten into trouble again. I will be 60 March the 14th which is Saturday, my preliminary trial is the 18th. so happy birthday to me from the feds. it’s a shame that we’re throwaway society and that those that are in charge are in charge, to say they are gods, they are sexual sadist !!!

        Its funny how they can control our finances or physical strength and weaknesses, and they do it in the name of justice I don’t think so. we have very little recourse in order to survive anymore since there’s no one out there that could help or will not. our society is such that those that are in control, are really in control. since I’ve been posting online and reading different online pages, so many things have gone wrong in my life.

        I really believe that Congress should be impeached but who is going to impeach them? we the people of age with our wisdom and our insight and our knowledge, are not listen to or guided by the young and those that can fight.

        I’m a true believer and a Christian and I do have a soul, I just have to wonder what our forefathers must be saying and thinking at this time in our lives. are they turning up evils or are they with us against the evil. evidently there is no soul in government, and either no one that cares or ponders to care for the future of our world. I for one believe a strong government makes a strong nation. but how to us of old age get through to the YOUTH of America?

        Maybe this is ramblings of a madman, or just someone so hurt by the evils in Congress. however all that I am speaking is the truth, & I don’t really feel that all people in power or evil or corrupt. but aren’t all people in Congress and power corrupt by those that are truly corrupted?there’s a saying out there, if you lay down with dogs with fleas you get fleas.

        I could go on for hours since I have live so many years and seen so much evil. but I don’t know how much of this will be printed or censored. so all I have to say now is prayers are with you friends you that are in the same boat with us all we must keep throwing we must keep praying we must keep hoping, but we mustn’t give up. I know I’m at that point of just giving up, and I’m going to try to find something to eat. all of my reserves are down and shot, but still I’m going to try.

        My heartfelt prayers are with you all, and if the Lord hears us maybe they’ll be some relief. sincerely randy.

        P.s. all we can do is hope and try and pray! PEACE!

  7. I have been stalked and bullied by federal employee of local airport for six years. So many pilots are willing to bully someone until they commit suicide. Everywhere we go, every day, a military jet or helicopter, a private plane that dive bombs us or a commercial jet down our throats as soon as we use our ATM. Can’t carry a phone. Can’t use the computer. Tried to move and he sent military jets over every appointment we made to look at a home. We are over 60 years old, never been in any trouble, own a home and business in this county. It’s sick and scary. SIX YEARS. I want to die. Please help if you can. Remember, federal government, so can’t sue…etc. Above the law and boy do they act like it. This is really bad. I am sick from this abuse of power. Please help.

      1. Thank you for your compassion, but I can’t do this much longer. Being hunted like a mouse by a cat and played with like this for 6 years is more than a person should have to take. I want to die at some point every day. I have tried to stay strong, but it’s psychologically torturing to not be able to go outside, not be able to use a phone, computer. Not be able to get away = GOD I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM HIM. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE.

      2. I know it is unbearable at times. Sometimes I too think what is the point of our life if we cant do anything we like. But then i think i cant let them win. I do small things that I enjoy in my life. Just enjoy small things. Go out for a walk, watch a movie, talk to a stranger to see whether he is friendly( not everyone is bad ), enjoy the nature etc. Somehow we have to find a way to forget our harassment.

  8. You say “go for a walk” and “enjoy nature”, I can’t go outside without this monster bullying me with jets!!! God, read the content before commenting please. I need some real help here.

  9. Hello. I really feel your pain. I was bullied in school wich CAN be
    as bad as stalking. Long after i finished school aka hell,
    i moved to a dense apartment area consisting of rowhouses.

    I thought i was done with the bullying. How wrong i was.
    Here, there are gangs of children and teenagers wich
    makes a lot of noise in the afternoon.

    In one of the apartments beside ours, there have
    always been young, noisy tenants. Frequent
    partying. Slamming doors, sometimes the
    whole night.

    Quite i few times i have yelled “Quit slamming
    the damn door i i complain to the board”

    It seems he does it just to provoke me….

    Over the years. The local noise have
    always followed the same patter.

    Could this be a form of stalking?

    How do you deal with it?

    I feel anger almost 24/7 and
    have some health issues
    because of the noise
    “stalking” pattern.

    I want to move but i
    cannot afford it. cries.



    1. Carl
      I am sorry to hear that you were bullied in school. It can be because of the stalking. But I am not aware of your situation. In my case it was due to stalking. Noise harassment is just one part of the program. rude comments, behavior of the people, cutting you off, gas lighting, lies, rumors, job losses etc are other types of harassment.

    2. you are so sweet to reach out to me. It will be six years in two weeks. I want to die every day. I can’t go anywhere without him sending military helicopters or jets, commercial jets or private planes. He stalks me through our phones, computers and atm cards. I haven’t had one day without being “raped” for six years. Can’t take much more. I am so sorry your home has a monster near it. Sometimes good people just cross the path of a monster and life changes instantly. If you need me, I am here for now. I have severe panic attacks, throw up every day. I take medication for broken heart syndrome. I have been writing Sully Sullenberger. He has a campaign about suicide, but I’m not sure he will care if it’s one of his own causing the suicide. So far, he hasn’t stopped this monster from coming after me and flying over my home every day, stalking me every day. This monster doesn’t want me to have one day off from him “raping” me. It’s so sick and the mentality is so depraved. I am a good person and don’t understand how our country allows this abuse of power in the worst way. I have written everyone and no one cares. Welcome to America!! Write me and tell me how you are doing okay? Blessing sweet Carl. Thank you and bless your heart for reaching out to me.

    3. Carl, where do you live? Why not move? I can’t move. We tried for 8 months to buy another home, but he flew military helicopters and jets over every appointment we made online. Please, move. You must have someone who will let you stay on their couch until you find something. I would do anything to stop this misery. I wear earplugs 24/7 and when I go outside, I wear them with headphones and loud music playing. I take medication to keep me from killing myself. I use to be the happiest strongest person, and this monster has reduced me to 108lbs of fear. I weighed 147 when this started. I have two tumors from this abuse. I won’t make it much longer and I guess everyone is just going to let him kill me. It’s so astonishing at 61 years old, never been in any trouble, own a home and business here and people do nothing to stop this insanity. I don’t get it but I do know one thing, REALLY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO REALLY GOOD PEOPLE. If you need me, I am here for now. Blessings sweet Carl.

  10. I also am a TI, have been for 5 years or more. I have been stalked in multiple states, I am fed up with the BS. I am currently near saint louis mo. I cannot believe this is allowed to happen in this country. If someone had told me about this before it happened to me I would have thought they were crazy. These people will have to answer to God.

    1. You are so precious and don’t deserve what you are getting in life. No one deserves to cross the path of a monster and then have their life ruined for doing so. I am going to hypnotherapy to try to limit some of the PTSD from being stalked and bullied by the FAA for this is the seventh year now. We just went to the beach where no planes ever go, and were buzzed by a helicopter twice and they followed us to lunch and buzzed us there also. How this is allowed to continue is beyond us but I do know that this is not my fault. This is someone who wants to spend their life doing evil to others and abuse their power just because they can. I would rather be me for one hour than him for a million years. I have begged Scott Kelly, the astronaut, to help – not one word, I have been begging Sully Sullenberger for four months. Not one word or change. The word hero has changed so heavily for me. These pilots can kill someone, bully someone to death and no one will stop them. We never would have thought this possible in a million years. We own a home and business here and have never been in any trouble. But the military and FAA have decided we don’t deserve our lives after all we worked for for 61 years. All the resources that have been wasted stalking and bullying me for seven years. America is not what it appears to be. Not even close. And people who call themselves heroes and make grandiose statements about saving lives are just big bullshiters with lots of power. Hang in there. I am here. You don’t deserve this, poor baby. If I could, I would hug you so big. Bless your heart. Spread the word. America is allowing perfectly good citizens to be bullied and stalked to death for no other reason than they can. (what is a TI? from your email)

  11. Atti W did not leave the comment above on April 12th. I did. I am her roommate and have stood by and watched this all take place. I am sorry for the disrespect, but it’s worse to promise to save people and then turn your back then to not say anything at all! KC

  12. Hi, I live in UK and have been suffering the same horrors for nearly ten years now. I would love to speak to whoever it is who wrote this blog though I understand that to trust me is so hard in the circumstances as perps often pretend to be TI’s themselves. I am not though. I am still being targeted, it is hell on earth. I try to continue with my life but the sabotage tactics are constant. I think to go public about it may be the only thing I can do, but fear it will destroy my already threatened career as a performance artist. It would be awesome to speak to you author of this blog… The world is being taken over by this covert evil and they don’t even know about it. A last word to you is that I believe it is those whom shine the greatest lights that are targeted by these depraved individuals. Let’s shine a light together. Let’s stand together and “save the world”. All my love and thoughts, Gillian. x

    1. Thank you for your kind words Gillian. I too believe most of the people harass us because of jealousy. I was bullied at my work too. I can no longer do a proper job. They pretty much ruined my career and social life. I had no option but to go public. I post about this crime on facebook too and tell all my friends ( they don’t talk to me anymore though), what has been happening to me.

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