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WARNING: What you are about to read could be shocking. If you are not aware of this phenomenon, you would probably not believe what I say. What you find here is how i feel about this phenomenon.

When I was working for an email marketing company  in US, I had a strange experience.  It happened in the year 2009. In the first couples of weeks, everyone seemed to be nice and friendly. After the second week, I felt something was not right. All of sudden, I noticed a strange and bizarre behavior of some co-workers there.  I was treated differently by a group of people of the company (especially one particular group from IT department).  Some people were so rude. Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about certain things related to my personal life. Some talked about  things I said or did in my apartment. They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago. Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe. Some mimicked my actions, words and my dresses. Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents. Someone had scratched my car door while it was in the parking lot. Those incidents seemed like small mishaps. I had to pee several times  while I was at work. Sometimes I had to pee 4 times in two hours. I felt some vibration/needle like pain in my belly, leg and arm from time to time. Whenever I went to pee, a co-worker was following me. Different people were doing this at different time. But when this happened everyday more than couples of times a day, I came to realize they were doing this purposely. Weeks later, there were some changes in the management in my team. Couples of people left the company. It appeared that one particular group were behind this. Some people were actually nice. Some of them seemed to be sympathetic to me. I was supposed to report to a new supervisor and she screamed at me couples of times. I was given less work. Sometimes I was not given any task for weeks if not months. Even If I was assigned a task, it was not something important.  At the same time, this group tried to isolate me within the company. They were trying to humiliate me, control me, harass me, single me out, manipulate me and change my thought process.

Gradually, Harassment occurred even outside of the office. Whatever happened inside the office started to happen in public places too. Random people bumped on me while I was walking.  Someone was always watching me or following me while I was outside. A neighbor came in or left the apartment at the same time I left or came in. My neighbors started to harass me in various ways. My upstairs neighbor started jumping on the floor at night. Next door guy  banged my wall while I was sleeping. Some neighbors frequently slammed the doors. I had couples of car accidents during a short period of time. Wires of my car were badly damaged while it was at a garage overnight. The following day I was informed that  wires were eaten by rabbits. They did not pay me a penny for the damage. Instead, they charged me lot more for changing a water pump which was perfectly fine.  Basically, I was harassed 24/7.  I could not go to the grocery store, coffee shop, bar, gym, mall. You name it. I was harassed everywhere. Some of  the harassment tactics are strangers blocking my way using grocery carts, invading my personal space , cutting me off while I was walking or driving (This is called classical conditioning in psychology. Once you are harassed in this fashion for a long time, you would be so defensive next time you go to one of these places. You are stressed out. You are anxious).

They tried to isolate me from the society. Basically, They tried to put me under unofficial house arrest. I could not talk to anyone. Random people/friends/coworkers used directed conversation to harass me. Some tried to put the blame on me. Real perpetrators used different people to convince me that I was  just paranoid. I could not even talk to a woman. She may talk to me for couples of minutes. Couples of minutes later,  she is no longer  the same woman. Her tone is different. She is suspicious of me. All of sudden she wants to leave. When this happened again and again, gradually I lost interest in talking to people. Keep in mind, all these things I have described here are still happening. The intensity of the harassment is different from time to time. This is an unofficial house arrest. Luckily some people who knew what was going on tried to help me. (There were some nice people in the company too. Even the HR and training managers and many other people seemed to be nice people. It appeared that they did not have the power. ) However, gradually they were also not able to do anything. Soon, I realized that it was a carefully coordinated psychological harassment carried out by an organized group. I have been a victim of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment, manipulation and mind control. This is also called organized stalking. What happened at the email company is called workplace mobbing. This is just one part of the harassment process. After a while, I could not take it anymore. I got sick couples of times. I had back pain, lose motion, head-aches, breathing problems, allergies, cough. I could not sleep well. I felt exhausted. I was so demoralized. I was depressed.

However, the surveillance had begun long before the second phase of the harassment(sensitization) occurred.  I believe this was happening even before I came to US. When I looked back at my past events and compared them with what was happening then, I came to know there is a clear pattern of this harassment. The surveillance had started when I was in Sri Lanka. I was in junior high school back then. (Maybe even before that. Maybe, since I was born. We never know. This may come from generation to generation). I had no idea about this until I was mobbed at the email company. (Even though I was suspicious of some of my past life events , now only I can understand why and how these events occurred. It was always t difficult to find a job. It was not easy to start a meaningful, intimate relationship with a woman I like. It was hard to meet people and make new friends that I like to hang out with. I had been bullied at many different places. I thought they all happened because of my fault or I was just unlucky. Now I know that my perpetrators have been denying my basic human rights for years. They have been sabotaging all my opportunities. They have been ruining my personal/social/dating relationships. They have been doing lots of evil acts. They have been trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. (Many things happened in my life since then. Some of these events had changed my life forever). I clearly don’t know why they targeted me at the first place. Now I believe this is all about control. (Not just me but control of masses. )

But I must say that everyone is not bad. A one particular group wants to destroy my life. This is the same group who started bullying me at the email company. It was clear they were manipulated by an invisible force (The real perpetrators). They all have a common agenda. They have found a similar group in Sri Lanka too. Apparently, they all worked together. (Not necessarily they belong to the same race or religion). Those who started this at the workplace were able to recruit more people from different races, religions, colors, social levels, professions and political groups.  Slowly they were able to turn many people against me by spreading all sorts of lies and rumors. It seemed like they were able to recruit some of the local police officers too. I was followed by police cars for no reason when I went to work and back home. Some days, police cars were parked at the company parking lot. Apparently, they can recruit anyone from the society.  They manipulate not only me but also anyone who comes into my life.  All information about me is passed to my friends, coworkers, relatives and strangers by these handlers so that they are motivated to do or say negative things. (

Now, I am convinced that those who have access to mind control technology can manipulate people around me.  So they may not necessary recruit people to harass me. Instead the perpetrators remotely mind control people around me so that they harass me. The perpetrators can make people act or think in a certain way. They can make people say certain trigger words. I believe they stimulate the brain of the person who interacts with me using mind control technology so that he/she tends to do negative things. I know it is hard to believe. But trust me, they have the capability to do so.  (However, I must say not necessarily everyone say or do bad things. So if the person is a really nice one, he/She may still choose not to do anything negative. Also, it depends on who try to mind control them. Mind control can be used for negative as well as positive reinforcement). Sometimes people are not aware that what they are doing is harmful. This is a no touch torture. My life has completely changed and harassment continues ever since. The perpetrators may have put me on a watch list as this author describes here.

Most large corporate workforce and many smaller ones have already been brought wholesale into this Network through ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ laws that require employees and employers to report anything in the workplace that might be considered suspicious or threatening activity. Anyone who is reported on is assessed (without their knowledge) to determine if they should be put on a ‘watch list’. Watch lists are a key aspect of the Network’s operations, and will be discussed further on. – The network(version one) by Anthony Forwood

Also see ACLU spy files article.

The following research article describes this situation below. This is the story of my life. This is exactly what I have been going through for last 4 years. Well at least I had a good support system before I was mobbed even at my previous workplaces.

Workplace mobbing 

This phenomenon has been called “mobbing,” “ganging up on someone” or psychic terror. It occurs as schisms, where the victim is subjected to a systematic stigmatizing through, inter alia, injustices (encroachment of a person’s rights), which after a few years can mean that the person in question is unable to find employment in his/her specific trade. Those responsible for this tragic destiny can either be workmates or management.

case study – Leif case :

Leif could not keep his job, nor could he get another one, as his medical history could be only too clearly seen in his job applications. There was nowhere in society where he could turn for help. He became totally unemployable — an outcast. One of the ironies of this case is that Leif had previously been employed by a number of companies where he had performed well, had been a good workmate and had been given good references by his employers. (We have found similar cases in Sweden, Denmark, Western Germany, England,Austria, USA, and Australia.)   

Psychical terror or mobbing in working life means hostile and unethical communication which is directed in a systematic way by one or a number of persons mainly toward one individual. There are also cases where such mobbing is mutual until one of the participants becomes the underdog. These actions take place often (almost every day) and over a long period (at least for six months) and, because of this frequency and duration, result in considerable psychic, psychosomatic and social misery. This definition eliminates temporary conflicts and focuses on the transition zone where the psychosocial situation starts to result in psychiatric and/or psychosomatic pathological states.

Phase 2: Mobbing and Stigmatizing
Many of the communicative actions which can be observed occur fairly often in everyday life. But within the framework of the harassment phenomenon, they have an injurious effect,as these actions are used consistently and systematically over a long period, with the intention of causing damage (or putting someone out of action). All the observed actions have the common denominator of being based on the desire to “get at a person” or punish him/her.Thus manipulation is the main characteristic of the event. What is shown to be manipulated is:
1. The victim’s reputation (rumor mongering, slandering, holding up to ridicule).
2. Communication toward the victim (the victim is not allowed to express him/herself,
no one is speaking to him or her, continual loud-voiced criticism and meaningful
3. The social circumstances (the victim is isolated, sent to Coventry).
4. The nature of or the possibility of performing in his/her work (no work given,
humiliating or meaningless work tasks).
5. Violence and threats of violence. 

Important note in preface to Heinz Leymann, “Mobbing and Psychological Terror at Workplaces,” Violence and Victims 5 (1990), 119-126.

This is from another article.

A few common ways in which harassment is expressed
1. Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.
2. Making gestures that seek to intimidate, engaging in reprisals.
3. Discrediting the person: spreading rumors, ridiculing him, humiliating him, calling into question his convictions or his private life, shouting abuse at him or sexually harassing him.
4. Belittling the person: forcing him to perform tasks that are belittling or below his skills, simulating professional misconduct.
5. Preventing the person from expressing himself: yelling at him, threatening him, constantly interrupting him, prohibiting him from speaking to others.
6. Isolating the person: no longer talking to him at all, denying his presence, distancing him from others.
7. Destabilizing the person: making fun of his convictions, his tastes and his political choices.

In the workplace, employees who are psychologically harassed or psychologically tortured are often described as having the wrong interpretation of events, or having a “perception problem”, a “bad attitude”, and the wrong view of reality. They are then asked to consult a medical professional, a psychiatrist, and are then usually subsequently discredited and classified as having a psychological problem or mental illness.


Author Gail Pursell explains the 5 phases of workplace mobbing process.     5 phases of workplace mobbing process

Community Mobbing 

Gradually the harassment at work-place turned out to be a community mobbing as I explained before. It spread out everywhere I went. The perpetrators have been systematically destroying both my personal and professional life. They had been distancing me from my support groups by spreading various lies, rumors. They have isolated me from the society. The perpetrators have been constantly trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. It is extremely difficult to make friends. Whenever I meet someone or a group of people, the preps approach them and poison them with negative thoughts. (But I believe some people also try to help me. The real perpetrators are so cunning and they can deceive those who try to help me). So eventually, the preps take control of friendship /relationship and manipulate my friends.  Still I try to stay positive. I decided to upload videos of my own experience at public places to social networking media like YouTube and let other people know what I have been going through. One of my goals is to educate people about this crime against humanity. If you are not a targeted individual, it would be very difficult to understand or believe what I say. People barely notice this crime even if this happens right in front of their eyes. This is happening in every country in this word today.

Harassment tactics:

Basically, I am under 24/7 electronic surveillance. My phone is illegally  tapped. My personal computer is hacked. My personal email and social networking accounts are hacked. My every move (even inside my apartment) is watched. Those who monitor me, share my very personal information, weaknesses, fears, likes, dislikes with my friends, co -workers, managers, relatives and even strangers so that they get offended. Some of them may hurt. Some of them may feel jealous of me. Some of them feel inferior to me. Some of them may feel hatred towards me. The perpetrators gradually feed the information. Keep in mind, whatever the perpetrators say may not necessarily be true. They manipulate or misinterpret it. Whenever someone gets offended/hurt, they can use my personal information against me to harass me. The stalkers spread lies, twisted rumors and half truth. By doing this, the perpetrators try to discredit me as well as motivate others into using verbal attacks, cyber bullying or any other type of harassment. I don’t have any privacy right now. The perpetrators use racial, religious stereotypes as well as any other differences to turn people against me. They could use anything such as race, religion, color, age, gender, region, profession, political opinions etc. They try to break all my support systems.  They divide people into different groups and try to turn one support group against another. The perpetrators try to sensitize me to certain objects, sounds, words, that are related to a previous stalking incident. After I am sensitized to these words, objects or sounds, they ask my friends, co-workers to use these words during our conversations. The stalkers try to make me look like a crazy and paranoid person.  Lots of people participate in this stalking game. Some of them think this is just a simple joke. As they don’t see the complete picture, they don’t fully understand the sinister side of this program. Let alone dating it is extremely difficult to make any friends now. The perpetrators try to convince the audience that I am anti-social or I am a loner. The truth is the perpetrators prevent me being socialized by using various psychological harassment tactics. I was a very healthy, active, friendly and fun loving person before I experienced this harassment.

Some of other harassment tactics are gas lighting, cyber bullying, trolling, slander campaign, brightening (flashing lights by random drivers at nights), staging car accidents,  crowding at public   places, invading my personal space by strangers at public places, manipulating traffic lights while driving, creating artificial traffic on the roads or around the neighborhood, financial losses, noise campaign such as door slamming or banging walls by neighbors, rumbling car or motor cycle engines loud inside my apartment complex, honking, synchronization,  monitoring and electronic harassment by neighbors, mail tempering , delaying service at public places, keeping me waited in long lines,  anchoring, baiting, black mailing, mimicking my actions and words, sabotaging my job opportunities , blacklisting me in the job market, ruining my financial , professional and personal life . I cannot describe here some of other things they have done. This program is designed so that when a target try to explain what he/she experiences , the target appears crazy or paranoid.

Who is behind spying?

They are everyday citizens. Apparently, some people from many community organizations like neighborhood watch, large corporations, religious organizations, city utility workers, senior citizens, fire fighters, local law enforcement officers, some officials from local fusion centers participate in this stalking game. It could be anyone from the society. Many of them are deceived and manipulated by the perpetrators. Also I have a feeling that real perpetrators are trying to divide people into different groups based on their religion, ethnicity, skin color, profession , social level etc and use them against me. They are using age old tactic called divide and rule to turn people from different groups against me. Vast number of people have no idea that they are being manipulated to harass and intimidate innocent people. Criminals, drug dealers and street thugs also seemed to be involved with this stalking game. For some reason, one group can do more harm compared to another group. This does not mean everyone who participates in this stalking game does bad things to me. Some are actually acting like guardians.  Everyone in a group/organization/neighborhood watch is not necessarily bad either. But some people actively engage in these stalking activities for various reasons.  Ordinary people are encouraged to participate in stalking activities. People are motivated to commit these hate crimes by instigating racial, religious, social level, skin color, different professional stereotypes. There are people who try to take advantage of my situation. There are people who are trying to degrade the quality of my life. There are people who are trying to put me into the lowest level of the social ladder. There are people who want to destroy my life. There are people who try to blackmail me. They are people who want to push their own personal agenda.  It does not matter where I live. They know everything. Once I move into a new area, a new groups in the local area are recruited and my personal information is shared with them. Also new groups also gather my information and report back to perpetrators. Everyone may not say bad things. Everyone may not report back. But some do. Now I know it for sure. I believe some of them(may be group leaders) have the capabilities of accessing the surveillance program. (It could be a software that pinpoint my exact location. Also these local groups may be able to listen to all my phone conversations, read my emails ,personal Facebook messages etc or else they get all these information from those who monitor me) . Even if I go to another country, still the perpetrators can track me. Still they can harass me. The same comedy is scripted by different groups. The intensity level of the harassment is different from country to country. So apparently this is an international network. So this could be collaborative work of rogue elements of intelligence agencies around the world. They may have infiltrated to every part of the society in this world. They are using community groups to spy on fellow civilians and even harass targeted civilians.  Once someone is on this watch list, his/her fate is at the mercy of these community groups. If they are decided to mess your life, you are on your own.

Job loss and unemployment :

It appears that I can no longer find a job in my field. Whenever I get an interview, those who want to sabotage my career, convince the employer that I am not a suitable person.  They are trying to convince the audience that I am not able to do anything.  Those who destroyed my professional career want to justify their actions. So they continue the harassment. They do not want me to work for a new company.  They do not want me to get to know new people.  Especially they do not want me to get to know influential people who may have ability to help me. The perpetrators are afraid of being exposed.  They may feel safe as long as they can convince the audience that what they had told about me is true. For me, it is obvious what they are doing. But it is barely noticeable for outsiders unless someone knew the whole thing from the very beginning.  The perpetrators use my friends and relatives to convince me that I need to do an odd job. They try to convince the audience and I that this is a very normal situation and no one sabotages my job opportunities.  Now, it seems like even if I get a job, I would be underpaid and most probably it may not be something related to my past experience. They are trying to destroy all my skills. They want to make me a useless person. They do everything possible to demoralize me. Once I am no longer tolerate their BS, they say he is not good at IT. He should do something else. Since 2009, I have been working on small projects. My salary has been decreased gradually since 2009. I was doing nothing for weeks sometimes. In couples of years I will forget things I have learn t so far. When I don’t use something, I easily forget it. Automatically I will no longer be able to take any interviews. Once this happens, my perpetrators would not have to do anything new to ruin my life. The perpetrators control every aspect of my life. Not only they ruined my professional life, they also destroyed my social life. This may be the same group or a different group. They have been trying to change my behavior. They do not let me make any friends, date any woman, go to social events. Even If I go there, they make sure I would not meet someone I can get along with.

Psychological warfare:

How everyone thinks about me depends on  carefully manipulated propaganda. Perpetrators share my personal information the way they want. They know how to deceive the audience. Many people do not believe that I am going through a hell. Some people notice my bad luck. Still they think it is just a coincidence. Either they are honestly not aware of what has been happening to me or they are afraid of accepting the truth.

Also the way everyone thinks about me depends on how the people around me (my friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers) report back to the network/surveillance system. If they say good things, the harassment is considerably less. If someone says a bad or negative thing, the harassment is severe. So I have to be very careful of befriending people. I have to be careful of what I talk. I need to be very picky. If I want to make new friends, I have to select pretty much perfect people who would not get offended easily. If one of my friends or a neighbor or a coworker gets offended, I may be in trouble. I may not get the job I want. I may not be able to date a woman I really like. I may not be able to hang out with people I like. Let’s say I did not get along with a rude person. This person happened to be someone from different race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. Or he/she could be from the same race, religion or color etc. This person can report back to the network that I don’t get along with people from his/her race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. If the person is from the same race and religion,then he/she plays a different card. Even This person can say I hate them. Basically, personal conflict is generalized. I believe this is done by the perpetrators. Maybe it is the system (rogue elements of intelligence agencies) or people them self. One thing I surely know is severity of my harassment depends on people who come into my life. Someone may say why I care what other people think about me. Well we live in a society. We all are part of it. Humans need to interact with other human beings. We need to interact with people from opposite sex. When the perpetrators manipulate my personal information, they can basically control who I am going to befriend with. They can control my social network. They control every aspect of my life. Because of this psychological warfare, I don’t get a chance to talk, hang out with people I like. I don’t get a chance to date a woman I really like. I don’t get my dream job. All my dreams and life plans are shattered.
I usually like urban, educated (not nerdy), open minded, fun, fashionable,independent  people. Because of the propaganda, I mostly meet people who have complete opposite personalities, likes etc. When I meet a woman, there is a high probability that she is 20 years older or younger. I rarely meet someone around +/- 10 years of my age. This could be because of the following reason. When I was in my late 20s, I dated someone around 22 or 23. (No need to say why it did not work). One of my friends or neighbors might have observed this and reported back to the system or the loosely connected network. Ever since that group think I only like women in early 20′s. They tell this to everyone who comes into my life. So my new friends, neighbors also start to think that I only like women in early 20′s. The danger is when this happens, women in all other age groups stop talking to me.  Let’s take another example. If I talk to a tall guy, the perpetrators convince everyone else that I only get along with tall guys. So all the short guys stop talking to me. The perpetrators can manipulate any situation. If I say, I don’t like small size girls, the perpetrators try to convince the audience that means I like big size women which is not necessarily true. I like average body size women. If the perpetrators decide not to let me date or even talk to any woman, they can actually make it happen. That is what they have been doing so far. Not only they try to confuse me, but also they try to confuse my friends as well. My friends, relatives do not know what I really like anymore. Different groups say different things. However, all these groups can be manipulated by one group at the top level. Either they want to destroy my life or they want to prove everyone that what they have been telling about me so far is true. Once I move to a new state or country, groups in the previous location pass the information to new groups. Different groups may pass different information. They pass it the way they want. (I am not sure this is done by intelligence agencies directly or by loosely connected social group. Most probably, information may be passed by both groups). Again, if the first group thinks that I am going to like the second group and first group may not be able to control my life anymore, the first group may try to spread disinformation among the 2nd group so that they would have negative impression about me. Always groups can control what other people think about me. Not necessarily everyone says bad things.

Sometimes, the perpetrators script certain events to convince the audience that I am an alcoholic or I am such an irresponsible person etc. Different groups script different events. After I was mobbed at my company, I noticed that the perpetrators do not let me see a good-looking woman. Let’s say I sit close to a good-looking woman in a coffee shop. The perpetrators get someone to sit in between that woman and I. Believe it or not they do another thing. if I am going to sit next to a good-looking woman in a bus, the perpetrators get to know it promptly. Again they get someone to sit next to her. So that they make sure I would not even get a chance to talk to a good looking woman. I know many people would not believe this. I can give you another example. After the second stage of my harassment, I am not very comfortable of talking to people. If I talk to a working class person, my perpetrators convince everyone else that I can only get along with poor working class people. So where ever I go, I only get a chance to talk to that type of people. That really freaks me out. I can tolerate this for couples of times. After a while, I am sensitized to them. When this happens again and again for a long time, I tend not to talk to that type of people. Then perpetrators accuse me that I am arrogant big headed, ignorant person etc. You see how the play this game?

When my perpetrators generalized certain events , scenarios, they go to extreme ends. As an example, sometimes they say. “he is a super rich person.He does not have to work”. When I resist, they quickly change it to other extreme end. They try to convince everyone else that I am a really poor guy so only people I can get along with are poor people. Either way they always put me in a tight spot

I have been experiencing this harassment since 2009. The perpetrators have been doing this even before 2009. But I had no idea about those types of scripted events until I was mobbed at the email company. Couples of people had clearly gotten offended and reported back something really bad about me. I try to explain this in details under psychological warfare section of this blog.

Like I said before everyone is not bad. But even those who used to support me have sidelined now because of what evil people do. I know I am not the only one who is going through this. If you read this, please educate your friends and family about this crime against humanity. No human being is deserved to be treated like this. 

Updated on 09/28/2016 : I am convinced that when I interact with someone, that person can be remotely controlled by mind controllers (yes they not only control me but also control people around me. That is what I believe. I could be wrong). I think those who have access to mind control technology can make people act in a certain way. They can make people say certain trigger words. There can be more than one group who have access to mind control technology. When one group control a person, He/she can be nice to me. When he/she is controlled by another group, it could be a different situation. That does not mean that people around me are not responsible for whatever they do. When their brain is stimulated to act in a certain way, it is up to them to act or not. Street theater and scripted events are best examples, People act like pawns on a chess board.  They don’t even know that they are being manipulated by mind controllers. There can be lots of evil people in this world. They try to take advantage of my situation. They hate you even if you did not do anything wrong. Some of them are really jealous of me. Some of them are rude to me. However, there are nice people too and I have not lost my faith on humanity yet.

For further information please watch my personal videos on YouTube. Also please read “psychological harassment and psychological manipulation” and “coercive persuasion and mind control”. I have posted links on the top right side of this blog. 



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  1. That is not an answer. Was is so special about you in particular that these people would be after you? And why oh why haven’t they made you “disappear”???

    1. It’s not why? It’s how? This is where I get stumped everyday I go through this everyday. I’m 27 and just barley caught on to the scene. It makes me sick makes me want to cry every night. But some how my personality wants to fight it and it’s pretty embarrassing calling your support system and telling them how crazy it sounds, so I’m fighting this in my own. But this shit is real and your probably being messed with and you don’t even know it……

      1. Bay Bay you are being heard. It is a terrible thing that people do. Stay strong. Keep trying to network.

      2. I have recently experienced something around the stalking and harassment that has possibly effected a family member adversely. The harassment has been amplified considerably over the last several months as-well and I’m wondering if anyone else has had an increase in the intensity of the harassment. I am certain I know where it is originating with me. Does anyone else have a strong idea about where it has originated for them. We need to start putting together a log of who what when where and why. I’m willing to make the log if people will send me the information around their specifically circumstances. Email me at stopharassmentandstalking@gmail

      3. What can we do in order to protect ourselves from this continuous harassment, one just has no control over it, we can neither fight nor seek help or make someone understand, so much has been lost in this, reputation, life, happiness, strength and its just never ending, why have we born into this world when have no control over how I want my feelings to be interpreted and how I want to live life.

        What can we do to end this and lead a happy life

      4. I feel you I’m getting tired of majority of my life surrounded by foolish Freemasons and absurd hypnosis, they won’t directly admit it they call you afraid and laugh at you yet they are afraid to tell you who told them to harass, quite possibly our Community needs to do video S of how we are harassed explain sick Freemasons to normal people or just go straight to burning them alive while inside the Lodge. Let’s stay in touch at least once a month I promote that but yet missed last month well stay at it just stay strong reason through your day you get through this stupidity good night Targerts

      5. There are mean people who find it fun to cause drama in somebody else’s life. They destroy careers for sport. Complaining to HR is useless. The company I worked for put out an HR policy and called it bullying , but it is useless don’t expect toxic people to be nice. They will blast you with subliminal recordings to make you look paranoid /schizophrenic or waken you at night to look like a manic depressive to get people a psych record. They will put Vice Cops on you who then try to rob you through asset forfeitures. These people get off on destroying lives. It’s like beating people up without leaving a mark. Ignore them or make fun of them. Record what they are doing if you can. Take video if you can. Do not get angry. Do not take it personally. It is them not you.

      6. God
        I thought i was loosing my mind..
        I wish there was a way to stop all this.. If i move it will follow..
        I guess i have learned to ignore it, im a single mother in a ugly 4 year custody battle..
        I dont even like.being in my house.. I feel i pay rent to be somewhere i can’t trust can’t even leave one piece of paper it will be taken..
        I Was robbed everything stolen
        My identity etc files gone thru stashed in odd places i would find years month’s later…
        Ok.. Get cameras i did haha
        Hacked.. I would drive around town kid you not cars honking horns, now lights flashing every time i pass this one exit on the free way people creeping around. Now get an alarm system don’t even think thats working and people think i am nuts well if they can hack my phone everything else.. Why not my alarm system?

  2. I’m sure I can speak for most TI’s that we would like nothing more than to be left alone and live our lives in peace. You come up with the emotional argument what is so special about you that you guys get targeted. Like stalking nightmare said educate yourself on mk ultra. Here is a brief explanation on it but you can look up more in depth info yourself.
    Project MKUltra – sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program – is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects, at times illegal, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.[1] Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps.[2]
    Keep in mind these mind control experiments where done on regular average joe citizens who were “nothing special”. I’m not going to continue going back and forth with you as they’re clearly is more than enough info here on this website and on the internet as well as many declassified documents showing many programs using regular citizens.
    I’ve posted this before but this is a leaked document from Edward Snowden showing what spy agencies due to silence people. The tactics in this document show methods very similar to what we Targeted individuals describe.

    I’ll even give you a slide from that article to start things off with.

    Food for thought years ago people would have called people crazy for saying our phones are spying on us or even our TV’s but as we now know this is true. It’s only a matter of time before gangstalking gets exposed.
    Further more as I said earlier if you are not a victim but a fake victim then why continue to come on a site for gangstalking victims. Why don’t you start your own blog on how you think it isn’t real instead of spouting your bs here.

    1. I have a lot of small Targeting things that happen to me; following, blocking, annoying people in my way, etc. I can always tell who is going to bother me. Before they even SEE me, I know.

      I have small health problems that cannot be fixed or seem to be imaginary. I just lie to cover them up so no one thinks I am lying. I have to LIE. So no one thinks I am LYING. Fantastic. These things I can handle.

      What I cannot handle is the job-interference. It affects me over and over. I have a career I love and I am good at. But I keep losing jobs for NO reason. The people firing me are almost too scared to give me an explanation. “We are going in a different direction” they say. Same thing.

      I had a job for 5 years with no problems, it was great and I thought “maybe this is over” but no. Since that company went out of business it has started again; get a job, do great, get great reviews, then suddenly get fired for no reason. It just happened again. They loved my work, offered me full time. Then suddenly it was my last day. Through email. No one talked to me. I just left. Going in “a different direction.” I work with incompetent idiots who make HUGE mistakes all the time and THEY still have jobs!!

      I am sure they get approached by someone telling them to fire me. Or maybe they don’t even know WHY they are firing me. But it’s the only way someone with my experience and good work ethic and talent can POSSIBLY be struggling STIILL, at my age, with no savings and barely able to afford to live in a tiny apartment and drive a 20-year old car when everyone in my career around me is doing well and living comfortably. I was meant to be poor and anxious and that is how they are keeping me. My only hope is that they take a “break” soon as they do once in a blue moon and let me have some prosperity, at least for a couple of years. We shall see.

      I think my general happy-go-lucky demeanor pisses them off, and I am glad. But of course I slip into depression and I am very anxious as well.

      1. Hi Velouria I have the same issue. I could not work at one place for more than couples of years. After I was bullied at the email marketing company I have hard time finding a job at all. Now I have been pretty much unemployed for years. Those coworkers are mind controlled by the perpetrators so they act in a certain way or say certain trigger words.

      2. Keep posting dear, we all should communicate at least once a month. Most targets see brilliant let’s all unite more maybe some day we can gather. Should we all sit down together chat start a company wow we sure would become giants. Stay strong keep in touch

      3. I understand about the health issues. I have been targeted for 5 years now and at first it was just following me around. Last August they hit me with a directed Energy Weapon that nearly killed me with a Widow Maker Heart Attack. After months in the Hospital I recovered. Even now though with the Electronic Harassment I am suffering from severe High blood sugar levels and diabetes. I cannot seem to get this under control. I have tried all types of shielding to no avail. I fear they are slowly trying to kill me. Any suggestions Peter?

      4. Hello: Fellow target yes I know how that is personally would start taken Glucosil is natural herbs balance your sugar, copper compression socks EBay should your feet swell will take sometime but it will work these scum can be beat, occasionally just pack up move ten or miles and go to sleep you might feel better it’s all strange, however any boost in the constant negative environment we live in, will assist you, get rid of table sugar eat as healthy as possible it is so hard with these people my health was failing barley pulled out of it again, my heart is better any exercise will do remember perps are scum. Realize that may harass us 24/7 but you are ruining there life’s as well you are make them criminals and robbing them of emotions as well so cheer up a bit your turning the tide. Thanks let’s all keep chatting stay strong rest.

      5. Apologize my communications were down couple of days new phone from viruses works on off has mind of its own batteries, and as I write batteries the battery screen appears just coincidences after years of hypnosis can barley tell normal from created, been really angry lately and going to check out any youtube videos for homebuilt minigun and currently have no intentions of hurting myself or others. Building a nice shop be awhile before any projects try to locate some joy keep it to yourself rest thanks for email keep us strong together chat again in abit goodnight

      6. Thanks Appreciated yeah I have to relax a bit what pieces of scum! Trying to be cruel or harassing a stranger is sad hope you are well? Goodnight Dear.

      7. Hello:Targets,
        At some point keep a journal write how these people make you feel. Someday we can possibly even go extreme any targets with cancer we take a Masonic lodges hostage until immediate public awareness. Should it continue do it again and again till the reasonable persons of America understand Masonic scum what they are about. Goodnight targets.

      8. Dear Velouria

        Good morning.
        I know your post is a decade old, however, I would like to learn if things have changed for you by now. Your story mirrors mine and I am yet to break-free completely, nearly 50 years of age now. Yes, I am still optimistic, though, a large chunk of my life was ruined by this. When do you think we may see the exposure of this evil, what form do you think it will take. Stay strong. Best wishes.

      9. Dear Velouria

        Good evening.
        Yes, I have recently gone through the dismissal/appeals procedures re my last job and no, no valid explanations were given.
        Interestingly even my trade union is not very helpful and are using evasive tactics, I would not have imagined it would go this far, the unions!
        The injustice is difficult to endure and I have to muster energy enough to search for a new job, yet again, it is beyond demoralising. However, we know this is an intentional organised stalking tactic. My colleagues within the last three companies seemed like ‘plants’ and everything seemed staged, I wonder how many of these people are actually professional actors.
        I empathise fully with you and wish you all the best, stay strong.

    2. Thank you for providing your explanation for the individual asking the question. I believe they are probably a “troll” based the the manner that they have framed their question. People who “troll” sites where people have been victimized rarely show any empathy or desire to understand. Their comments are generally adversarial and defensive in nature.

      1. Hello again. My post isn’t a decade old (thought I surely could have posted it 10 years ago) and I can only seem to reply to certain people. The reply option is not on every post. Anyway, since my last post I have lost another job for no reason (they actually told me to “take a week off” and they would call me back after that). What am I, an idiot? I knew I wasn’t being called back and I told my co workers about it so they could see what was going on. Why lie? Just fire me. Jeez.

        Anyway, I had a friend come stay with me for several months when he moved to my city. We were going to get a bigger place together but he suddenly mov d out and is no longer speaking to me. For no reason. I lost a friend AND a job and I did nothing wrong. They seem to be ratcheting up the pain quotient to break me down so I have nothing. I see a lot of people talking about Satan or whatever but forgive me I don’t believe in that. It’s more science based in my mind. I don’t WANT to be paranoid I want to be normal. But since I was a young child I knew people were oddly paying too much attention to me and always, always looking at me and following me. Saying things out loud I was merely thinking. Or singing a song loudly in a store or someplace when you’re was just thinking of that song. Stuff like that. I’m sure that happens to you guys and you understand.

        So it’s not like I read about stalking and thought “oh this is me!” I looked it up a couple of years ago because I hated that I’ve been paranoid literally since elementary school and I wondered what mental illness I had. Welp. Apparently an illness that loses me jobs and people and makes folks in the grocery store block me. Lucky me.

        Stay strong y’all.

      2. Right, let our community check in with each other montgly, my posts get block sometimes as well. Keep resisting these people don’t become like them.

  3. maliemapour it is great to see you as such an outspoken voice for us TI’s. I wholeheartedly agree that we must defend fellow TI’s. We must arm ourselves with facts and use those to our advantage. Whatever proof we can find we must publish it and direct those “ignorant” to the gangstalking phenomenon to these sources. Yes it gets real old when I go out on a nice spring day and I want to enjoy the weather and then see tons of idiots wearing red or driving red cars and doing their best to repeat what i say in private. I tried once emailing to the governor of my state about gangstalking and not surprising nothing was done. While that might look like a defeat at least I put it out there to someone in politics. I hate gangstalking and how much it has and continues to destroy things in my life.
    In 2017 I am trying to enjoy my life as much as possible but it doesn’t stop my anger and frustration when gangstalking occurs. I had brain surgery 4 months ago and I still feel some pain from it. The last thing in the world I want to deal with is a bunch of idiots that have been terrorizing me for the last 16 years.
    I wish there was a way we could get government officials to make a law against gangstalking and label these people as terrorists and as people who are committing hate crimes. Peace and prayers to all TI’s I will always stand up for a fellow TI who is being harassed.

  4. How did they chose us? Is it because they know we resist and can resist? Probably cause we think it’s absurd just realizing how much they distract us they start so young with some just stay strong they let up when they realize that they are fools to you just laugh were on brink of major war the clowns just fool when they should be prepping some. They read you punk you but have no idea what may be coming pray to god lord goodnight 👪

    1. A minds ability to resist makes it a target. If it does not resist then, to a greater or lesser extent it will gang stalk.

      The more aware a mind is of being targeted, the more targeted that mind will automatically become…and the more it can resist if it has learnt how to.

      It is, after all, all one mind and it is interconnected.

      I am a globally targeted individual and am currently a focal point for the combined hostile efforts of the Malaysian and Chinese governments for what I know. I’d like to share this info so anyone interested contact me.

  5. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

  6. Hello: Thank you, hope you are doing well Yes, Gan- stalkers and us Targeted Individuals . May God untie my hands. Like your posts keeps me going continue resisting the scum. Have good evening!

  7. I was MOBBED(HARASSED) on the job at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY (SYSTEMS) BOARD OF SUPERVISORS at 3810 WEST LAKESHORE DRIVE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70803 that is when my TORTURING,TERRORISM,COMMUNITY STALKING,ORGANIZE GANG STALKING,MULTI STALKING,STREET HARASSMENT,STREET MOBBING,ABUSE,BULLYING,BEGIN. My formal (NARCISSIST) SUPERVISOR at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Ray Lamonica (LAW PROFESSOR) LSU LAW SCHOOL,LAW CENTER, OFFICE (424) 1 EAST CAMPUS DRIVE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70803/6434 PIKES LANE BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA 70808 (FORMAL LAWYER,DA,FEDERAL JUDGE) (WORKED FOR RONALD REAGAN,BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATION) (FORMAL GOVERNOR DAVE TREEN PERSONAL LAWYER) sent this force behind my family and I. After I filed EEOC I was arrested for improper lane usage,resisting arrest as form of retaliation by LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE while working on the job in the university vehicle. I was also involuntary laid off FIRED as another form of retaliation and have been (BLACKLISTED) from finding a job in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and abroad. Another formal (NARCISSIST) SUPERVISOR who have this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES behind my family and I is John Lombardi (FORMAL PRESIDENT) at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY and co workers Doctor Fred Cerise (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS, Doctor Carolyn Hargrave (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) but the “MASTERMIND” is Ray Lamonica LSU (LAW PROFESSOR) LAW SCHOOL,LAW CENTER OFFICE (424). We are under 24/7 ILLEGAL COVERT SURVEILLANCE without committing any crimes because my formal NARCISSIST SUPERVISORS are abusing their (POLITICAL) POWER AND AUTHORITY in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and abroad.LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) TORTURES,TERRORIZE,COMMUNITY STALKS,ORGANIZE GANG STALKS,STREET MOBBS, STREET HARASS,ABUSE BULLY, innocent WOMEN AND CHILDREN because they do not attack us when we are with the men in the family. My mothers garage was burned down, daughter had metal put in her food at work,home burglarized without a force entrance,car battery on fire,hit with cars,bottles thrown at our heads,etc. My daughter was fired and rehired for ringing up a store discount coupon for her co worker this was INTERROGATION AND INTIMIDATION because she was in a room with SECURITY (RETIRED POLICEMEN) who now work for the company. After the INTERROGATION AND INTIMIDATION she was rehired and told she was able to apply (ring up) the store discount coupon for her co worker. We are TERRORIZED,TORTURE,COMMUNITY STALKED, ORGANIZED GANG STALKED,MULTI STALKED, STREET MOBBED, STREET HARASS, ABUSE,BULLY,BY: FBI,BATON ROUGE POLICE,LOUISIANA LAW ENFORCEMENT,19TH JUDICIAL COURT,LAWYERS,JUDGES,POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS,PRIVATE (STREET) CONTRACTORS,FIREMEN,AMBULANCE,POST OFFICE,UPS, FED X, DOCTORS,PREACHERS,NEIGHBORS,FRIENDS,FAMILY,HOMELESS,VETERANS, CHILDREN,STRANGERS,COMMUNITY,ETC. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are giving BRIBES,REWARDS,THREATS, AND BLACKMAIL: EARLY RELEASE FROM PRISON,EARLY RETIREMENT, (NEW) HOMES,HOMES REMODEL,(NEW) VEHICLES,(POLITICAL) JOBS, GOVERNMENT BENEFITS,GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS, MONEY, FOOD, SHELTER, PRIVATE (STREET) CONTRACTS, GIFT CARDS,DRUGS, FREE EDUCATION,ETC. The “MINORITY COMMUNITIES” are always talking about RACISM,DISCRIMINATION, AND HATE CRIMES but they are more than willing to participate in GANG STAKING HATE CRIMES for BRIBES,REWARDS,BLACKMAIL, and REWARDS. My formal NARCISSIST SUPERVISORS have sent this GANG STALING HATE CRIMES behind my CHILDREN AND ELDERLY MOTHER and now they are TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (eye witnesses) like me and this is how I have family member as witnesses. I have family members who are participating in these GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES (WEAKER LINKS) for BRIBES,REWARDS,THREATS,and BLACKMAIL and family members who are not participating in these HATE CRIMES. I have plenty of witnesses some who are willing to speak up and some who have been threaten into silence. They have made an “HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT” every where we go with the help from the “GOOD OLD BOYS IN THE SOUTH”. When did it become illegal to have a MINOR DISAGREEMENT with a lady co worker are your supervisors when people does it all the time and become “MOST WANTED” in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and abroad and we have never committed any crimes a day in our lives. The lady co worker who I had the MINOR DISAGREEMENT with she and I had moved on gotten past the DISAGREEMENT so when Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi wanted me FIRED (HARASSED) on the job I was SHOCKED because how could a MINOR DISAGREEMENT turn out to be so BIG. Ray Lamonica and other co workers had a DISAGREEMENT with this same lady co worker so when Ray Lamonica and John Lombardi sent this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES(MAFIA) in the STREETS behind my family and I it was DISBELIEF AND SHOCKING. I am familiar with WORKPLACE MOBBING (HARASSING) on the job but I did not know that an EMPLOYMENT are co workers EMPLOYEES could send this GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES in the STREETS behind people and their family. Ray Lamonica,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are letting HARD CORE STREET CRIMINALS OUT OF JAIL (GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARDS) to participate in my GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have bought all the HOUSES on my STREET except for two and one is for SALE right now as we speak to participate in my GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES. All of my NEIGHBORS on my STREET are NEW NEIGHBORS except for two.They have also BOUGHT HOUSES on the other STREETS SURROUNDING my street. They have INFILTRATED every one in my ENVIRONMENT and SURROUNDING. I don’t know what COVERT SMEAR CAMPAIGN (LIE) Ray Lamonica, John Lombardi,FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and the “GOOD OLD BOYS IN SOUTH” are telling the STREET PEOPLE but they think that I am some kind of SNITCH and the PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE think that I am a WHISTLE BLOWER trying to bring down all of their CRIMINAL EMPIRES but this is all FAR FROM THE TRUTH I ONLY HAD A MINOR DISAGREEMENT WITH A LADY CO WORKER AND THAT IS IT. What ever COVERT SMEAR CAMPAIGN (LIE) Ray Lamonica, John Lombardi, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the “good old boys in the south” are telling the STREET PEOPLE AND THE PROFESSIONAL they have COVERTLY ASSASSINATED my CHARACTER and now they are trying to COVERTLY ASSASSINATE my family and I. Ray Lamonica is over the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, STATE, LOCAL,PRISONS,HOSPITALS,UNIVERSITY, (PRIVATE) STREET CONTRACTORS and his son is over LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT and the CHILDREN PROFESSIONAL and UNPROFESSIONAL in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) will COVERTLY ASSASSINATE their own parents to play SPORTS so I know “OUR LIVES DOESN’T MATTER”. My mother and I did a YOU TUBE VIDEO: Stephanie Bailey gang stalking to explain some of the GANG STALKING HATE CRIMES we are experiencing but we have plenty more.

    1. Someone probably reported you as a criminal to get revenge for something else. I know that’s exactly what happened in my life. A “friend” decided it was my fault her husband found out she was cheating on him and decided to make my life hell. Abhorrent people resort to abhorrent things when they have no ability to own responsibility for themselves.

      1. Hello: Trying to stay in touch with everybody, we are going through difficulties that are by no means normal, I’m hearing voices through a fan, it is not right getting tired of ridiculous people harassing me. Oh an excitement by people would can’t even keep their own lawn mowed and the group can’t solve single problem in thirty years with access to NASA for God’s sake. Try to stay strong they are fools. Say hello to each other goodnight Targets.

  8. I don’t know what happened to my last comment but it either wasn’t approved or didn’t post for some reason. Anyways so many websites I read say gangstalking would decrease when you become aware of it but my harrassment has increased dramatically over the past 18 years. Whenever I drive I have cops racing to the corner to reach the stop signs to match when I arrive. It’s impossible to have this happening all the time. The increase in red cars has quadrupled over the past year. We need to organize something to protest against this atrocity. I’m tired of my quality of life suffering because of this. I’ve already lost so much

    1. I have experienced the same kind of harassment. Cops following my car for no reason, synchronizing driving etc. I believe these cops behaved like that partly because they were mind controlled to act so. The real perpetrators who have access to mind control technology can make people act in a certain way or say certain trigger words. The challenge is how we convince this to public.

      1. Yes, us as a community unite more, also professional documentary or movie specific targeting, think up to each of us to do something just chatting should be a great start.

      2. That’s the thing, you can never convince the public at large. We sound like flat-earthers or Alex Jones talking about Sandy Hook or something. Even I watch YouTube videos where someone thinks every single person in the store is a stalker and I think, “This person is nuts.” To sit in a parking lot and think everyone walking by has something to do with it even though they are not even looking at you at all? I don’t know.

        I only get upset when it affects my job, really. Let them stop at a red light next to MY car when there are 8 car lengths ahead of them. Let the same person shove in front of me me in a store over and over no matter how many times I cross the entire store to get away from them. If that was all that was happening I would be FINE. They are not doing anything but trying to annoy me and I really don’t care. I just want to keep a damn JOB.

      3. Yes, I have to move again they are annoying. When you realize that these people are actually trying to ruin your day/ life it becomes tolerant cause you realize people are trying to change your emotion some don’t know, probably saved myself several murder charges. Just realize how pathetic of a group they are collectively just adult children. Remember they are wrong and criminal start telling them how happy and proud you are of simple tasks you’ll start to see how sad they are there smiles wear off and back to hell for them cause you made a good day and best government hypnotist spooks couldn’t get you to commit suicide screw them. Stay strong targets

    2. Yes, I understand they could be busting crack dealers and thieves, but racing to a corner with a fire truck nearby is just more fun. On taxpayer money it’s an Dickens homeboy right at all I’m with you.

      1. It’s done through the RISS system from what I heard. It allows law enforcement to communicate quickly and easily as soon as people know where you are going. Someone probably labeled you a dealer or paedofile and got things rolling. Paedofile is commonly used because people don’t think past the word in my opinion.

      2. Quite ridiculous program, definitely pot calling kettle black people should be aware of what goes on inside law enforcement would make you think quite different, employing more criminals than arresting.

    3. I sympathize with your seeming predicament. My understanding is that gang stalking increases relative to your awareness of it. This is because our conscious minds are all ultimately linked. Although it’s hard in practice, I try to see myself as fortunate to have the opportunity to resist. The key to overcoming gang stalking is to first gain an understanding of why it is happening. Not why it is happening to you personally, but why and how it is able to happen at all. You already have an awareness of this or you would not be targeted. The dark secrets behind the practice of gang stalking will reveal themselves in parallel with your understanding of why it is occurring. If a private chat would help please let me know.

  9. I didn’t know cop harrassment was so prevalent in gangstalking. What bothers me so much is the fact that our taxes pay their salary and here some of them going around harassing people. They money could go to something much more important but let’s harass innocent people who want to contribute to society. I don’t understand how more of gangstalking hasn’t been exposed to the world. It is amazing and appalling that we targets have to endure this crap from society, public servants and others.
    Stalking nightmare I find it incredible that you had so much done both here​ and in your homeland. These people are moraless, corrupt, stupid, fascist people. I hold onto a shred of hope that this gangstalking program will get exposed one day.

    1. It hasn’t been exposed because it is law enforcement and the communities that do it. It would be considered unconstitutional and the systems would be in deep shit. I understand that in some cases energy is used to make people uncomfortable in the form of “ELF TECHNOLOGY, chatterbox and electromagnetic fields.” It would be interesting to hear more about these things if anyone knows anything. I’ve also been referred to a site called “mocospace”. But I’m not sure about that one.

    2. Talking is key to understanding. You are fortunate to have a mind that is able to endure the seeming nightmare. Don’t let it get you down. observe the phenomenon and see it for what it is. There is an interconnectivity to it that can serve to notify you to the fact reality is changing in ways it never has before. Through talking we expose the wrongs of gang stalking little by little . It’s kept secret because it is weak when exposed and it is an embarrassingly perverse practice to those involved in it. Know that you have a strength that gang stalkers do not possess. Exposure is coming. I know this as I am globally targeted for what I shall soon expose. Keep your hope, don’t hate just observe. Gang stalking reveals itself when it is observed objectively. It is your awareness of it that they wish to stalk out of existence.

  10. We need to push for a demand on transparency with the local, state and federal law enforcement systems where everyone can see what is put out to community and state law enforcement regarding potential criminal activity. I think we would all learn a lot about what is being communicated to the communities we move to. Shouldn’t EVERYONE be informed of what law enforcement is concerned about? Further there should be a push for a law requiring any legal or law agency or law enforcement that states they HAVE TO talk to an individual before they are able to be put on any type of “watch” or surveillance.

    1. I think this is not about keeping eye on criminals. This is all about mass control. (More correctly mass mind control ) . They don’t want everyone to know this. So these information must be classified. I hope one day a whistle-blower will blow the whistle.

      1. For the whistle to be blown it must first be understood. Classification plays a big role, though classification itself is misunderstood. Something is classified in one of two ways. It either meets certain classification standards and it therefore “in class” or it is seen to meet those same standards and, as such, has been classified. Classification societies play a key role in blowing this whistle as they are, after all, societies that undertake a surveillance of something to ensure it meets with class requirements. And surveillance is the name of the game. Expect to see the American bureau of shipping exposed when this whistle is blown – and it will be.

      1. I just picked up the book “unwarranted, policing without permission” by Barry Friedman. It has a lot of good information in it. He touches on Edward Snowden and a lot of things around misuse of systems, such as the police and legal systems. I checked it out from the library and think you all would find it highly informative.

      2. Did we sign a consent form to be radiated by satetllites stalked 24/7 greeted by strangers who arnt don’t forget car accidents, beatings ships sunk bad decisions thru hypnosis etcetera specifically were did I sign or give consent? Stay strong targets they are fools goodnight

      1. Under who’s authority? Another waste is typical spooks missing kids trafficken of all kinds we don’t know who but we can dangle children in front of you and reanact parts of your life from twenty years ago. You people need to tell me who’s responsible

      2. So why the secrecy if it’s all public record? Why not just watch right out in the open? It’s more the attacks on people and hacking people’s accounts that are illegal along with the harassment and stalking. It’s a violation of constitutional rights and law. The only reason to be covert about is if there’s no substantiating evidence or it’s illegal. Watch away if you want but the rest needs to stop in my opinion.


    Another tidbit of information on what can happen in society. It’s called “the network” and mat or may not be accurate or completely true. However, some elements of what is discussed may contribute to operations around how people who are watchlisted or “targeted” are experiencing some of the harassment in communities around the world. I hope you enjoy the reading material.

  12. If you are a Victim of Gang Stalking and you are confronted by one of these Low Lives , Run Them Down, Pepper Spray Them, Face Them face to face and make sure they understand you are not afraid and will kick the snot out of them if they mess with you like bump into you. They are cowards and are VERY Afraid of me. They never get within a hundred yards of me.

    Only good stalker is a DEAD Stalker….

  13. Grow up, tell your organization we love it when lodges close perps presumed as yourself need to explain your authority to do so. Have a nice day watching us as we take your time while some do nearly Useless excitements, like my work ethic?

  14. I do not really condone violence but understand that I am angry everyday at the relentless garbage I have to put up with. I can not even watch a tv show without them getting into my network and shutting it down. Not to mention destroying my property when we are not at home. almost 5 years of this now. I wonder when it will ever end.

  15. So now these lowlife losers have wiped my voter registration and voting history in the state I have a voter registration card for. They are now interfering with my ability to renew my license. When are these trashy people going to be exposed doe what they so. I know for a fact who it is that’s doing this to me. What can we do to expose them?

      1. Hello: Yes, we should keep chatting eventually all targets name ten names who they feel primarily responsible. Then cross reference for matches organizations then as a group confront. Stay at it targets keep writing notes who, when,where, what. And your personal thoughts of us all as a community possible actions. Goodnight Targets.

  16. I have been trying to do something different. Instead of telling anyone where I am going ahead of time I wait to the last minute to say something and then go. What I don’t get is I am still getting the same level of harassment. How do these clowns no ahead of time where I will be going? These bastards are making me angrier and angrier as the years pile on. 17+ years of being a target. What I don’t get is for the morons who are brainwashed in doing this don’t they realize that day after day and night after night when they see me go to work and do my every day activities that after 17+ years of not doing anything illegal that maybe they have been entertaining a lie of being a perp. These douche-bags never see me doing any crime after 17 years so why continue harassing me? I am getting to the point where I want to write to my representative to make them aware of this bullshit crime.
    I hope this message finds all targets in peace. May God bless all targets with a way to end this horrible crime against humanity directed towards us.

    1. Thank you for your comments. It is very important others to know what you have been experiencing. It helps other TI s. I have experienced the same. Even if I change my route last moment, still they know where I am. My conclusion is they pretty much know everything we do. They can read our mind. They see what we see.They hear what we hear. They feel what we feel. But don’t be afraid of these cowards. We have nothing to lose. I am not afraid of dying. But we have to play nice.

      1. I think Peter has the right idea with compiling a list of people who have been careless in their harassment to cross match the results. Many people who have experienced harassment move in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort of the harassment. If a list of people could be compiled, it can then be broken down into states and regions of states and then compared against other accounts of harassment. The names could also be cross referenced with public records around arrests and other affiliations that might point in the direction of who and why. I do know of several people whom I’m certain have harassed me over the years due to reports to me from neighbors and friends who have informed me of the activity.

        The only problem I can see in it would be the potential for being accused of libel or slander, so it would have to be something very confidential and not given out as an accusatory list of people. It would have to be used strictly for the purpose of researching claims.

        I travel the US for work and will make time to connect with anyone who would like to work with me on a solution to this problem. Please e-mail me at or just reply here with an email address and I will contact you.

    2. Keep writing and identify your perps, they are scum don’t feed them sounds like your doing good they are a big distraction however tell them you are not joining them they are a joke remember they are wasting time in life on you not enjoying there own life quite sad Masons are absolute scum and trying to write a book on what they have done to me on taxpayer dollars some may believe us. The more people who hear about specific crimes masons commit less likely people will join or donate somebody terminal with cancer should go to a lodge and close it permanently you’ll only be saving a child from becoming another target or research. Stay strong and at it resist scum keep chatting monthly posts stay in communicating

  17. I have attempted to post the following message in the past, but it appears it is still awaiting moderation. lets try this again:

    I wonder if the men in Palm Springs who were experiencing hearing voices ever figured out what was happening. Strange that it would be on the news and then nothing else was ever heard about it. Does anyone else know if there was a follow up on them? I had posted on speakers that libraries and museums were using to focus sound so it could only be heard while standing right in front of it. There was also the story about the ad in New York for the haunted house where people were hearing the voice of the ghost of a woman. Turned out it was an ad. Could what happened to them be something similar?

  18. Anyone know about how things are in Baltimore? I heard the government outsourced their target and watch lists to companies in that area…

  19. Stay strong targets, they can’t answer a simple questions so they must be stupid. It’s coming to an abrupt end, they rather target than prepare and guess what the ignorant clowns can’t even tell you how to prepare let Freemasonry snide comments save them just pray to Jesus realize not much satisfaction when they realize they wasted twenty years for absolutely nothing or to realize they are shit

  20. It recently occurred to me that a lot of harassment and stalking is done by hacking people’s accounts. Wouldn’t it only make sense that people who engage in harassment and stalking of others by means of hacking would more than likely attend hackers events such as the hackers convention in cities around the globe. Aren’t there hackers challenges in cities across the country? I wonder if attending a hackers convention would help to shed some light on some of how people are stalked and harassed via the cyber world. Just a thought.

    1. They need to pay, Amy decent man or woman would own up to it eventually, when confronted asked. Who is hypnotizing me are you hypnotizing me. Tierd of being around Masonic trash scum of the earth fags, it’s just a joke to them. We need to gather film a professional documentary movie show daily harassment by these people expose every tactic them use what they are about cut off masons from donations, when good reasonable people most of America are informed how masons police dangle children as bait create accidents ruin lives,EMS police driving around to cut targets off at a corner on taxpayer money probably look at them and say yeah i see they are foolish. Stay strong keep posting and chatting once a month check on each other I’ll do the same have a good day targets,

  21. Has anyone had experience with people from the BDS&M community that reflect the sort of stalking people report? I recently had an experience that has made me wonder if there is a connection between the two.

  22. Hello group,

    I just stumbled on these sites while searching for information. They are on EMF generators and ELF generating equipment. I have to ask myself…if this information is so freely available, why hasn’t anyone exposed the existence of it? Further, if people need demonstration to reinforce the claims of being hit with this type of equipment, why hasn’t anyone bought it and set it up for public demonstration? The sites are as follows:

    I hope you all find this information helpful.

    Best regards,

  23. The mainstream media only covers what it wants people to know. I hate to sound pessimistic, which is very easy to do as a TI, but I really don’t think gangstalking will ever get exposed. Every job I get I have co-workers relentlessly harassing me. Supervisors who don’t take any of my complaints seriously. People who try and sometimes succeed in sabotaging my work. I wish we could all pool our money together and pay a hacker or someone to expose some file of people who are involved in this. I
    I am getting so sick and tired of dealing with this crap. I just want to make a living and go home. Who wants to dread going to work not because it might be challenging but because you know your co-workers are going to harass you and talk about you behind your back and sabotage your work. I am tired of playing nice guy. I would love to meet some TI’s locally and brainstorm on some ideas. I fear that this battle will be only won by us targets. I unfortunately don’t see anyone fighting for our cause. Hopefully I am wrong but I fear I am not.

  24. How much can a person take. I understand the goal is suicide. Why should an innocent victim that has endured abuse be living this way. Life is not about living it’s only about survival the pain of the torture makes it unbearable. If anyone can imagine living this way for a few minutes they would have to be hospilized. Where is there justice? I will keep trying to find it and merely exist.

  25. I am a victim too and I am a filipino…now I suffer death persecution,they always inject in my mind that someone will kill me…if God permitted and it is His will,so His will be done…nobody will help me because of lack of evidence..
    Only God can help us…government is no duty to help us I know…maybe if money talks,its hard to government officials to listen but I know someday there is one man who will stand for this and help us…now ,all we want to do is to pray to God that He will guide us in every day of our life…
    Romans 12:21 says defeat evil by good…
    God bless us all!

  26. I think we are implanted microchips…in my experience,even I’m in the middle of the sea or I’m under the sea water,still I can hear the voice of my programmer (mind stalker)… I’ll try to put magnet at my gums were I suspected that microchip was implanted,the voice of my mind stalker was slowly disappeared but not totally disappeared….

  27. I googled “Illuminati stalking” – why? Because I am being stalked by “them”. I read your entire story & the website’s material. I have been reading about this for years – why? As “they” started 2012 the latest. I want to have support, talking to people that understand what it is like. In my case, they do not only do what is happening to you, they also manipulate the media. I have never read about TIs being targeted as widely & broadly as I have. Why would they put THAT MUCH resources in targeting me? Can we speculate? I really want to know WHY this much focus on me? I don’t consider myself special to THAT extent – maybe they do? Writing from a EU country.

      1. So the target is, in fact, the group/community/society which is dealing with me specifically? I would understand it. But why? To keep the common people occupied?

  28. Hello everyone I listened to this interview on youtube and found it incredibly interesting. This man says that there are some people in security agencies and the government that want to speak up about this but are waiting for the right time to do it. I was harassed out of work a few months back and I am now in the process of yet again trying to find another place to work at.
    There are TI support websites out there and this one i saw was quite nice and appears legit but has very few people on it, and the ones that have posted on it comment infrequently. My point of saying this is we targets need to branch out more on sites like this one and others were there is a community forum and employ our skills and talents to bring our message forward to the greater community. Here is the link to the video.

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