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My Story

WARNING: What you are about to read could be shocking. If you are not aware of this phenomenon, you would probably not believe what I say. What you find here are my observations and analysis based on my own experience.

When I worked for an email company in year 2009, I experienced a very strange situation. For the first couples of weeks, everyone seemed to be nice and friendly. Two weeks later, I felt something is not right. All of sudden, I noticed a clear difference of the way they (especially one particular group) treated me.  Some people were so rude. Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about my personal life. Some talked about  things I said or did in my apartment. They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago. Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe. Some others mimicked my actions, words and my dresses. Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents. Someone had scratched my car door while it was in the parking lot. Those incidents seemed like small mishaps. I had to pee several times per day while I was at work. Sometimes I had to pee 4 times in two hours. I felt some vibration/needle like pain on my belly, leg and arm time to time. Whenever I went to pee, someone was following me. Different people were doing this at different times. But when this happened everyday more than couples of times a day, I came to realize they were doing this purposely. Weeks later, there were some changes in the management in my team. Couples of people left the company. It appeared that one particular group were behind this. Some other people are actually nice. Some of them seemed to be sympathetic to me. I was supposed to report to a new supervisor and she screamed at me couples of times. I was given less work. Sometimes I was not given any task for weeks if not months. Even If I was assigned something, it was not something important.  At the same time, this group tried to isolate me within the company. They were trying to humiliate me, control me, harass me, single me out, manipulate me and change my thought process.

Gradually, Harassment occurred even outside of the office. Whatever happened inside the office started to happen in public places too. Random people bumped on me while I was walking.  Someone was always watching me or following me while I was outside. A neighbor came or left the apartment at the same time I left or came. My neighbors started to harass me in various ways. One on right above my apartment started jumping on the floor at night. Another one banged my wall while I was sleeping. Some neighbors frequently slammed the doors. I had couples of car accidents during a short period of time. Wires of my car were badly damaged while it was at a garage overnight. The following day I was informed that  wires were eaten by rabbits. They did not pay me a penny for the damage. Instead they charged me lot more for changing a water pump that was perfectly fine.  Basically I was harassed 24/7.  I could not go to the grocery store, coffee shop, bar, gym, mall. You name it. I was harassed everywhere. Some of  the harassment tactics are strangers blocking my way using grocery carts, invading my personal space , cutting me off while I was walking or driving (This is called classical conditioning in psychology. Once you are harassed in this fashion for a long time, you would be so defensive next time you go to one of these places. You are stressed out. You are anxious).

They tried to isolate me from the society. Basically, They tried to put me under unofficial house arrest. I could not talk to anyone. Random people/friends/coworkers used directed conversation to harass me. Some tried to put the blame on me. Real perpetrators used different people to convince me that I was  just paranoid. I could not even talk to a woman. She may talk to me for couples of minutes. Then she gets a text message. Next thing I know is she is not the same woman anymore. Her tone is different. She is suspicious of me. All of sudden she wants to leave. When this happened again and again, gradually I lost interest in talking to people. Keep in mind, all these things I have described here are still happening. Intensity of the harassment is different from time to time. This is an unofficial house arrest. Luckily some people who knew what was going on tried to help me. (There were some nice people in the company too. Even the HR and training managers and many other people seemed to be nice people. It appeared that they did not have the power. ) However, gradually they were also not able to do anything. Soon, I realized that it was a carefully coordinated psychological harassment carried out by an organized group. I have been a victim of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment, manipulation and mind control. This is also called organized stalking. What happened at the email company is called workplace mobbing. This is just one part of the harassment process. When all these things happened, I got sick couples of times. I had back pain, lose motion, head aches, breathing problems, allergies, cough. I could not sleep well. I felt exhausted. I was so demoralized. I was depressed.

However the surveillance had begun long before the second phase of the harassment(sensitization) occurred.  I believe this was happening even before I came to US. When I looked back at my past events and compared them with what is happening now, I came to know there is a clear pattern of this harassment. The surveillance started when I was in Sri Lanka. I was in junior high school back then. (May be even before that. We never know). I had no idea about this until I was mobbed at the email company. (Even though I was suspicious of some of my past life events , now only I can understand why and how these events happened. It was not easy to find a job. It was not easy to start a meaningful, intimate relationship with a woman I like. It was hard to meet people and make new friends I like to hang out with. I had been bullied at many different places. I thought they all happened because of my fault or I was just unlucky. Now I know that my perpetrators have been denying my basic human rights for years. They have been sabotaging all my opportunities. They have been ruining my personal/social/dating relationships. They have been doing lots of evil acts. They have been trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. (Many things happened in my life since then. Some of these events had changed my life for ever). I clearly don’t know why they targeted me at the first place.

But I must say that everyone is not bad. A group of people from one particular group wants to destroy my life. This is the same group who started bullying me at the email company. It was clear they were manipulated by an invisible force (The real perpetrators). They all have the same political/religious view. They have found a similar group in Sri Lanka too. Apparently they all worked together. (Not necessarily they belong to the same race or religion). Those who started this at the workplace were able to recruit more people from different races, religions, colors, social levels, professions and political groups.  Slowly they were able to turn many people against me by spreading all sorts of lies and rumors. It seemed like they were able to recruit some of the local police officers too. I was followed by police cars for no reason when I went to work and back home. Some days, police cars were parked at the company parking lot. Apparently they can recruit anyone from the society.  They manipulate not only me but also anyone who comes into my life.  All information about me is passed to my friends, coworkers, relatives and strangers by these handlers so that they are motivated to do or say negative things. (However, I must say not necessarily everyone say or do bad things). Sometimes people are not aware that what they are doing is harmful. This is a no touch torture. My life has completely changed and harassment continues ever since. They may have put me on a watch list as this author describes here.

Most large corporate workforce and many smaller ones have already been brought wholesale into this Network through ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ laws that require employees and employers to report anything in the workplace that might be considered suspicious or threatening activity. Anyone who is reported on is assessed (without their knowledge) to determine if they should be put on a ‘watch list’. Watch lists are a key aspect of the Network’s operations, and will be discussed further on. – The network(version one) by Anthony Forwood

Also see ACLU spy files article.

The following research article describes this situation below. This is the story of my life. This is exactly what I have been going through for last 4 years. Well at least I had a good support system before I was mobbed even at my previous workplaces.

Workplace mobbing 

This phenomenon has been called “mobbing,” “ganging up on someone” or psychic terror. It occurs as schisms, where the victim is subjected to a systematic stigmatizing through, inter alia, injustices (encroachment of a person’s rights), which after a few years can mean that the person in question is unable to find employment in his/her specific trade. Those responsible for this tragic destiny can either be workmates or management.

case study – Leif case :

Leif could not keep his job, nor could he get another one, as his medical history could be only too clearly seen in his job applications. There was nowhere in society where he could turn for help. He became totally unemployable — an outcast. One of the ironies of this case is that Leif had previously been employed by a number of companies where he had performed well, had been a good workmate and had been given good references by his employers. (We have found similar cases in Sweden, Denmark, Western Germany, England,Austria, USA, and Australia.)   

Psychical terror or mobbing in working life means hostile and unethical communication which is directed in a systematic way by one or a number of persons mainly toward one individual. There are also cases where such mobbing is mutual until one of the participants becomes the underdog. These actions take place often (almost every day) and over a long period (at least for six months) and, because of this frequency and duration, result in considerable psychic, psychosomatic and social misery. This definition eliminates temporary conflicts and focuses on the transition zone where the psychosocial situation starts to result in psychiatric and/or psychosomatic pathological states.

Phase 2: Mobbing and Stigmatizing
Many of the communicative actions which can be observed occur fairly often in everyday life. But within the framework of the harassment phenomenon, they have an injurious effect,as these actions are used consistently and systematically over a long period, with the intention of causing damage (or putting someone out of action). All the observed actions have the common denominator of being based on the desire to “get at a person” or punish him/her.Thus manipulation is the main characteristic of the event. What is shown to be manipulated is:
1. The victim’s reputation (rumor mongering, slandering, holding up to ridicule).
2. Communication toward the victim (the victim is not allowed to express him/herself,
no one is speaking to him or her, continual loud-voiced criticism and meaningful
3. The social circumstances (the victim is isolated, sent to Coventry).
4. The nature of or the possibility of performing in his/her work (no work given,
humiliating or meaningless work tasks).
5. Violence and threats of violence. 

Important note in preface to Heinz Leymann, “Mobbing and Psychological Terror at Workplaces,” Violence and Victims 5 (1990), 119-126.

This is from another article.

A few common ways in which harassment is expressed
1. Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.
2. Making gestures that seek to intimidate, engaging in reprisals.
3. Discrediting the person: spreading rumors, ridiculing him, humiliating him, calling into question his convictions or his private life, shouting abuse at him or sexually harassing him.
4. Belittling the person: forcing him to perform tasks that are belittling or below his skills, simulating professional misconduct.
5. Preventing the person from expressing himself: yelling at him, threatening him, constantly interrupting him, prohibiting him from speaking to others.
6. Isolating the person: no longer talking to him at all, denying his presence, distancing him from others.
7. Destabilizing the person: making fun of his convictions, his tastes and his political choices.

In the workplace, employees who are psychologically harassed or psychologically tortured are often described as having the wrong interpretation of events, or having a “perception problem”, a “bad attitude”, and the wrong view of reality. They are then asked to consult a medical professional, a psychiatrist, and are then usually subsequently discredited and classified as having a psychological problem or mental illness.


Author Gail Pursell explains the 5 phases of workplace mobbing process.     5 phases of workplace mobbing process

Community Mobbing 

Gradually the harassment at work place turned out to be a community mobbing as I explained before. It spread out everywhere I went. The perpetrators have been systematically destroying both my personal and professional life. They had been distancing me from my support groups by spreading various lies, rumors. They have isolated me from the society. The perpetrators have been constantly trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. It is extremely difficult to make friends. Whenever I meet someone or a group of people, the preps approach them and poison them with negative thoughts. (But I believe some people also try to help me. The real perpetrators are so cunning and they can deceive those who try to help me). So eventually, the preps take control of friendship /relationship and manipulate my friends.  Still I try to stay positive. I decided to upload videos of my own experience at public places to social networking media like YouTube and let other people know what I have been going through. One of my goals is to educate people about this crime against humanity. If you are not a targeted individual, it would be very difficult to understand or believe what I say. People barely notice this crime even if this happens right in front of their eyes. This is happening in every country in this word today.

Harassment tactics:

Basically I am under 24/7 electronic surveillance. My personal phone conversations are listened. My phone is illegally wire tapped. My personal computer is hacked. My personal email and social networking accounts are hacked. My every move (even inside my apartment) is watched. Those who monitor me, share my very personal information, weaknesses, fears, likes, dislikes with my friends, co workers, managers, relatives and even strangers so that they get offended. Some of them may hurt. Some of them may feel jealous of me. Some of them feel inferior to me. Some of them may feel hatred towards me. The perpetrators gradually feed the information. Keep in mind, what ever the perpetrators say may not necessarily be true. They manipulate or misinterpret it. Whenever someone gets offended/hurt, they can use my personal information against me to harass me. The stalkers spread lies, twisted rumors and half truth. By doing this, the perpetrators try to discredit me as well as motivate others into using verbal attacks, cyber bullying or any other type of harassment. I don’t have any privacy right now. The perpetrators use racial, religious stereotypes as well as any other differences to turn people against me. They could use anything such as race, religion, color, age, gender, region, profession, political opinions etc. They try to break all my support systems.  They divide people into different groups and try to turn one support group against another. The perpetrators try to sensitize me to certain objects, sounds, words, that are related to a previous stalking incident. After I am sensitized to these words, objects or sounds, they ask my friends, co-workers to use these words during our conversations. The stalkers try to make me look like a crazy and paranoid person.  Lots of people participate in this stalking game. Some of them think this is just a simple joke. As they don’t see the complete picture, they don’t fully understand the sinister side of this program. Let alone dating it is extremely difficult to make any friends now. The perpetrators try to convince the audience that I am anti-social or I am a loner. The truth is the perpetrators prevent me being socialized by using various psychological harassment tactics. I was a very healthy, active, friendly and fun loving person before I experienced this harassment.

Some of other harassment tactics are gas lighting, cyber bullying, trolling, slander campaign, brightening (flashing lights by random drivers at nights), staging car accidents,  crowding at public   places, invading my personal space by strangers at public places, manipulating traffic lights while driving, creating artificial traffic on the roads or around the neighborhood, financial losses, noise campaign such as door slamming or banging walls by neighbors, rumbling car or motor cycle engines loud inside my apartment complex, honking, synchronization,  monitoring and electronic harassment by neighbors, mail tempering , delaying service at public places, keeping me waited in long lines,  anchoring, baiting, black mailing, mimicking my actions and words, sabotaging my job opportunities , blacklisting me in the job market, ruining my financial , professional and personal life . I cannot describe here some of other things they have done. This program is designed so that when a target try to explain what he/she experiences , the target appears crazy or paranoid.

Who is behind spying?

They are everyday citizens. Apparently some people from many community organizations like neighborhood watch, large corporations, religious organizations, city utility workers, senior citizens, fire fighters, local law enforcement officers, some officials from local fusion centers participate in this stalking game. It could be anyone from the society. Many of them are deceived and manipulated by the perpetrators. Also I have a feeling that real perpetrators are trying to divide people into different groups based on their religion, ethnicity, skin color, profession , social level etc and use them against me. They are using age old tactic called divide and rule to turn people from different groups against me. Vast number of people have no idea that they are being manipulated to harass and intimidate innocent people. Criminals, drug dealers and street thugs also seemed to be involved with this stalking game. For some reason, one group can do more harm compared to another group. This does not mean everyone who participates in this stalking game does bad things to me. Some are actually acting like guardians.  Everyone in a group/organization/neighborhood watch is not necessarily bad either. But some people actively engage in these stalking activities for various reasons.  Ordinary people are encouraged to participate in stalking activities. People are motivated to commit these hate crimes by instigating racial, religious, social level, skin color, different professional stereotypes. There are people who try to take advantage of my situation. There are people who are trying to degrade the quality of my life. There are people who are trying to put me into the lowest level of the social ladder. There are people who want to destroy my life. There are people who try to blackmail me. They are people who want to push their own personal agenda.  It does not matter where I live. They know everything. Once I move into a new area, a new groups in the local area are recruited and my personal information is shared with them. Also new groups also gather my information and report back to perpetrators. Everyone may not say bad things. Everyone may not report back. But some do. Now I know it for sure. I believe some of them(may be group leaders) have the capabilities of accessing the surveillance program. (It could be a software that pinpoint my exact location. Also these local groups may be able to listen to all my phone conversations, read my emails ,personal Facebook messages etc or else they get all these information from those who monitor me) . Even if I go to another country, still the perpetrators can track me. Still they can harass me. The same comedy is scripted by different groups. Intensity level of the harassment is different from country to country. So apparently this is an international network. So this could be collaborative work of rogue elements of intelligence agencies around the world. They may have infiltrated to every part of the society in this world. They are using community groups to spy on fellow civilians and even harass targeted civilians.  Once someone is on this watch list, his/her fate is at the mercy of these community groups. If they are decided to mess your life, you are on your own.

Job loss and unemployment :

It appears that I can no longer find a job in my field. Whenever I get an interview, those who want to sabotage my career, approach the employer somehow and tell all sort of negative things.  They are trying to convince the audience that I am not able to do anything.  Those who destroyed my professional career want to justify their actions. So they continue the harassment. They do not want me to work for a new company.  They do not want me to get to know new people.  Especially they do not want me to get to know influential people who may have ability to help me. The perpetrators are afraid of being exposed.  They may feel safe as long as they can convince the audience that what they had told about me is true. For me, it is obvious what they are doing. But it is barely noticeable for outsiders unless someone knew the whole thing from the very beginning.  The perpetrators use my friends and relatives to convince me that I need to do an odd job. They try to convince the audience and I that this is a very normal situation and no one sabotages my job opportunities.  Now, it seems like even if I get a job, I would be underpaid and most probably it may not be something related to my past experience. They are trying to destroy all my skills. They want to make me a useless person. They do everything possible to demoralize me. Once I am no longer tolerate their BS, they say he is not good at IT. He should do something else. Since 2009, I have been working on small projects. My salary has been decreased gradually since 2009. I was doing nothing for weeks sometimes. In couples of years I will forget things I have learn t so far. When I don’t use something, I easily forget it. Automatically I will no longer be able to take any interviews. Once this happens, my perpetrators would not have to do anything new to ruin my life. The perpetrators control every aspect of my life. Not only they ruined my professional life, they also destroyed my social life. This may be the same group or a different group. They have been trying to change my behavior. They do not let me make any friends, date any woman, go to social events. Even If I go there, they make sure I would not meet someone I can get along with.

Psychological warfare:

How everyone thinks about me depends on  carefully manipulated propaganda. Perpetrators share my personal information the way they want. They know how to deceive the audience. Many people do not believe that I am going through a hell. Some people notice my bad luck. Still they think it is just a coincidence. Either they are honestly not aware of what has been happening to me or they are afraid of accepting the truth.

Also the way everyone thinks about me depends on how the people around me (my friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers) report back to the network/surveillance system. If they say good things, the harassment is considerably less. If someone says a bad or negative thing, the harassment is severe. So I have to be very careful of befriending people. I have to be careful of what I talk. I need to be very picky. If I want to make new friends, I have to select pretty much perfect people who would not get offended easily. If one of my friends or a neighbor or a coworker gets offended, I may be in trouble. I may not get the job I want. I may not be able to date a woman I really like. I may not be able to hang out with people I like. Let’s say I did not get along with a rude person. This person happened to be someone from different race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. Or he/she could be from the same race, religion or color etc. This person can report back to the network that I don’t get along with people from his/her race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. If the person is from the same race and religion,then he/she plays a different card. Even This person can say I hate them. Basically personal conflict is generalized. I believe this is done by the perpetrators. May be it is the system (rogue elements of intelligence agencies) or people them self. One thing I surely know is severity of my harassment depends on people who come into my life. Someone may say why I care what other people think about me. Well we live in a society. We all are part of it. Humans need to interact with other human beings. We need to interact with people from opposite sex. When the perpetrators manipulate my personal information, they can basically control who I am going to befriend with. They can control my social network. They control every aspect of my life. Because of this psychological warfare, I don’t get a chance to talk, hang out with people I like. I don’t get a chance to date a woman I really like. I don’t get my dream job. All my dreams and life plans are shattered.
I usually like urban, educated (not nerdy), open minded, fun, fashionable,independent  people. Because of the propaganda, I mostly meet people who have complete opposite personalities, likes etc. When I meet a woman, there is a high probability that she is 20 years older or younger. I rarely meet someone around +/- 10 years of my age. This could be because of the following reason. When I was in my late 20s, I dated someone around 22 or 23. (No need to say why it did not work). One of my friends or neighbors might have observed this and reported back to the system or the loosely connected network. Ever since that group think I only like women in early 20′s. They tell this to everyone who comes into my life. So my new friends, neighbors also start to think that I only like women in early 20′s. The danger is when this happens, women in all other age groups stop talking to me.  Let’s take another example. If I talk to a tall guy, the perpetrators convince everyone else that I only get along with tall guys. So all the short guys stop talking to me. The perpetrators can manipulate any situation. If I say, I don’t like small size girls, the perpetrators try to convince the audience that means I like big size women which is not necessarily true. I like average body size women. If the perpetrators decide not to let me date or even talk to any woman, they can actually make it happen. That is what they have been doing so far. Not only they try to confuse me, but also they try to confuse my friends as well. My friends, relatives do not know what I really like anymore. Different groups say different things. However, all these groups can be manipulated by one group at the top level. Either they want to destroy my life or they want to prove everyone that what they have been telling about me so far is true. Once I move to a new state or country, groups in the previous location pass the information to new groups. Different groups may pass different information. They pass it the way they want. (I am not sure this is done by intelligence agencies directly or by loosely connected social group. Most probably, information may be passed by both groups). Again, if the first group thinks that I am going to like the second group and first group may not be able to control my life anymore, the first group may try to spread disinformation among the 2nd group so that they would have negative impression about me. Always groups can control what other people think about me. Not necessarily everyone says bad things.

Sometimes, the perpetrators script certain events to convince the audience that I am an alcoholic or I am such an irresponsible person etc. Different groups script different events. After I was mobbed at my company, I noticed that the perpetrators do not let me see a good-looking woman. Let’s say I sit close to a good-looking woman in a coffee shop. The perpetrators get someone to sit in between that woman and I. Believe it or not they do another thing. if I am going to sit next to a good-looking woman in a bus, the perpetrators get to know it promptly. Again they get someone to sit next to her. So that they make sure I would not even get a chance to talk to a good looking woman. I know many people would not believe this. I can give you another example. After the second stage of my harassment, I am not very comfortable of talking to people. If I talk to a working class person, my perpetrators convince everyone else that I can only get along with poor working class people. So where ever I go, I only get a chance to talk to that type of people. That really freaks me out. I can tolerate this for couples of times. After a while, I am sensitized to them. When this happens again and again for a long time, I tend not to talk to that type of people. Then perpetrators accuse me that I am arrogant big headed, ignorant person etc. You see how the play this game?

When my perpetrators generalized certain events , scenarios, they go to extreme ends. As an example, sometimes they say. “he is a super rich person.He does not have to work”. When I resist, they quickly change it to other extreme end. They try to convince everyone else that I am a really poor guy so only people I can get along with are poor people. Either way they always put me in a tight spot

I have been experiencing this harassment since 2009. The perpetrators have been doing this even before 2009. But I had no idea about those types of scripted events until I was mobbed at the email company. Couples of people had clearly gotten offended and reported back something really bad about me. I try to explain this in details under psychological warfare section of this blog.

Like I said before everyone is not bad. But even those who used to support me have sidelined now because of what evil people do. I know I am not the only one who is going through this. If you read this, please educate your friends and family about this crime against humanity. No human being is deserved to be treated like this. 

For further information please watch my personal videos on YouTube. Also please read “psychological harassment and psychological manipulation” and “coercive persuasion and mind control”. I have posted links on the top right side of this blog. 


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  1. Good day! Thhis is my first visiit to you blog!
    We are a team of volunteers and starting a new projeft in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us valuable information to work on.
    You have done a outstanding job!

    • Thank you. Keep up your good work. Please update us about your new project too. There is another Facebook group called “targeted individuals around the world”. There are more than 30,000 likes so far for this group. (You may already heard about it before).

    • Hi as a replay on how to spy on cell phone,
      They use “man in the middle attack” use apps like Mozstumbler or GNetTrack to check

  2. Appreciate the recommendation. Will ttry it out.

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  4. I would like to get in touch with you, I am experiencing the same issue when I am talking to women, they get a phone call or text message and then they start walking away immediately … my two vehicles have been vandalised, and many others thing that now make sense, some people have been stalking me

    • However don’t give up hopes. Everyone is not bad. They can not manipulate everyone. still there are some nice people. Just go out and talk to people. If you feel like they are trying to harass you, just avoid them.

  5. I really like this web-page how it’s written out and the layout is awesome…It’s very hard to explain in detail what going on with a gangstalked victim. You have explained it plainly and understandably.

  6. I understand fully evrythng u r talking abt. Im going through something very similar n no1 believes me. They think im crazy. I was amazad to read your story, yours runs Alot deeper but i get it. What can we do to put an end to it..

    • I try to expose this crime as much as I can. If I notice someone is going to harass me verbally or psychologically, I tell that person what is really happening. Some people listen. Some people don’t.
      Depends on who you are dealing with. Some people are just mean and evil. They take advantage of our situation. I also use my social networking sites like facebook to express myself. Otherwise friends do not know what I really want, What I really like etc. Still It is not easy. The perpetrators are so cunning. Also start taking videos of stalking events. If possible note down everything so that people can see a pattern. If you show just one videos, no one would understand it. But if you collect bunch of similar videos, you should be able to show others the pattern. Talk to you senator. Still they are not going to stop this completely. You know who is doing this to us. They all know who is doing this.

  7. Your words were very true n i appreciate your response. Social networking is something I’ll have to try n open up too. Im a very private person. They keep interfering in my life, pretty much every aspect. I’ve told people n like i said they think i’m crazy. Its hard to catch them at it.. Maybe im not fighting back hard enough.

    • Yes I understand your concern about social media. No..It is not easy to fight back. Stay positive. Never give up. If they still let you work, your situation is not that bad. So go out for a walk, meet new people ( but be careful), do small things that you enjoy in your life. They don’t want to make our life miserable.

  8. Im sitting here tired n cant go to sleep because im being harassed since 9pm tonite. My landlord has joined in. I don’t even kno u n this isnt something i do but i have no1 who understands or really believes me. I kno it sounds a lil crazy but its the truth. In the past 3 years ive had to move 4 times. The same harassment follows everytime. Moving is a pain n very expensive. The last town i was in, i called the police for help n they did Nothing. They actually thought it was amusing. They refused to help me or even fill out a report. I really dont kno where to turn..

    • I totally understand what you say. I am pretty much in the same situation. I try to go out and meet new people whenever I can. I talk to strangers as it does feel better sometimes. But again be careful.
      Like I said, everyone is not bad. so just go out and and talk to people. You may meet some nice people.
      Our perpetrators want to isolate us. We should not let that happen.

  9. Very true… They have been successful in isolating me. I need to try and regain control of my own life. Easier said then done. I really trust no1, and rightfully so. I have so many coming at me and looks can be deceiving. I hope i can put some Good people back in my life. I pretty much cut everyone out. Even had change my number. Im moving agan before Christmas.. Hopefully this time it takes me to a better place.

    • From my own experience, moving does not really help. A new group in the area start harassing you. But You are the one who knows what best suits you. I heard some people have distributed handouts about multi stalking among neighboring community. That is a one way of educating people about this crime. Again I wish you luck on your moving.

  10. I appreciate you saying that…. I didnt want to move but i do think its the best thing for me and my sanity. I’ll be moving far away… They wont find me. I know if i move around this area again, it will continue. I’ve had to move four times in the past couple of years. Im thankful that i have the finances to do so… Although its wasting my money. Then again, not really if im happy and at peace. Thank you so much for your feedback and advice.

    • You are welcome. Yes I understand what you say. It is something only you would know. No one else can tell you what to do. By the way, thank you for your comments. It seems like no one wants to talk to me anymore because of this harassment. I really appreciate your comments.

  11. Highly recommend Great info. Knowledge is power!

  12. Yeah, im being gang stalked, door slamming, people keep shushing me in the street and in shops, weird phone calls, etc.

  13. One thing abt me… Im not a follower. If someone approached me and tried to get me to bother or harass another person, I’d tell them to f**k off. Im kind to anyone whos kind to me. I appreciate your comments and advice. No1 has the right to judge you. If we were to dig into peoples lifes, im quite sure we’d find them to be crazy. So dont worry abt what they say or believe. If u know what your saying is true, that’s All that matters.

    • Anyone who comes into my life is manipulated by my perpetrators. They don’t know what I really like, what I really want in my life or what kind of people I like etc anymore. Lets say I am a fun person. My perps may tell everyone that I am such a shy guy. I don’t like to have fun. just leave him alone. So people I like to hang out with, distance themselves from me. If I say that I am not a nerd, then my perps may say ” oh He is a such a bad guy. He do this and that.. No woman should talk to him. He is a player. He is not looking for a relationship”. You see how they do this? Lets say I like a romantic, funny, sweet,cute woman. My perps may tell her ( directly or indirectly) that I like only bitchy women. So the woman may misunderstand me. This is how they lie. This is how they manipulate. Because of this I have been single for so long now. I don’t even get a chance to talk to single women anymore. It is frustrating. That is exactly they want to do. I think the perpetrators use various community groups to spread lies, rumors about us.

  14. I must ask… Do u believe in God?

  15. Im very spiritual also… U must kno that someone good will come into your life and they wont care what Anyone has to say abt u. They will get to kno u, through u. Like u said evryone is not bad and evryone wont follow their evil ways. I’ve also been single for far too long, bcuz i cant trust the people around me. So i feel your pain. Kno that things will get better. Bringing it to peoples attention, was the right thing to do.

    • Thank you. I can say you are a nice person just by observing your comments. Yes I totally agree with you. Everyone is not evil. Only certain people are blind and ignorant and follow the evil way. But as you are already aware, It is not easy to meet those good people now because of this harassment. I know we should not be discouraged. Anyway, I am glad that I talked to someone who has a similar experience and who understand what I say.

  16. You are very welcome.. Im glad we talked also. I am a very nice person, n I could say the same abt you..

  17. I recommend Anonymous Million Mask March Next year….Please everyone protest this crime in your city. Go to facebook and type in search: Anonymous March & type your city,State. Hope everyone on here will participate. Thanks

    • Here is a list of a few things they do, wake me up early in morning, keep repeating this phase “We are all happy around here, just shush”, and try to control my movements.

  18. How do I contact you. I am officially being public ally gas lighted which is the same thing as mobbing. It’s getting worse each day and they are breaking into my home.

  19. Yeah im suicidal about it too,fucking bastards have been harassing me for months, door slamming, lurking around my house, bothering me at work, my nerves have completely gone. this is my email ALVAROCIGLIA@LIVE.CO.UK i live in London England.

    • stay strong…don’t think everyone is in it. There are so many nice people in this world. You just go out and talk to random people..You may meet some nice people. Do simple things that you enjoy in your life..I think it is not easy. We all are going through this. Going out and seeing people will make you feel better..

    • Fight back. It’s the only way Alvaro. Get a USB audio recorder –very cheap these days for the door slamming. Get several nights worth with a time stamp then get a lawyer and take it to the prosecutor to file a noise complaint against the person doing it. Take phone pics of the lurkers. Try to get a small DVR so they don’t know they’re being video recorded. Also consider moving in with friends and family since they (whether they are criminals or criminal informants) will not be as bad if you have a safe place to go with witnesses and prevents the escalation that can get quite bad.

  20. I enjoy looking through a post that will make
    men and women think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  21. For people who think they are so smart…. To harass people and get away with it… Ud think they would be smart enough to figure out why the person they harass would change their number but not their email… Hmm… Not so smart after

  22. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the superb works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  23. Wow, you have covered just about every aspect of being a target of these sick, twisted, power tripping, spineless, cowardly, relentless, evil creatures!!!

  24. can you please create a twitter site. iam on twitter. please write me a email.

  25. I had was posting a comment explaining the nightmare which has been my life starting as early as 1998. I have no privacy, my comments disappeared. I will probably be punished in some way for trying to reach out and share my story.
    It’s 2015 and the nightmare continues. I am an isolated outcast still. I have my only friend my sweet dog. I pray they don’t kill him like the dog before. This is my life…I don’t have any hope for the future and fear for the safety of my daughter who they have hurt violently. They know what will hurt me most.

    • Sorry to hear that ,my only advice is try to find out what these scumbags want and comply, i recently retaliated against some of these Gang Stalking low lifes, and i got sectioned for it. I wont mention any of the names and places, but i found out that the “powers that be” know Gang Stalking exists, but they will not acknowledge it because they use it for security. So i was stuck in Hospital for 28 days for no reason everybody pretending “i had a problem”, “they are in it together”,as they say!.Go on YOUTUBE, and you will hear similar tales.

      • Alvaro,

        Hmm…compliance didn’t exactly work for me Alvaro.

        In my experience they(vigilantes & criminals working for the local government) weren’t really interested in my well being or even my continued existence. If you let them beat you into submission-they will. They’ll make you homeless,
        jobless, discredited and dead-only if you make it easy for them.

        If you fight back, and you have friends, you have some chance.

        Did you happen to get targeted for your opinions?

        -Anthony M.


        Psychiatric and hospital staffs are all cop kissers. You can’t trust them at all. Use private doctors when possible.

      • I agree..Compliance did not exactly work for me either…

  26. I am going through the same thing and it is difficult to speak out but you cannot give up. That is what they want you to do. They target me for my religion and because i’m a single person. I know the name of the person who started my harassment and I also know he has connections. I will not give out his name but what he did was very wrong. I know I have got nothing to hide and so if these people chose to believe in lies about a person they do not really know then that is not my problem.

    I have been blacked listed from churches so I have been told by people and also I am not allowed a Holy Bible. Anyway I know that the police is also involved in my Gang Stalking. I am not a threat to anyone or anything but they gave me a warning in 2009 for slanderous accusations that this person has made about me. So I turn the other cheek but I am a very kind loving person and I treat others with respect even those who say mean nasty things to me and I forgive them. And I know it is a very hard thing to do but I have to. They are not all bad people but have been given misinformation about me.

  27. I am going through the same thing perhaps more subtley people I trusted with utter confidentiality- things seem to be voiced about these and they seem to be able to instigate and discover my thoughts as was shown future things they would comment on people I know that they couldn’t know they know and I saw a couple of people looked to see where I live then the neighbors started harassing me with the same bullshit I get from the shops- when I go to do my cooking or chores they will start yelling and the landagency wouldn’t take me serious after I moved in and said can you put up some curtains? She said what do you mean you have enough privacy you can go into your bedroom. I cant do ordinary things without having these people harass me they also turned around and confused my thoughts and people who watch smile and take their side

  28. Mr. ‘jokeynightmareered’. If you are having a problem with an apartment noise campaign then record the noise. This is an extremely common situation for a targeted individual as is mobbing. I’m a TI and I’ve recorded noise harassment several times and reported it successfully to both the landlord and the police-because a recording is hard to dispute. In fact, after I reported it-a moving trailer came and moved the jerk out in 48 hours-since he was a bogus gang stalker tenant anyway.

    The one time I didn’t record and report the gang stalker followed up with a 2 week pesticide fumigation below me. You don’t want that to happen. Trust me on this.

    If you don’t record the noise harassment then nobody is going to help you. Record the verbal harassment too especially at the workplace. This is the only solution to harassment by vigilantes, criminals and their police enablers.

  29. It’s a difficult situation we’re all in. I understand that domestic security & law enforcement has went from protecting us to population control and the inevitable result is Soviet style repression. My next post will address this new reality

  30. History repeats itself from Wikipedia:

    Main article: Zersetzung

    The Stasi perfected the technique of psychological harassment of perceived enemies known as Zersetzung (pronounced [ʦɛɐ̯ˈzɛtsʊŋ]) – a term borrowed from chemistry which literally means “decomposition”.

    …the Stasi often used a method which was really diabolic. It was called Zersetzung, and it’s described in another guideline. The word is difficult to translate because it means originally “biodegradation.” But actually, it’s a quite accurate description. The goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships. Considering this, East Germany was a very modern dictatorship. The Stasi didn’t try to arrest every dissident. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions.
    —Hubertus Knabe, German historian [28]

    By the 1970s, the Stasi had decided that methods of overt persecution which had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. It was realised that psychological harassment was far less likely to be recognised for what it was, so its victims, and their supporters, were less likely to be provoked into active resistance, given that they would often not be aware of the source of their problems, or even its exact nature. Zersetzung was designed to side-track and “switch off” perceived enemies so that they would lose the will to continue any “inappropriate” activities.

    Tactics employed under Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks such as breaking into homes and subtly manipulating the contents, in a form of gaslighting – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns including sending falsified compromising photos or documents to the victim’s family, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretapping, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries, even including sending a vibrator to a target’s wife. Usually victims had no idea the Stasi were responsible. Many thought they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result.

    One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be plausibly denied. This was important given that the GDR was trying to improve its international standing during the 1970s and 80s, especially in conjunction with the Ostpolitik of West-German chancellor Willy Brandt massively improving relations between the two German states.

    Zersetzung techniques have since been adopted by other security agencies, particularly the

  31. Yes ,the police cars follow constantly including parking in front of my workplace when they poisoned me there- but I don’t think they’re recruited because they’re behind most of it. Law Enforcement is the elephant in the room just like they were with the KKK.

  32. I’m going through the exact same thing a bunch of people at work start to spread rumours if I can put all the above mentioned stories in one that will be my story, they just decide to destroy both my professional and personal life they start to manipulate people to believe them through editing conversations and making scenarios using voice tones to make it seem as me who were saying those things and they did the same toward my parents they start to spread a rumour that I’m min-telly ill when I’m perfectly fine and when my parents came to support me they go after them too at first I never thought that anyone would believe them cause what they are spreading is something sick and everyone knows us and who we are its a small country but i think i underestimate there power to brainwash people minds not to mention there social statue which’s give them even more power they make sure that everyone believe them even people who know me well and then my relatives afterward the community , some choses to believe them while others are scared as hell from them and I’m on my own this go’s for one year now, I hate the fact that people ignore every single fact and choose to believe them when it was obvious that I’m not what they are saying I’m, I perform more than well at work I love to help people and I’m a social person also I dress well and I have the ability to negotiate, if I was mintelly ill It would be shown in the way I act I may never even be able to do my job well but people decide to ignore that fact and I just don’t know why. And what hurts the most is that even the person I love have been turned to there side without bother even asking or questioning what they are saying and whenever the came across or know about people who are in my side or helping me they go after them too its really exausting all I ever wanted is to be successful at my career and achieve my dreams now I’m being 24 hours stalked wondering when it will ever end

  33. You have identified primarily why are are stalked: you are a buddhist.
    I was first stalked because I had family in Federal law enforcement, and later, because I self-identified as belonging to a non-Christian religion. It didn’t change when I tried to study Christianity and join a group, because I was already targeted overtly by then.

    Read up on civilian militias, namely Sovereign Citizens Groups. They have propagated to many other countries, as you point out, and it’s not coincidental that they use Stasi tactics, they are Cold War tactics developed and widely used by the KGB in Soviet-era Russia and Iron Country nations. It is now believed (by US Law enforcement agencies who specialize in organized crime investigation) that these groups were approached by drug cartels sometime in the mid-1980s. The drug cartels have been in league for international drug trafficking networking with the KGB (now recognized for it’s ties to the Russian Mafia) for decades. The drug cartels are also known to be the primary financiers and backers of international rogue militia-for-hire.

    Therefore, what you are facing is this: a greatly increased membership, due to economic hardship, of average people who have bought into a propaganda and training scheme. They are ‘hired’ to be ‘citizen police’ by groups posing as ‘secret government’ agencies. They are given training on basic surveillance and mobbing activities, and they are rewarded and paid with money, cars, and rent. As you noticed, many do not have jobs. The increased membership has been made possible by the current African-American president (pissed off many good ole boys, who are even more angry now that the economy is recovering, albeit slowly), by more than 2 million chronically under or unemployed Americans and more than 4 million unemployed illegal civilians. The largest and latest subpopulations who have been sucked in are students with large debts and senior citizens who have insufficient income to live well.

    Now we have middle aged couples who shamelessly perp because these groups help them with mortgage payments and with money to help pay for college for their kids (who maybe can’t get loans).

    The typical stalker drivers a newer car, has no job or a low paying job, and is either active at night or at a place of work. They are no longer just the dregs of society and drug users – they are more likely to be from mainstream America or recent immigrants, than not.

    Realize that for many, stalking has gone beyond economic opportunity: it has become a game, and an addiction. The worst, the nastiest of the stalkers has psychological problems, and they are profiled and recruited based on their ability to conduct anti-social activities.

    They are ODD: Oppositional Defiant Disorder types.

  34. To reinforce the point about religion, let’s look at the case of the US Army ‘deserter’ who was traded for terrorist suspects in US custody. That person has mostly disappeared from the news, but if you dig, you will find that he was hardly the type to be in the Army: he was a practicing buddhist, he was a ballet dancer, and he had eclectic and intellectual tastes in reading. He didn’t hang around with his Army buddies, and our belief is that he was heavily perped and eventually driven off-base by electronic weapon attacks.

    It’s helpful to also realize that the US primarily fought a war of Special Ops, using nontypical weapons, including no-touch (two generations of weapons). Some of these these were stolen by the enemy, and some have been redistributed to police forces, after the US pulled out of Iraq and more recently, in Afghanistan. However, most of the microwave weapons, surveillance equipment and software used to ‘hunt’ TIs (who are viewed as live humans prey equivalents in video-like game software) area also commercially available weaponized equipment.

    The perps run a vigorous campaign of PR to discredit us, and unfortunately, groups like FFCHS and others use the blatent lies to further promote fear (of implants, aliens, satellites and anything else the perps can dream up) in TIs.

  35. I believe you because this has also happened to me. I want to know who is responsible for this .

    They used satellites to track my movement through my GPS and phone.

    They listened to phone conversations and they harassed me through the television

    • Nicole…I believe this is a collaborative work of intelligence agencies around the world. May be only certain people are doing this. They use/manipulate ordinary citizen to harass us. No one else has resources,/ capabilities to do such a harassment.

  36. Why would intelligence agencies want to harass everyday people… What would be their point… What would they get out of having people manipulate someone that wouldn’t matter to them… Explain that to me. Doesn’t people you have had problems with seeking revenge.. Make more sense..

    • Have you heard about cointelpro ? Secret services used it to eliminate undesired people. The undesired people can be intelligent people , journalist,dissidents, scientists, someone who piss off those who has access to these surveillance tools. Most importantly this is a way of controlling people/society as whole. They use ordinary people to harass us. Intelligence people alone can not do this. So they must have support groups in the society. They will spread rumors about us among our friends, co workers , neighbors etc so that they turn against us. I honestly don’t know why they chose me. I have not done anything illegal in my life. I am a low binding person. So I honestly don’t know why they picked me. You can ready psychological harassment in my blog for further details. Also you can google about cointelpro programme.

    • Thank you Dee. See this true story: That is gang stalking a.k.a police/city harassment. There is worse than that too. Typically not done by an ‘intelligence agency’.

      You have to remember that among any group of bloggers talking about gang stalking there is a small group of paid shills who literally will talk nonsense (and poor spelling) to discredit any real TI who’s really been harassed and attacked. Yes gang stalking does exist but it’s typically done by local police and police assets and is prevalent wherever there is a lot of street crime and police/city corruption & ‘enemies of the department’.

      See this true story

      Educate yourself by reading and and don’t listen to any nonsense from FFCHS or OSIinformers. These are fake groups to victimize the victims.

  37. Yes, i’ve heard of it. Still i see no connection. Like u said intelligent people… People of Power. They don’t bother with, for lack of a better word.. Nobody’s. I think you need to figure out who you’ve had problems with from your past or present. Anyone can manipulate people into turning against you… Maybe its an ex, ex coworker, ex neighbor or an ex friend. Also if you or Nichole can explain to me how Anyone is harassing her through her television, i’d greatly appreciate it. Im jus trying to understand your point. There are people out there with serious mental issues that believe far fetched stories, that are Highly Unlikely. Yes, intelligence agencies like to be in control, but only with things that matter to them. As in Powerful people, people that could effect them in a negative way.

    • well actually people were harassed in this fashion in east Germany before they collapsed. People were psychologically harassed. But no one knew at that time. Like I said, I don’t know why i was picked. It could be an accident. May be I must have pissed off someone who have access to these surveillance tools. May be we are just a gini pigs of a human experiment. May be this is the way of controlling people. No one will know this. This program has designed so that no one would believe the target if he/she trys to explain to others what she/he has been going through. If I explain what I have been going through to you, I may sound paranoid. This is exactly how they have designed the program.

  38. Yes, that was a very long time ago… Also they had a reason in their mind to do so. As you should know, times have changed. We all have a right to believe what we choose… Common sense should play a roll. No one in power, with that much control would waste their time on evryday citizens. I did read your story… Yet still, i see no connection. Im sorry for what you feel is happening to you. Maybe retrace your steps, to figure out when it started… You may come up with a better explanation. With me.. I had problems with neighbors or staff members of where i stayed… Jealousy plays a major roll… N yes they try to make it seem like nothing is happening.. You just have to stay smarter then them and Beat them at their own game.

    • Yes I understand what you say. Like Anthony said Local police is also part of this. But not ever police officer is bad. Neighbors are part of this. But again not everyone is bad. Once they hear rumors about us, they act accordingly. Some of them are hateful. Some of them are jealous. But they are just used by someone else to harass us. They too really don’t see the real picture. Those who are on top of this gang stalking pyramids are the real perpetrators. They are the one who has access to these surveillance tools. They know everything. They are very cunning. They may not have bloods on their hands. But they are the real criminals. But again like anyone else. I don’t know who they are for sure. It could be anyone in the society. In my case, my harassment has started since my childhood. But I got to know this when I was bullied at a company that I worked for. That was the time they decided to let me know that I was targeted.

  39. Everyone is wrong. This is what is really going on


  40. Thank you, Anthony… That was extremely interesting.. To say the least. To tell the whole truth, All my harassment stems from my ex boss. I know a lot of inside information on him and after our falling out… It all began. He pays people to follow and harass me.

  41. Thanks Dee. I don’t get a lot of nice comments out here. Did the ex-boss work for a large Federal Agency by any chance?

  42. This is very real. It’s kind of like human trafficking and organ trafficking, the thousands who go missing everyday. What if the people running this is the highest powers that be? It’s a subject that will never see the light of day, unless to mock and discredit those who swear this is real.

    I was drawn to your story and others who have commented here b/c of numerous consistencies between us all. In addition, you sound sane.

    I live in NYC, wife of a CEO, have resources, college educated yet this happened to me. It began in 2005, but the grooming was first by my mom in 2004, after moving back to the same town my family of origin now lived (biggest mistake). My life has never been the same, and have PTSD. I’m always looking over my shoulder. My mom is a covert sociopath with connections. It took years of research, pin-pointing, trying to connect the dots. The only plausible narrative is that I am a perceived threat b/c I’m the family truth teller. I believe strongly there are those who know everything but keep their mouths shut. There are also those who are oblivious. All roads lead back to my mom. Her best friend’s husband was a retired police captain (creepiest couple who were later murdered by a family member). Also, my family has, let just say, connections, both political and potentially organized. That’s where I will stop.

    You would not believe the crazy things that have happened to me. How this happened was two months after moving back, my mom began coming to me, crying, describing gang stalking without using the word. In short, she would exploit my love and trust, something she did since birth. The crazy-sounding tales all sounded plausible. She was my mom, and if she said this was happening, then I believe her. In reality, she was setting me up. I became, at first, hyper vigilant around her in order to protect her. She described every tatic of gamg stalking. A pattern emerged. My mom and sister would invite me to dinner, and a man would sneer and stare at my mom the entire dinner long. I now believe this was street theater, priming for when it was my turn. My turn began September 23, 2005. By then, all the crazy, threatening behavior from mostly strangers started, and it all had a consistent theme to make me aware that it was connected. So where I supported my mom, my mom created a fake reality that I reacted to, to convince everyone near and far that I was unstable, crazy when in reality I was being exploited by a sick sociopath who, along with my sister, trying to destroy me. That fact that she is my mother, and loved her so much I would take a bullet, made is unbearable. It’s by the grace of God, and His sovergn protection that I’m alive today. Read Proverbs, several passages describe gang stalking behavior, which is absolutely consistent with someone who lacks emphathy and a sociopath, Biblical term is a reprobate.

    I digress. The closest I got to an actual answer was the Monday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2008, when I was first run off the road and then followed/intimidated on foot by the same guy who had run me off the road at the beginning of my evening walk. My mother knew my habits as I called her on my walks. I was so unfiltered at the time. She had 100 percent access to my life for the 7 years I lived around the corner from her. Again, I digress.

    Let’s just say I felt my life, on more than a few occasions, was jepardized. That said, I was able to take his license are number down, and called the police the next day. He came back one more time, parking next to my house and walking the same trail that I walked. Someone had to observe my habits for a while. He was basically mirroring me. I should mentioned that he would drive out of our cu-dul-sac with his headlights off both times. He stopped coming back after my call to police.


    • Do you know who this ended to be?!?! We traced him back to Criminal Investigations. He drove a Mercedes, and the only thing the officer told me was that he was “Judicial.” So this man never had to answer for his threatening behavior. I never found out why?! I’m as square as a person you will ever meet – no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no sex before marriage, no going to bars or clubbing. Nothing scandalous in my past yet I felt in fear of my life that night by someone who was Judicial. Even more chilling, this man waited in his car at the end of the walkway, Aviators on, passenger window rolled down. If looks could kill, we would be dead. The visceral hatred was palpable. It beggars belief – WHY?!

      The gang stalking that same day went up 10 notches and continued all summer until I got pregnant in the Fall 2009 when it mysteriously stopped. I now think that was my mom. Then it started up after my daughter was a year old. My mom kept asking me if I was done breastfeeding.

      I forgot to mention that my husband who is very respected in his field, a guru and CEO, was frightened. I had the sense of mind to call my husband to the police station when his car was traced back there so I walked in with my husband. I think I would have been arrested on chump charges if my husband wasn’t with me. I’ve made stupid mistakes, but a few good moves.

      I agree with Dee. Powerful people don’t mess with nobody’s. I am a nobody. I’m not trying to be self-efacing when I write this but really mean it. I just can’t figure out this puzzle. My sister-in-law, someone who I think knows something, said once that my family has a lot of secrets. In 2010, my sister let out that I never had a mother. She did not say that she didn’t have a mother too, just me.

      You know, I have a habit of reading national news stories everyday. I’ve read a few to date that sound like GS cover-ups, when a TI is murdered while in jail, swept under the rug and life goes on. There was even a wealthy, powerful Hollywood agent randomly shot in an exclusive neighborhood on her way home from a Hollywood premier. She reported being followed in the days prior to her death. She was known to be blunt and out-spoken. The man who shot her ended up dead of “suicide.” There was no theft so the motive is unclear.

      I thought hard about this. What is GS is a program to murder us. First, try to destroy your network of support. They send handler-type friendships into your life. I’m 11 years deep into this, and have major trust issues and genuine PTSD. They know this too. So once they know your patterns, they begin to infect every relationship, even casual ones like shops and hairdressers. You watch people go from normal interactions to scared of you every time. I’ve seen people look at me sideways like a dog does as if they are trying to piece together what the perps say to the person standing in front of them. I’ve had several people look at me, with their eyes huge, and lock eye contact with me for long times. My mother started doing this and it creeped me out as if she wanted to tell me a burning secret. She was absolutely gleeful.

      My life too has been on the GS projectors since childhood as if my whole life was preparing me for this new reality.

      Have you seen the finger to the lips picture if many celebrities now a days? I was in an Indian infused cafe recently and saw a pic of an enlightened man making this same gesture.

      I’m sincerely afraid that GS will never see the light of day. It just cant, although there has been strides with certified news articles and TV reporting.

      There is just a constant heaviness or doom like I could disappear and it will be covered up. This is pure evil. We do not fight against flesh and blood but principalities in dark places. We must preserve in the meantime.

      God bless you all. My heart and prayers are with you.

      Listen to the song “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Stones. We are not of this world, if we were, the world will love us. Jesus was hated and so will we. God Speed.

    • Yes I too believe that this can happen to anyone in the society.

  43. What have they accomplished, besides making Me laugh.. Jus realize what a joke they are. People who are obsessive over someone are actually the One who is Trapped. Its their own insecurities and jealousy. Obviously they are the ones with No Life, No Real Love… Nothing going on, they have All the time to focus on U. I actually feel Sorry for them…

  44. The same thing has been happening to me since Summer 2014. I have no idea why they are ruining my life.

  45. Thanks for the stalking nightmare story and all that responses form everyone! Staking people are sick, really. I tend to agree with the idea of fighting back to the scumbags… fight fight fight! I do think some low life staking people are aimed for destroying other people relationships, careers, etc., however, I DO NOT think that all staking creeps have that much power. Yes, they may have the connection with some (not all) people of anywhere you go (such workplace for one), but if any employer can be convinced by lying stalkers, then that workplace is never a place to be. Blow them a kiss and goodbye. There are plenty good bosses and companies out there, keep searching. Keep the happy spirit in you all the time . Do not give the stalkers that much credit. Their power is so fake (it is only enough to power the weaker and women or children). Do not live in fear. Fight fight fight back!

  46. You say it is co-ordinated by intelligence agencies, but you do not consider the fact that the co-ordination is due to the fact that a machine/supercomputer AI network is mind controlling almost all human beings on the planet. The reason why you find yourself in awkward situations is because both you and the perpetrators are being mind controlled to think and believe certain things and to do certain actions – but only you notice a discrepancy, due to having an anomalous brainwave pattern that the machine network cannot completely codify. This is a man-made system so the international bankers and their brethren (almost certainly Zionists), can control the world as gods, in opposition to our true Creator.

  47. Sorry that all has happened to you.
    Idiots that participate in the idiotic “game” of stalking and harassing others, are for the most part, pathetic.
    Getting involved with other idiots to try and make another persons life miserable, is beyond ridiculous. And any “neighbors” and friends, or former friends that are easily manipulated to join in such “activities” should be ashamed of themselves.
    It should be very simple (for each of them) to decide if what they are doing is right or wrong: the idiots who think it’s funny to stalk and harass another person should simply consider how they would feel if “it” were being done to them. (I’m) Not going to elaborate more right now. I at least wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know – you are not alone : )
    Feel free to get in touch.
    Take care,
    – L

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