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My Story

WARNING: What you are about to read could be shocking. If you are not aware of this phenomenon, you would probably not believe what I say. What you find here are my observations and analysis based on my own experience.

When I worked for an email company in year 2009, I experienced a very strange situation. For the first couples of weeks, everyone seemed to be nice and friendly. Two weeks later, I felt something is not right. All of sudden, I noticed a clear difference of the way they (especially one particular group) treated me.  Some people were so rude. Some people passed hints on me. Some talked about my personal life. Some talked about  things I said or did in my apartment. They frequently referred to places, restaurants that I visited couples of days ago. Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe. Some others mimicked my actions, words and my dresses. Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents. Someone had scratched my car door while it was in the parking lot. Those incidents seemed like small mishaps. I had to pee several times per day while I was at work. Sometimes I had to pee 4 times in two hours. I felt some vibration/needle like pain on my belly, leg and arm time to time. Whenever I went to pee, someone was following me. Different people were doing this at different times. But when this happened everyday more than couples of times a day, I came to realize they were doing this purposely. Weeks later, there were some changes in the management in my team. Couples of people left the company. It appeared that one particular group were behind this. Some other people are actually nice. Some of them seemed to be sympathetic to me. I was supposed to report to a new supervisor and she screamed at me couples of times. I was given less work. Sometimes I was not given any task for weeks if not months. Even If I was assigned something, it was not something important.  At the same time, this group tried to isolate me within the company. They were trying to humiliate me, control me, harass me, single me out, manipulate me and change my thought process.

Gradually, Harassment occurred even outside of the office. Whatever happened inside the office started to happen in public places too. Random people bumped on me while I was walking.  Someone was always watching me or following me while I was outside. A neighbor came or left the apartment at the same time I left or came. My neighbors started to harass me in various ways. One on right above my apartment started jumping on the floor at night. Another one banged my wall while I was sleeping. Some neighbors frequently slammed the doors. I had couples of car accidents during a short period of time. Wires of my car were badly damaged while it was at a garage overnight. The following day I was informed that  wires were eaten by rabbits. They did not pay me a penny for the damage. Instead they charged me lot more for changing a water pump that was perfectly fine.  Basically I was harassed 24/7.  I could not go to the grocery store, coffee shop, bar, gym, mall. You name it. I was harassed everywhere. Some of  the harassment tactics are strangers blocking my way using grocery carts, invading my personal space , cutting me off while I was walking or driving (This is called classical conditioning in psychology. Once you are harassed in this fashion for a long time, you would be so defensive next time you go to one of these places. You are stressed out. You are anxious).

They tried to isolate me from the society. Basically, They tried to put me under unofficial house arrest. I could not talk to anyone. Random people/friends/coworkers used directed conversation to harass me. Some tried to put the blame on me. Real perpetrators used different people to convince me that I was  just paranoid. I could not even talk to a woman. She may talk to me for couples of minutes. Then she gets a text message. Next thing I know is she is not the same woman anymore. Her tone is different. She is suspicious of me. All of sudden she wants to leave. When this happened again and again, gradually I lost interest in talking to people. Keep in mind, all these things I have described here are still happening. Intensity of the harassment is different from time to time. This is an unofficial house arrest. Luckily some people who knew what was going on tried to help me. (There were some nice people in the company too. Even the HR and training managers and many other people seemed to be nice people. It appeared that they did not have the power. ) However, gradually they were also not able to do anything. Soon, I realized that it was a carefully coordinated psychological harassment carried out by an organized group. I have been a victim of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment, manipulation and mind control. This is also called organized stalking. What happened at the email company is called workplace mobbing. This is just one part of the harassment process. When all these things happened, I got sick couples of times. I had back pain, lose motion, head aches, breathing problems, allergies, cough. I could not sleep well. I felt exhausted. I was so demoralized. I was depressed.

However the surveillance had begun long before the second phase of the harassment(sensitization) occurred.  I believe this was happening even before I came to US. When I looked back at my past events and compared them with what is happening now, I came to know there is a clear pattern of this harassment. The surveillance started when I was in Sri Lanka. I was in junior high school back then. (May be even before that. We never know). I had no idea about this until I was mobbed at the email company. (Even though I was suspicious of some of my past life events , now only I can understand why and how these events happened. It was not easy to find a job. It was not easy to start a meaningful, intimate relationship with a woman I like. It was hard to meet people and make new friends I like to hang out with. I had been bullied at many different places. I thought they all happened because of my fault or I was just unlucky. Now I know that my perpetrators have been denying my basic human rights for years. They have been sabotaging all my opportunities. They have been ruining my personal/social/dating relationships. They have been doing lots of evil acts. They have been trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. (Many things happened in my life since then. Some of these events had changed my life for ever). I clearly don’t know why they targeted me at the first place.

But I must say that everyone is not bad. A group of people from one particular group wants to destroy my life. This is the same group who started bullying me at the email company. It was clear they were manipulated by an invisible force (The real perpetrators). They all have the same political/religious view. They have found a similar group in Sri Lanka too. Apparently they all worked together. (Not necessarily they belong to the same race or religion). Those who started this at the workplace were able to recruit more people from different races, religions, colors, social levels, professions and political groups.  Slowly they were able to turn many people against me by spreading all sorts of lies and rumors. It seemed like they were able to recruit some of the local police officers too. I was followed by police cars for no reason when I went to work and back home. Some days, police cars were parked at the company parking lot. Apparently they can recruit anyone from the society.  They manipulate not only me but also anyone who comes into my life.  All information about me is passed to my friends, coworkers, relatives and strangers by these handlers so that they are motivated to do or say negative things. (However, I must say not necessarily everyone say or do bad things). Sometimes people are not aware that what they are doing is harmful. This is a no touch torture. My life has completely changed and harassment continues ever since. They may have put me on a watch list as this author describes here.

Most large corporate workforce and many smaller ones have already been brought wholesale into this Network through ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ laws that require employees and employers to report anything in the workplace that might be considered suspicious or threatening activity. Anyone who is reported on is assessed (without their knowledge) to determine if they should be put on a ‘watch list’. Watch lists are a key aspect of the Network’s operations, and will be discussed further on. – The network(version one) by Anthony Forwood

Also see ACLU spy files article.

The following research article describes this situation below. This is the story of my life. This is exactly what I have been going through for last 4 years. Well at least I had a good support system before I was mobbed even at my previous workplaces.

Workplace mobbing 

This phenomenon has been called “mobbing,” “ganging up on someone” or psychic terror. It occurs as schisms, where the victim is subjected to a systematic stigmatizing through, inter alia, injustices (encroachment of a person’s rights), which after a few years can mean that the person in question is unable to find employment in his/her specific trade. Those responsible for this tragic destiny can either be workmates or management.

case study – Leif case :

Leif could not keep his job, nor could he get another one, as his medical history could be only too clearly seen in his job applications. There was nowhere in society where he could turn for help. He became totally unemployable — an outcast. One of the ironies of this case is that Leif had previously been employed by a number of companies where he had performed well, had been a good workmate and had been given good references by his employers. (We have found similar cases in Sweden, Denmark, Western Germany, England,Austria, USA, and Australia.)   

Psychical terror or mobbing in working life means hostile and unethical communication which is directed in a systematic way by one or a number of persons mainly toward one individual. There are also cases where such mobbing is mutual until one of the participants becomes the underdog. These actions take place often (almost every day) and over a long period (at least for six months) and, because of this frequency and duration, result in considerable psychic, psychosomatic and social misery. This definition eliminates temporary conflicts and focuses on the transition zone where the psychosocial situation starts to result in psychiatric and/or psychosomatic pathological states.

Phase 2: Mobbing and Stigmatizing
Many of the communicative actions which can be observed occur fairly often in everyday life. But within the framework of the harassment phenomenon, they have an injurious effect,as these actions are used consistently and systematically over a long period, with the intention of causing damage (or putting someone out of action). All the observed actions have the common denominator of being based on the desire to “get at a person” or punish him/her.Thus manipulation is the main characteristic of the event. What is shown to be manipulated is:
1. The victim’s reputation (rumor mongering, slandering, holding up to ridicule).
2. Communication toward the victim (the victim is not allowed to express him/herself,
no one is speaking to him or her, continual loud-voiced criticism and meaningful
3. The social circumstances (the victim is isolated, sent to Coventry).
4. The nature of or the possibility of performing in his/her work (no work given,
humiliating or meaningless work tasks).
5. Violence and threats of violence. 

Important note in preface to Heinz Leymann, “Mobbing and Psychological Terror at Workplaces,” Violence and Victims 5 (1990), 119-126.

This is from another article.

A few common ways in which harassment is expressed
1. Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.
2. Making gestures that seek to intimidate, engaging in reprisals.
3. Discrediting the person: spreading rumors, ridiculing him, humiliating him, calling into question his convictions or his private life, shouting abuse at him or sexually harassing him.
4. Belittling the person: forcing him to perform tasks that are belittling or below his skills, simulating professional misconduct.
5. Preventing the person from expressing himself: yelling at him, threatening him, constantly interrupting him, prohibiting him from speaking to others.
6. Isolating the person: no longer talking to him at all, denying his presence, distancing him from others.
7. Destabilizing the person: making fun of his convictions, his tastes and his political choices.

In the workplace, employees who are psychologically harassed or psychologically tortured are often described as having the wrong interpretation of events, or having a “perception problem”, a “bad attitude”, and the wrong view of reality. They are then asked to consult a medical professional, a psychiatrist, and are then usually subsequently discredited and classified as having a psychological problem or mental illness.


Author Gail Pursell explains the 5 phases of workplace mobbing process.     5 phases of workplace mobbing process

Community Mobbing 

Gradually the harassment at work place turned out to be a community mobbing as I explained before. It spread out everywhere I went. The perpetrators have been systematically destroying both my personal and professional life. They had been distancing me from my support groups by spreading various lies, rumors. They have isolated me from the society. The perpetrators have been constantly trying to push me into the lowest level of the social ladder. It is extremely difficult to make friends. Whenever I meet someone or a group of people, the preps approach them and poison them with negative thoughts. (But I believe some people also try to help me. The real perpetrators are so cunning and they can deceive those who try to help me). So eventually, the preps take control of friendship /relationship and manipulate my friends.  Still I try to stay positive. I decided to upload videos of my own experience at public places to social networking media like YouTube and let other people know what I have been going through. One of my goals is to educate people about this crime against humanity. If you are not a targeted individual, it would be very difficult to understand or believe what I say. People barely notice this crime even if this happens right in front of their eyes. This is happening in every country in this word today.

Harassment tactics:

Basically I am under 24/7 electronic surveillance. My personal phone conversations are listened. My phone is illegally wire tapped. My personal computer is hacked. My personal email and social networking accounts are hacked. My every move (even inside my apartment) is watched. Those who monitor me, share my very personal information, weaknesses, fears, likes, dislikes with my friends, co workers, managers, relatives and even strangers so that they get offended. Some of them may hurt. Some of them may feel jealous of me. Some of them feel inferior to me. Some of them may feel hatred towards me. The perpetrators gradually feed the information. Keep in mind, what ever the perpetrators say may not necessarily be true. They manipulate or misinterpret it. Whenever someone gets offended/hurt, they can use my personal information against me to harass me. The stalkers spread lies, twisted rumors and half truth. By doing this, the perpetrators try to discredit me as well as motivate others into using verbal attacks, cyber bullying or any other type of harassment. I don’t have any privacy right now. The perpetrators use racial, religious stereotypes as well as any other differences to turn people against me. They could use anything such as race, religion, color, age, gender, region, profession, political opinions etc. They try to break all my support systems.  They divide people into different groups and try to turn one support group against another. The perpetrators try to sensitize me to certain objects, sounds, words, that are related to a previous stalking incident. After I am sensitized to these words, objects or sounds, they ask my friends, co-workers to use these words during our conversations. The stalkers try to make me look like a crazy and paranoid person.  Lots of people participate in this stalking game. Some of them think this is just a simple joke. As they don’t see the complete picture, they don’t fully understand the sinister side of this program. Let alone dating it is extremely difficult to make any friends now. The perpetrators try to convince the audience that I am anti-social or I am a loner. The truth is the perpetrators prevent me being socialized by using various psychological harassment tactics. I was a very healthy, active, friendly and fun loving person before I experienced this harassment.

Some of other harassment tactics are gas lighting, cyber bullying, trolling, slander campaign, brightening (flashing lights by random drivers at nights), staging car accidents,  crowding at public   places, invading my personal space by strangers at public places, manipulating traffic lights while driving, creating artificial traffic on the roads or around the neighborhood, financial losses, noise campaign such as door slamming or banging walls by neighbors, rumbling car or motor cycle engines loud inside my apartment complex, honking, synchronization,  monitoring and electronic harassment by neighbors, mail tempering , delaying service at public places, keeping me waited in long lines,  anchoring, baiting, black mailing, mimicking my actions and words, sabotaging my job opportunities , blacklisting me in the job market, ruining my financial , professional and personal life . I cannot describe here some of other things they have done. This program is designed so that when a target try to explain what he/she experiences , the target appears crazy or paranoid.

Who is behind spying?

They are everyday citizens. Apparently some people from many community organizations like neighborhood watch, large corporations, religious organizations, city utility workers, senior citizens, fire fighters, local law enforcement officers, some officials from local fusion centers participate in this stalking game. It could be anyone from the society. Many of them are deceived and manipulated by the perpetrators. Also I have a feeling that real perpetrators are trying to divide people into different groups based on their religion, ethnicity, skin color, profession , social level etc and use them against me. They are using age old tactic called divide and rule to turn people from different groups against me. Vast number of people have no idea that they are being manipulated to harass and intimidate innocent people. Criminals, drug dealers and street thugs also seemed to be involved with this stalking game. For some reason, one group can do more harm compared to another group. This does not mean everyone who participates in this stalking game does bad things to me. Some are actually acting like guardians.  Everyone in a group/organization/neighborhood watch is not necessarily bad either. But some people actively engage in these stalking activities for various reasons.  Ordinary people are encouraged to participate in stalking activities. People are motivated to commit these hate crimes by instigating racial, religious, social level, skin color, different professional stereotypes. There are people who try to take advantage of my situation. There are people who are trying to degrade the quality of my life. There are people who are trying to put me into the lowest level of the social ladder. There are people who want to destroy my life. There are people who try to blackmail me. They are people who want to push their own personal agenda.  It does not matter where I live. They know everything. Once I move into a new area, a new groups in the local area are recruited and my personal information is shared with them. Also new groups also gather my information and report back to perpetrators. Everyone may not say bad things. Everyone may not report back. But some do. Now I know it for sure. I believe some of them(may be group leaders) have the capabilities of accessing the surveillance program. (It could be a software that pinpoint my exact location. Also these local groups may be able to listen to all my phone conversations, read my emails ,personal Facebook messages etc or else they get all these information from those who monitor me) . Even if I go to another country, still the perpetrators can track me. Still they can harass me. The same comedy is scripted by different groups. Intensity level of the harassment is different from country to country. So apparently this is an international network. So this could be collaborative work of rogue elements of intelligence agencies around the world. They may have infiltrated to every part of the society in this world. They are using community groups to spy on fellow civilians and even harass targeted civilians.  Once someone is on this watch list, his/her fate is at the mercy of these community groups. If they are decided to mess your life, you are on your own.

Job loss and unemployment :

It appears that I can no longer find a job in my field. Whenever I get an interview, those who want to sabotage my career, approach the employer somehow and tell all sort of negative things.  They are trying to convince the audience that I am not able to do anything.  Those who destroyed my professional career want to justify their actions. So they continue the harassment. They do not want me to work for a new company.  They do not want me to get to know new people.  Especially they do not want me to get to know influential people who may have ability to help me. The perpetrators are afraid of being exposed.  They may feel safe as long as they can convince the audience that what they had told about me is true. For me, it is obvious what they are doing. But it is barely noticeable for outsiders unless someone knew the whole thing from the very beginning.  The perpetrators use my friends and relatives to convince me that I need to do an odd job. They try to convince the audience and I that this is a very normal situation and no one sabotages my job opportunities.  Now, it seems like even if I get a job, I would be underpaid and most probably it may not be something related to my past experience. They are trying to destroy all my skills. They want to make me a useless person. They do everything possible to demoralize me. Once I am no longer tolerate their BS, they say he is not good at IT. He should do something else. Since 2009, I have been working on small projects. My salary has been decreased gradually since 2009. I was doing nothing for weeks sometimes. In couples of years I will forget things I have learn t so far. When I don’t use something, I easily forget it. Automatically I will no longer be able to take any interviews. Once this happens, my perpetrators would not have to do anything new to ruin my life. The perpetrators control every aspect of my life. Not only they ruined my professional life, they also destroyed my social life. This may be the same group or a different group. They have been trying to change my behavior. They do not let me make any friends, date any woman, go to social events. Even If I go there, they make sure I would not meet someone I can get along with.

Psychological warfare:

How everyone thinks about me depends on  carefully manipulated propaganda. Perpetrators share my personal information the way they want. They know how to deceive the audience. Many people do not believe that I am going through a hell. Some people notice my bad luck. Still they think it is just a coincidence. Either they are honestly not aware of what has been happening to me or they are afraid of accepting the truth.

Also the way everyone thinks about me depends on how the people around me (my friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers) report back to the network/surveillance system. If they say good things, the harassment is considerably less. If someone says a bad or negative thing, the harassment is severe. So I have to be very careful of befriending people. I have to be careful of what I talk. I need to be very picky. If I want to make new friends, I have to select pretty much perfect people who would not get offended easily. If one of my friends or a neighbor or a coworker gets offended, I may be in trouble. I may not get the job I want. I may not be able to date a woman I really like. I may not be able to hang out with people I like. Let’s say I did not get along with a rude person. This person happened to be someone from different race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. Or he/she could be from the same race, religion or color etc. This person can report back to the network that I don’t get along with people from his/her race, religion, skin color, region, age group, social level, profession etc. If the person is from the same race and religion,then he/she plays a different card. Even This person can say I hate them. Basically personal conflict is generalized. I believe this is done by the perpetrators. May be it is the system (rogue elements of intelligence agencies) or people them self. One thing I surely know is severity of my harassment depends on people who come into my life. Someone may say why I care what other people think about me. Well we live in a society. We all are part of it. Humans need to interact with other human beings. We need to interact with people from opposite sex. When the perpetrators manipulate my personal information, they can basically control who I am going to befriend with. They can control my social network. They control every aspect of my life. Because of this psychological warfare, I don’t get a chance to talk, hang out with people I like. I don’t get a chance to date a woman I really like. I don’t get my dream job. All my dreams and life plans are shattered.
I usually like urban, educated (not nerdy), open minded, fun, fashionable,independent  people. Because of the propaganda, I mostly meet people who have complete opposite personalities, likes etc. When I meet a woman, there is a high probability that she is 20 years older or younger. I rarely meet someone around +/- 10 years of my age. This could be because of the following reason. When I was in my late 20s, I dated someone around 22 or 23. (No need to say why it did not work). One of my friends or neighbors might have observed this and reported back to the system or the loosely connected network. Ever since that group think I only like women in early 20′s. They tell this to everyone who comes into my life. So my new friends, neighbors also start to think that I only like women in early 20′s. The danger is when this happens, women in all other age groups stop talking to me.  Let’s take another example. If I talk to a tall guy, the perpetrators convince everyone else that I only get along with tall guys. So all the short guys stop talking to me. The perpetrators can manipulate any situation. If I say, I don’t like small size girls, the perpetrators try to convince the audience that means I like big size women which is not necessarily true. I like average body size women. If the perpetrators decide not to let me date or even talk to any woman, they can actually make it happen. That is what they have been doing so far. Not only they try to confuse me, but also they try to confuse my friends as well. My friends, relatives do not know what I really like anymore. Different groups say different things. However, all these groups can be manipulated by one group at the top level. Either they want to destroy my life or they want to prove everyone that what they have been telling about me so far is true. Once I move to a new state or country, groups in the previous location pass the information to new groups. Different groups may pass different information. They pass it the way they want. (I am not sure this is done by intelligence agencies directly or by loosely connected social group. Most probably, information may be passed by both groups). Again, if the first group thinks that I am going to like the second group and first group may not be able to control my life anymore, the first group may try to spread disinformation among the 2nd group so that they would have negative impression about me. Always groups can control what other people think about me. Not necessarily everyone says bad things.

Sometimes, the perpetrators script certain events to convince the audience that I am an alcoholic or I am such an irresponsible person etc. Different groups script different events. After I was mobbed at my company, I noticed that the perpetrators do not let me see a good-looking woman. Let’s say I sit close to a good-looking woman in a coffee shop. The perpetrators get someone to sit in between that woman and I. Believe it or not they do another thing. if I am going to sit next to a good-looking woman in a bus, the perpetrators get to know it promptly. Again they get someone to sit next to her. So that they make sure I would not even get a chance to talk to a good looking woman. I know many people would not believe this. I can give you another example. After the second stage of my harassment, I am not very comfortable of talking to people. If I talk to a working class person, my perpetrators convince everyone else that I can only get along with poor working class people. So where ever I go, I only get a chance to talk to that type of people. That really freaks me out. I can tolerate this for couples of times. After a while, I am sensitized to them. When this happens again and again for a long time, I tend not to talk to that type of people. Then perpetrators accuse me that I am arrogant big headed, ignorant person etc. You see how the play this game?

When my perpetrators generalized certain events , scenarios, they go to extreme ends. As an example, sometimes they say. “he is a super rich person.He does not have to work”. When I resist, they quickly change it to other extreme end. They try to convince everyone else that I am a really poor guy so only people I can get along with are poor people. Either way they always put me in a tight spot

I have been experiencing this harassment since 2009. The perpetrators have been doing this even before 2009. But I had no idea about those types of scripted events until I was mobbed at the email company. Couples of people had clearly gotten offended and reported back something really bad about me. I try to explain this in details under psychological warfare section of this blog.

Like I said before everyone is not bad. But even those who used to support me have sidelined now because of what evil people do. I know I am not the only one who is going through this. If you read this, please educate your friends and family about this crime against humanity. No human being is deserved to be treated like this. 

For further information please watch my personal videos on YouTube. Also please read “psychological harassment and psychological manipulation” and “coercive persuasion and mind control”. I have posted links on the top right side of this blog. 


267 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I feel for you for having to go through this horrible atrocity called gangstalking. I have been stalked for years and because of it I can’t make friends, after my divorce 6 years ago it has been impossible to find a woman who doesnt perp me. I want a relationshilp with a woman so bad but i gave up awhile ago because they all use me and end up gangstalking me at one point or another. It is so bad that i take online college classes to avoid being gangstalked at the college. I even get gangstalked at the gym. The harassment is worse than it has ever been. The sad thing is besides doing little things here and there because of the gangstalking and relentless harassment I almost never go anywhere and have become somewhat of a recluse.
    these criminal thugs can rot in hell, they have ruined my life and taken so much from me, both emotionally and financially. I pray that God releases you from these psychopaths.

    • I am sorry to hear that. Yes they have pretty much ruined my life too. I too need to work without being harassed, I like to make friends, I want a relationship with a woman. But they made these things impossible.

      • yes, well thanks for the reply. I get real tired of the crowding where ever I go. It is getting horrible when I go to work out if I am lifting I will all of a sudden have 5 or 6 people crowding me as i am trying to safely lift. The looks, the laughter I am so damn tired of it. I just want to live a normal life. Nobody should be subjected to this harassment day in and day out. Well I hope all is well for you and I have been on a big crusade lately of trying to expose gangstalking. I filed a report to the local police, i wrote a letter to the governor or my state and I am posting more of my story and support for others on websites. I am not taking this sitting down or silently anymore. I want to reclaim my life back and there is nothing more I would love to see than the perpetrators prosecuted for the crimes they are committing upon us innocent targeted individuals.

      • That is good that you have filed a report to the local police and wrote a letter to the governor. At least we should whatever we can to stop this crime against the humanity. We have not done any crime. So I don’t know why they are doing this to us. May be it is all about human control?

  2. Keep your head up stay strong and resist being alone I am too a TI and know how you feel not all perps are perps even though the puppetmasters of this atrosity make it seem as they are. You are not alone I am with you and for you in this battle of spiritual warefare.

  3. Yes, going through similar we arnt crazy think we have to gather together unite start a registry each of us name ten of main controllers start a list of similarities, I feel for you stalkers can monitor us but can’t stop real crime or balance budjets, Remember they may be harassing you but you are ruining thier lifes as well stay strong try to rest. Would like to here from you when appropriate. Think we might sound like perps to each other but im not. Thank you for posting we need more testimonials im trying to write my story as well

  4. Hi, PeterCJurczyk
    think sent some of my reply to space again ussually Thanks for post we need To unite more maybe TI community can unite more start another registry each off us name ten of main controllers go from that. Remember they are ruining there lives as well it is time they will never get back so cheer up a bit would enjoy hearing from you we problably sound like perps to each other some are im not problably will never become masonic perp police trash. Have good night try to rest keep up nutrition praying does work, to the good lord Jesus. PCJ

    • Thank you. There are couples of web sites, facebook groups etc for TIs. One of the facebook groups called “Organized gang stalking around the world” is an interesting one.

      • It really is so hard to know which groups are disinformation groups and which ones are legit. None-the-less I agree that it is good for all of us TI’s to unite and not only share our experiences but also ideas on how to combat this crime against humanity. Not all targeted individuals are leadership quality, but I personally believe that a good portion of us are. With that said we all must make our communities realize that gangstalking is not uniting communities but dividing them. We must be gentle with each other, I guess it seems like we TI’s have to live like saints, since our lives are on display 24 hours a days, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. This by itself is exhausting as nobody is perfect all the time, but as we all know every mistake we make, whether it is intentional or not is put under a microscope and exploited by the perps. Well God bless to all targeted individuals out there, we will make it through this. I can only hope that just like Edward Snowden exposed government spying that one day a whistleblower will expose gangstalking, therefore giving all of us TI’s the credibility and justice we deserve.

  5. where can i share video and pics within this community?

  6. Im a ti. If you would like to email me god bless. Daniel

  7. I am an Aussie who is currently being treated like this in my life.

    I too feel victimized, paranoid, bullied, terrorized(in some form of way)& harrased.

    its been going on a long time, i am about to end my life, as no-one can help me.

    • I am sorry to hear that you are also going through this. Please stay strong. They want you to end your life. Don’t do that. Don’t give what they want. Instead think in a different way. I know it is not easy.But It is possible.

    • That’s exactly right, there are ultimately 2 goals they’re after… suicide or mental ward. Either or both. The one variable in it is YOU. how you handle and manage your situation. Don’t feed into it, keep yourself healthy, ignore the petty stuff they do (rendering it ineffective), think a step ahead of them on the not-so petty stuff. It’s a game. a nasty, nasty game. Unfortunately you have to learn how to play it and you’re not going to win every battle but you can keep yourself out of the despair they’ve put you in, and it may mean redefining your life. Don’t make it easy for the psychopath assholes, they WANT you to give up.

      • yes..I totally agreed. After a couples of years, you get to know how they play this nasty,evil game. So You can better prepare. Still there are some nice people in this world. Everyone is not evil.

      • It’s the devil…..get saved,and give this distraction to GOD….

  8. Don’t give up on you, man. Take some time out and give your self an ego bolster. Tearing you down is what its about. They won’t stop as long as they can get a reaction out of you. Don’t react and better yet laugh at them and the ridiculous things they think and do. Packs of dogs attack lone prey, because alone they don’t have the power to bring you down. You must be something to fear if they’ve gone out of their way to make your life difficult. What ever it is, use it. Be strong. Good luck.

  9. Hello, I feel for you too. I am a kenyan going through the same mind control. It has been difficult for me since no one understands what i tell them, not even my siblings. I have been stalked for months now. i hardly sleep not even for a minute; i go for 24hours with open eyes. My nerves to sensitive organs like reproductive organs have been numbed. I have no feelings for sex. These people have completely ruined my life. Is there any help that i can get? I am undergoing immense psychological pains, they shock me evry now and then. I am completely isolated. Any help before suicide contemplations?

    • I am sorry to hear that.They are trying to drive us to the edge. I know it is not easy. But we can’t give up. We should fight back. When you explain to people, don’t explain them everything. They don’t believe what we say if we explain every small things that are happening to us. Also remember everyone in this world is not evil. Only certain people want to take advantage of our situation. Just go out and do little things that you enjoy in your life. Talk to random people. I do talk to random people as it is a one way of getting out of this social isolation. I don’t tell them what I have been going through unless they are going to harass me.

      • Why want you post my replies? So many TI’s need the hope they can only find in a relationship with Jesus Christ, because He’s an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. In Him, they can get the victory they so desperately need to prevent insanity or suicide. Please be open-minded and at least give them that choice.

  10. Never let them win… Use your brain and figure out where it started. Someone is your enemy, he or she is the Cause. You just have to Stay Ahead of them and Always Outsmart them. Always Know…. They are Weak, thats why they follow each other. They have no minds of their own. Its Not hard to figure it out… Lay out All your options, of who it could be… And Crush them. Dont Give up… Always fight. If you put out Good in this world… Good things will come to you. They are Trash, with Obviously too much time on their hands… Stay Strong.. You will Prevail.

    • Agreed. You have to outsmart them. They are not that smart. However, they have the power,technology to access all our personal information. They have our personal profiles. They know our personality, habits , hobbies, weaknesses,strengths etc. They can even predict our behavior at certain situations. They are using our very own personal information against us. Once we get to know what is going on, we can predict what are doing too.

    • What if u know who is doing it but you can’t do anything to stop it? What do u do?

  11. No suicide, think homecide picture perpetraitors on fire. when you have type thoughts, remember they are wasting time. Wright your story try to watch read as much as you can on Gang Stalken. and plenty of vitamins minerals nutritional food. Keep chatting with other Targets. Stay Strong!

  12. Like i said…. Stay Smarter. Dont give them Correct information. Fool them with False information. As for Me… I Dont put my business out for Anyone to see. They can Only make up their own stories, come to False conclusions. If u know they are listening… Mess with their heads. They Still Can’t Figure Me out…. But they keep trying… And that makes Me laugh. Just keep in Mind… You have so Many people out there, that Don’t even Know you… Whom Can’t Stop thinking abt u All Day, Everyday. That makes Me Laugh, as well.

  13. keep posting Greg Gammange lead Targets to a lawsuit more than 500 targets were calling in to lawyers for lawsuit against Government we need to restructure community with board of directors work as a corporation we must unite for a strong presence.

  14. Keep posting, write your story we need to unite Targets, with monthy participation to check in with each other. A professional documentary of type of abuses. Together we can do something. PCJ

  15. Never say Can’t….. Because u Can. It All Depends on your situation, whether u Want to or Not. How are u being stalked..? For example… If u are being stalked online, through txt or phone… Save Everything. If u are being harassed by a neighbor… Record them. When u are Ready, u find a Detective and give him Everything u have. Then U Decide… What do u want to do….

  16. I just had to reply to “gangstalking must end’s” comment…perfect! He/she describes my experience in a nutshell…so does the original poster. I have hidden too long now, I have almost been ashamed of it.

    But you can make new friends and hold on to them. I have learned now…I simply say, “You are on my side or their’s. There are no half-measures”. You have to because the perps will desperately try to turn them against you.

    And gang stalking destroys communities. I am living in a high-perp area now. Myself and my good friend are considering moving, But we decided to fight them….he is now being harassed by them too. It shows his strength of character to resist them. He is happy to post here too. Do not allow perps to make you lonely.

    It’s the dis-information the perps are given that is the problem. You need to feel sorry for them. They are told so much rubbish about the target (by groups)…that they believe it’s true. They cannot think for themselves. Educate them in a peaceful manner.

    And the projection they do is astonishing! They transpose ALL of their personal issues on to you as an excuse to perp you!

    The original poster mentions that some perps behave as “guardians”. They do indeed. But this is still a form of control. This still acts to make you dependent on their good will.

    Well, I have learned that perps are much more dependent on me than I will ever be on them. I do not want them in my life – they absolutely insist on being in mine!

    Police – some are good, some become perps. But there is the education-element again. I have mentioned to the local police that I intend to teach them about gang stalking. They were interested. I used to teach so I can use these skills, voluntarily.

    I know who I really am. So do my real friends. After almost five years of this – I still like myself. That’s a real achievement. That’s how we win. Stay strong everyone.

    • Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts with us. I agreed with you that still we can make friends. Still there are so many nice people in this world.

    • I can’t agree with you more about guardians. You are absolutely right. There are some groups who pretend like helping me. But what they actually do is taking control of my life. It’s bad unless they don’t give you the freedom to chose without any manipulations. However positive reinforcement is not necessarily a bad thing. We have to be very careful here. Because some people actually want to help us. They don’t expect anything in return. They don’t force us to do certain things. They don’t hurt us when we are out of line. It took a while for me to identify those who really help me.

    • It’s the devil….give it to GOD

  17. Talk is Cheap.. When I see u stand up and Do something.. Then I’ll be Impressed. People are So Gullible, its Sad. Like u said… Pick a Team.

  18. Dee…people are very gullible! Stalkingnightmare…again, I totally agree. I have seen so many ‘guardian’ gang-stalkers turn on me when the group gangs up, that I just don’t trust them now.

    It’s the 50/50 thing I hate with them. They listen to you, then they go back to the group and listen to them. They never back you and the group wins! They always return to perping, eventually.

    However, I also very much agree that some people do genuinely want nothing in return. These are the people I choose to keep in my life. You just have to be so clever and listen and listen to them. If they never change the script – move on.

    I have had it all day today from neighbour perps. They are trying to get me out of my flat. They have said this! It’s pathetic really. I even had my friend witnessing them for me. They still did it. We have all had enough of them! The group always wins in gang-stalking!

  19. I Hear Everything u are saying… They Only win, if u Let them win. Keep that in Mind. Especially when u are Dealing with Morons. Thats how the “leader” Controls the minions.. Bcuz They are Weak and Dumb. So they Fall for Whatever they hear and do the Dirty work. When I think abt it, it is Pathetic and Actually kinda Funny. I Highly Enjoy the Fact that they think their winning… Makes the End More Fun. So Point being… Always Stay Smarter then them.

  20. Dee – yep! As individuals, they are stupid. As a group, they think that makes them special or strong. And very true – they always have a leader which amuses me. They cannot think on their own terms.

    They are exactly like school bullies. It’s always a group and there is always a leader. It’s nine kids onto one.

    And honestly, I am considered intelligent. So sometimes I find myself enjoying figuring out their games. I enjoy proving I can go up against a group. But then it becomes boring. And it’s embarrassing to watch. They are not ashamed. I will never understand why.

    You are very right Dee – they only win if you let them. I have read all your comments here. You have to outsmart them. I too, tell them little stories that are lies and I watch as they scramble about spreading the information! It’s very funny.

    I said to one “gang stalkers have no sense of humour”. The woman looked furious!

    I think I know where mine came from. Now when I demand answers – most of them deny it. That is cruel.

    You are also right that it is the information about you that they crave. That is paramount in their minds. So you mess them up and lie. They are fascinated by me. I suppose I should be honoured in a strange way.

    But now they are also slandering my friends. THAT is bullying.

    Myself and my friend have chatted with them face to face. Some are responsive, some not. They never apologise. That is pathetic. As individuals, some are ok. But this is a pack mentality.

    I am just so happy to chat with people who finally understand after so long. And any and all replies or advice would be welcome!

  21. There is one way that you can be tracked very easily. In fact with the right tools you can monitor anyone with a mobile who’s GSM signal is being picked up. Turning off the GSM mode wont stop everything but if you feel like you are being watched in your own home then there is a good chance a local source to you has set up a GSM hack and mast. The mast is no different to a tv mast, ones located on the top of homes everywhere except it has a computer hooked up to it. Gsm is the G network where the Wcdma network is 3g with the latter being the safer.

    Gsm hacks are easily made mobile as long has they have a power source. However the length of time and the distance they cover is dependant on how much electricity it can provide.

    You dont even have to be a gangstalker target to have this done to you. Therefore turning the GSM mode off might help you to see if there are any changes to the environment you live. In other words if things ease off you know that this is the handy work of someone local. Any other information leaving from any electronic device you own such as pcs, tablets etc is via your internet connection or wireless connections.

    Although some gangstalking activities may seem to escalate to somewhat over the top methods the GSM method is the easiest of all.

    The problem is of course that your information may have been leaked for a long time and you will have been watched every step of the way. Itll mean that they will know where you go and what you do.

    Therefore its best to remember that not everyone is involved in gangstalking. Its a case of spying and distribution of your personal life.

    However this doesnt mean that Gdmsa 3g can’t be hacked. What you may notice by using it alone is that the external snitches will have a difficult time keeping up with you.

    My GSM mode was turned off for a while until one day I needed to use it in a low signal area. I left it on and forgot. As if by magic on the way home from my trip I got stuck behind some clown in a jeep driving 20mph in a national speed limit area. This continued for another two weeks until I switched it off again.

    It proves that they are linked far and wide but rely heavily on your mobile phone when you are out. Unless you are some kind of terrorist then you will notice some of the simple methods such as turning off your phone and pulling the battery out can make a difference. Its then you start to notice what scale it operates on. People who have been stalked for a long time will notice this more than those who are new to it. Anything you see elsewhere is the result of data harbouring. That means that it may appear that it is still happening but it is merely guess work.

    Of course turning gsm off isnt going to stop it but you may find people wanting to get close to you when out and about. They will have realised that they are not getting any reading and want to know why. Its at that point they start to get worried.

    They hate being watched themselves. Take photos, videos, log everything they do. You should see them quake when they get caught out especially when they are pretending to do something.

    What they are doing is completely illegal. In comparison you are an absolute saint. And dont forget these people will have seen some of your most intimate parts of your life knowing full well what they are doing.

    If you really had done something that bad then they would have to explain why they were letting it happen time and time again. Of course your not.

    Therefore it isnt justice. Its like the scene in American Beauty where the Nazi father thinks his son is gay when spying on him. He misinterpreted the situation because he didn’t see the whole situation. He never actually saw his son commiting a sexual act. He then takes it upon himself to take matters into his own hands. But of course he cant admit he was spying, his fear of his son being gay and everyone knowing got the better of him.

    If this was the real world a victim like this could have been slandered to the point where they might actually start believing it. Therefore that is manipulation. If it got to the point he started to believe it he may be accepting something against what he is and become it. That is brainwashing through and through.

    Justice is there to remind people that we arent all perfect and that compassion should exist above hate. Those who do terrible wrong doing should pay to set example. But this is not justice. It stinks of a communist dictatorship on its way.

    • I tried this couples of times. Unfortunately It did not work for me. But I agree that it may work for someone else.
      I went out without carrying my mobile phone, credit cards, driver’s license etc. Still they were able to track me. I don’t know. May be through satellite technology or facial recognition software. I am not sure.

  22. Well… Better Late, then Never. Its Nice to kno, Not Everyone is Blind. Although I was beginning to wonder. They make up their own stories, come to their own False conclusions.. Because they Can’t figure Me out. In order to pull others in, they must keep up their lies. Everything they have done and continue to do is Clear to Me, Always has been.. For the Most part, I play along. Jus to see how far they’ll go. Predicting their next move before they make it. Everything they have done, has crossed the line.. Yet, its All still petty, for the Most part. For Anyone to think that they have Ever won.. Is a Joke to Me. In Reality, I beat them at their Childish and Jealous Game Everytime. They will Always remain the Same.. As I Rise Above them. Every decision I make is Mine.. And is Well thought out. Everything I do is for a Reason. I will continue to Stand Strong against Any of them, at All times. Some that seem Close to Me, I kno Not to trust… I Allow them to be partially in My World, for a Reason. My Mind works Very Well and Gains knowledge Everyday. I appreciate your comments fully..

  23. Hi Dee, totally agree. They do make up stories. What I have heard about myself is so inaccurate as to be absurd and bordering on abusive! They have even begun to slander my friend’s good name. He has done nothing to them apart from stand firm and witness their behaviour with me. You are right – it’s all about pulling others in. I observed this dynamic yesterday, in fact. This to them makes them feel “right”. It just looks to me like what it is – bullying. I just observe the perping (as I did yesterday) and report it as harassment.

    And you do have to be careful of people close to you. They can begin to perp. However…it’s just about observing again. If they begin to perp. or do not stop it, drop them. I have a close-knit circle of friends.

    I have also learned that some people do not even recognise their own behaviour as perping. And after five years of studying them, I educate them when they do this. If they care for me, they then recognise it and stop. The real perps do not. They continue.

    They do cross the line consistently. It’s a total invasion of privacy and civil rights. But they think it’s ok if it’s a group. Just makes it more callous to us. So always listen to what they say and pre-empt them. Sounds like this is what you do.

    I mentioned my gang stalking has gone on for five years. If you do not mind my asking, how long has yours been going on? If that’s too personal, please feel free not to answer.

    Also the part you said about making up stories and coming to false conclusions. What have been stories have they made up about you? Again, if that’s too personal, it’s fine. I am really asking because I have learned that there are similarities in the perp. rumours. Many targets complain that they are hearing similar stories about themselves to other targets. These stories and the rumours are essential to gang stalking. because they continue the cycle of abusive behaviour and stalking.

  24. How coincidental… Around 5 years for me too. I Dont really believe in coincidence tho. They have spread Many lies.. Saying im Crazy.. Because they hide and provoke me.. Being the person I am, I Always stand up. Saying I sell drugs or sell my self.. Which is Hilarious to Me. Im quite sure theres more and at some point i’ll hear about it. Keep in Mind… None of these people know Me at all. They just follow each other like Drugged up Puppets.

    • I too got to know this around 2009-2010. So about 5 years ago. But When I thought about my past life events, I saw a clear pattern. So I noticed they have been doing this to me since my childhood. They have spread many lies about me too. They say I am crazy, alcoholic, sex addict,gay etc. It is funny how they play this game. Then, there is another group. They say ” No no He is so innocent. He does not like to socialize. He likes to be lonely. Leave him alone”. You see the point. Ultimate goal of both groups is to isolate me.

  25. Only Morons would listen… Anyone Real, finds out for themselves. It Doesn’t make much sense, what u are saying.. On one hand, theres people harassing… On the other, people r staying away.. If people weren’t So Dumb, they might figure out that.. I Dont change, I’m Always Me.. I Only Grow. I’ve Always chilled the same way… By Myself or with One Special person. Im Not in2 a bunch of people hanging out in my place… Or Me in theres. I have friends that will Always b my friends.. But I Don’t chill with them on a regular basis.. No Need. My Significant other is whom I want to spend my time with. Like I’ve said before I enjoy my solitude. As for u… Stick to who u Trust. Normal, Good people will come in2 your life. That Wont Listen to a Bunch of Morons. So No Worries… Stay Strong.

    • Thank you. I know it does not make any sense. Bu they use different methods at different times to harass me. When first method does not work, they use the second method. Now I have learnt to ignore them. May be, Those who say I am so innocent etc does not mean to isolate me. But my perpetrators use it so cunningly to isolate me. Also I know there are some people who try to help me. I know they are genuine people. But It sems like sometimes they also cant do anything. Despite all these, I try to stay positive.

  26. I have gotten to the point of not giving a damn what they say. They can whine on all they want. Both groups. That old saying is true: “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

    The “lonely” one is the funniest to me! I have lots of good friends. And when I am out, I only speak to people because I know they are gang stalkers and I am taking evidence…whether they like it or not! I watch and report.

  27. And the funniest thing of all is when gang stalkers try to turn your friends against you. I have learned again. I tell friends all their tricks, “She is this or that” (some of the rumours here mentioned) – and I tell them to humour them and call the police.

    The most hilarious thing is when they attempt to wave their “evidence” under their noses. This “evidence” is gained from the stalking. So it is dangerous.

    They are pathetic, lonely people unless they are in these groups. I feel very sad for them. My life is full of amazing people and experiences….and that is how it will stay.

  28. I haven’t left any comments in months but I am not feeling emotionally strong lately. The commentators on here seem to be supportive and caring, which is why I come back to leave another message. Gangstalking has taken so much from me and I am so very lonely and would love to have friends. I trust nobody and when I do trust someone they betray me and treat me horribly out of nowhere. I have become cold and cynical and heartless at times. Is this common for some TI’S? I would love to talk with anyone on here for a chance at friendship. Nobody believes my story and people just laugh at me and harass me constantly. I can be strong sometimes but i can not be strong all the time. So having some support would be an absolute Godsend.

    • I totally understand what you say. I feel lonely too. I used to be a social butterfly. Today, no body talks to me except my family. I try to talk to friends via facebook. Also I go to some chat sites. Keep in mind, there are lots of cyber bullies in chat sites too. Also you can go out and talk to strangers. Sometimes you may find good people.

    • I’m also a TI but have total victory over all of it! Learned years ago to turn every negative into a positive! I live in Dothan, AL & have often wondered if there are other TI’s in this area. It would be nice to connect with people who are going through some of the same horrible things I’ve experienced.

  29. Always Trust your gut… Follow your instincts when dealing with people you Don’t know. Do good and you Will Prevail. The perps are actually the Lonely ones. Thats why they focus on us.

  30. So very tru… I almost feel sorry for them… Almost.

  31. Totally agree with all above comments!! Please stay strong. It really does become easier. Learn what they are saying about you…and use it against them!

    I always find that main perp gang stalkers have their little “worker bee” gang stalkers around them. You take away their power by taking the worker-bees to task. Ensure that they face responsibility over and over. They do begin to back away. Then the perpetrators are left lonely, exposed and embarrassed. Always expose the perps in public. Never slander them…always tell the truth.

    It’s always a case of communicating over and over. They do begin to drop away eventually. It’s hard work – and it is painful. But it can be done. This is their mess – they made it. Make them clean it up. Gang stalkers will use ANYONE around them. Don’t allow them to.

    One theme I have found with the main perpetrators is jealousy. I am considered attractive and intelligent. I am also extremely strong. I have great friendships and am admired. Gang stalker perps hate this. They see the other gang stalkers as friends. They feel popular. But they are using each other.

    Once you begin to break the links between them, they are exposed as lonely damaged individuals. I feel for them. They are so focused on me because they have something missing from their lives. They are using me because they admire me. Hold on to this thought.

  32. They’re using microwave weapons on me 24/7 which have caused some TIs to become incapacitated. I’m amazed at the strength God gives me and the determination to never ever give up; it’s simply not an option! I would hate to reap what they’ve sown.

  33. Wow… Eyes Wide Open.. I agree with every word u wrote. Its Nice to kno other people Understand. That Everyone is Not a Fool. They deserve whats coming to them… Karma is a Bitch. I’ve often heard them say “Prove it”… That makes Me Smile.


      • Yes, Stalkingnightmare. That is, if you were replying to my comment. My apologies if you were not. I used to care what they thought. But you need to get to a point where you emotionally disconnect.

        After five years of stalking, sexual attacks, physical attacks, serious threats and two near-death experiences from gang stalking – yes, I do believe wholeheartedly, that they admire me.

        I am a fighter. I came through all that and I survived. Yes, it has hardened me. And I have lost “friends” who clearly were not friends over this.

        But I refuse to let my present friendships and my life be ruined by them, now. Metaphorically speaking, I kick ass with gang stalkers on a daily basis now. I have to. And I think they admire my strength.

        I see them as a challenge and I make sure they know that I am in charge – not them.

        Gang stalkers like to scapegoat. This is why they use me. But it does not work now. I tell them this. They have tried to bribe and threaten my friends, also. It does not work.

        They feel the love these people have for me….and they are jealous of this. For all of these reasons, yes I believe they admire me. I do not admire them.

      • I was talking to that troll who is trying to spam..
        I hear you supersaver.We need to fight back. We need to let the world know who we are. We need to let our friends know what we really want and like. Our friends try to judge us based on what they hear from our perpetrators.

  35. Indeed, Stalkingnightmare. They do – which is why you have to be powerful with friends. Then they begin to think that the perpetrators are behaving like morons. Which is true.

    It can be difficult. Even friends are social beings…they hear the rumours. But true ones listen to you.

    What I have learned from gang stalking primarily, is to turn the other cheek. I now let the rumours wash over me.

    I have always been strong. Sometimes too strong. I was too loyal and protective towards people. Friends dropped me over the rumours. Now I walk away more easily.

    I have also considered moving away again many, many times. But the strength of my friendships keeps me here. I have real love in my life. Gang stalkers do not. I admire myself.

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