Psychological warfare

Most of the things, I described here happened(more precisely I started to notice) only after I joined an email company in 2009. Before that, I had a fairly normal life(yes fairly), even though surveillance had begun long before I worked there. Some people honestly try to help me while some others try to ruin my life.  So I want to stress that I do not intend to offend anyone who honestly try  to help me.

The perpetrators monitor me 24/7.  They listen to my phone calls. They listen to all my conversations. They watch my every move ( They even know what I do inside my apartment) , read my emails, credit card transactions, observe my personality, behavior, hobbies,  shopping habits……Well, They monitor pretty much everything that I do and say. They have been monitoring me without my knowledge since my childhood. Maybe since the day I was born. We never know.  I only happened to know this when I was mobbed at the email marketing company in USA. Apparently, that was the beginning of the second phase of this surveillance program.  That is the time the perpetrators let the target know that  target is being watched or under constant surveillance.  Before they launched the second phase of the harassment(sensitization), they had created my personal profile based on my personal information. They know everything about me. They know my likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, personality, behavior,my shopping habits, my hobbies, my friends, relatives etc. Not only they monitor but also they share my personal information with my friends, co-workers, relatives, my managers and even strangers so that they are motivated to say or do something negative. However, It is only certain people who harass me.  The perpetrators have created well-coordinated, international civilian spy network. I believe that rogue elements of intelligence community around the world are behind this. They use various community groups from neighborhoods,people from big corporations, religious organizations,police,military etc. Each group may have a leader and they may control the group and me. Otherwise ,no one else is cable of doing this type of surveillance and harassment in such a large-scale. Whenever I meet a new person, the perpetrators approach that person directly or indirectly and share my personal information with him/her.

( Updated on 10/20/2016 – Actually, now I believe the perpetrators use mind control technology /Remote neural monitoring to motivate the people to do certain things or act in a certain way or say certain things. So they may not contact  the people around me at all. It may be done remotely. Maybe they use both methods).

They remotely control the way people think about me. They control how people see me. In this way, they can control who I am going to be friendly with , who I am going to hang out with etc. Basically, the perpetrators control my personal relationships with my friends, co-workers etc. Apparently, those groups have the ability to control every aspect of my life. Most of the groups take this opportunity to change my likes, dislikes, behavior etc as they wish. ex : If the group has a nationalist agenda, they try to shape me into a nationalist. If they are religious, they try to make me a religious person. Most importantly they do this without my consent. Most of the people don’t care what I like and what I want in my life. Their main objective is to gain total control of my life.

If they notice that I am out of control or not in line with their agenda, then they punish me. If they notice that I accept the group’s common ideology,agenda, then they reward me.  This is a psychological warfare.  Psychological slander campaign is brutal. The perpetrators use my friends, co-workers and even strangers to influence my thought process. I believe most of the time my friends have no idea about this psychological manipulation. Seemingly there are many informal sub-groups in this disinformation campaign. I assume all these sub-groups are manipulated by one main group.It could be like a pyramid scheme. There are different levels and those who are at the top control every other group. It is up to them whether to harass me or not. Everyone in each group is not bad. Somehow real perpetrators try to turn everyone against me and destroy all my support systems. The perpetrators use divide and conquer strategy to turn people from different races and religions against me. Some people actually pretend like helping me. In reality, they are doing exactly the opposite. They might say.” He is such an innocent guy. He does not know anything. He is such a nerd. leave him alone”. Well for an outsider, this seems like an innocent statement. However, still their intention could be something negative. Because of how they portrait me, I may lose a friend I really like. I may not able to talk to a woman I like after she is told so. Instead, a stranger gets to know me by talking to me or hanging out with me, He/she gets to know me through someone else or through rumors.  The stranger already assumes I am a certain type of person. If one rumor is not working, the perpetrators may say something like this. ” He is sleeping around. You deserve a better person. He could be dangerous”. When the woman hears this, she does not want to talk to me anymore. You get the picture. They take control of the relationship between my friends and I. They gradually feed disinformation to all who I associate with. This is a gradual process. At the beginning, this may look like some kind of silly jokes for outsiders. Sometimes they pretend like they are helping me. (Actually, there are people who help me. So It is very difficult for people to identify who is really helping me and who is pretending like helping me.)  They manipulate my friends to influence me so that they can keep me in line. The perpetrators know that it’s the best way to inflict the maximum damage. I believe even some civilians are recruited by the perpetrators. Once they are part of this program, they never accept that this type of harassment exists. Some people around me are easily fooled by the perpetrators. My friends in other states, countries have no idea what really happens here. Let’s say that I did not get along with a senior person in one particular group. Maybe he did not like my personality. This person could be a someone who has connection to the perpetrators. Next day he reports back to the network that I do not like senior people and I do not get along with them. He generalize a single incident. So gradually, every senior person from all races, religions, countries are made to assumes I would not get along with every single senior person on earth. This is achieved through a controlled communication/mind control. Based on my reaction with an individual, the perpetrators generalize it. They misinterpret it. I have no idea what my perpetrators say to other people unless they react. Sometimes I can guess what sort of lies are told by observing their reactions. Audience(my friends, relatives, family, co-workers, strangers) are constantly fed with disinformation. Local groups carefully manipulate all information. They do not want to look bad. So they never accept that I am being harassed or manipulated even if they know the truth. Again there are some exceptions. Still there are nice people who do not take advantage of my situation. The perpetrators use racial, religious stereotypes as well as any other difference to turn people against me. Those differences could be race, religion, color, region, country, profession, age, gender etc. Basically, it could be anything. I only know what the reason is only after people react. I notice that someone who has never talked to me in person before suddenly hates me. Observing the person’s reaction, I assume what kind of lies perpetrators could have told that person. It is very difficult for me to say or do as stalkers take things out of context of what I say or do and share it with everyone else. So lots of people misunderstand me or misread me. All humans do not think alike or act alike. So someone is always offended when my personal information is shared.  Gradually the perpetrators want me to solely depend on them so that they can easily manipulate me. No one talks to me naturally anymore. Everyone seems to be so artificial. This is a very unfortunate situation. (Please refer the link  “psychological harassment and psychological manipulation” on top right corner of this page for additional information. This is exactly how they do the manipulation).

Sometimes some of my friends post negative statements on Facebook. It could be  about something I did or said in the previous day. Or else It could be something about me beliefs, likes, personality or political opinion.  This friend could be someone who lives in another country. But still she/he gets that information very quickly. Different friends post the same thing on the same day. When I see these comments or posts, I want to tell them. “No, I did not mean it that way. You are misinterpreting it”. But I do not want to argue with every friend and lose them one by one. I know it is not their fault. They are manipulated by the perpetrators. Besides, everyone does not post negative things.  Actually, some of them post some positive things to motivate me. They are trying to help me to stay positive.  If I criticize some political idea, religious view or something, the very next day, I can see several retaliation posts on Facebook. I believe the perpetrators exaggerate what I say in order to turn other people against me. They probably do this in indirect ways. I assume this is a gradual process. This is one-way communication process. My friends always hear one side of the story. The perpetrators are extremely cunning. They even stage certain incidents to convince the audience/my friends that what they say about me is true. They divert their topics during our conversation urging me to say something negative about another friend or a group. Stalkers try to break all my support systems and isolate me from the society. The perpetrators want to convince the audience that I am a loner.  The truth is they create a situation where I do not want to hang out with people due to the fear of being bullied or harassed. The perpetrators use my friends, co-workers, strangers to influence my thought process. The perpetrators use various psychological tactics such as coercive persuasion, classical conditioning, silent punishment, breaking social norms etc. The real perpetrators try to frustrate me and demoralize me. Every time I meet a new person, I notice that he or she becomes a puppet of the perpetrators after a while. Some of them even become perpetrators. I just have to play dumb and ignore their bad acting. Everything is orchestrated. All their acts are scripted and meant to provoke me, hurt me, influence my thought process, and make me feel bad or sad. Those acts are scripted to induce undesirable emotions. The perpetrators get into my ego as well. They play with my emotions and ego. They get into emotions and ego of my friends too. Whenever the perpetrators notice that I like someone, they try to manipulate that person to harass me. I used to be a social, fun-loving,friendly person. I had dreams. I planned certain things. I wanted to do certain things. I wanted to achieve certain things. I wanted to explore the world. I wanted to help people. I wanted to get to know people and make new friends. I am not saying I am a perfect person. I have made mistakes in my life.  I don’t think any human being is perfect. But What I am saying is I have not done a single crime in my whole life to be treated like this. Now I realized everything has changed.  I am not sure I could be that person ever again.

The perpetrators sensitize me to certain words and later they ask my friends, co-workers and even strangers to mention those words during our conversion. The same way, they can use objects, certain acts to sensitize me. When I hear the same word and phrase over and over from different people at different places, I get to know the person who uses those words or phrases is being manipulated. Then I feel like betrayed. I gradually lose interest in talking to these people.  Sometimes I get mad too. The perpetrators try to make me look like a crazy person. Sometimes people simply pass hints on me or do some silly jokes. Not knowing what they are doing, lots of people participate in this stalking game. Some of them think this is just a simple joke. As they don’t see the complete picture, they don’t see the sinister side of this program. Let alone dating it is extremely difficult to make any friends now as the perpetrators contact every person comes  into my life and turn them into zombie-like people. They decide whom I can talk to or hang out with.  They know what types of people I can get along with. So they make sure I would not meet them. Even If I meet someone I like, the perpetrators try to find a way to distance me from that person.  The perpetrators do not let me to get to know educated, urban, young and middle age crowd. Especially those who are stylish and modern. So If I talk to one of them the perps tell something bad about me. On the other hand, they ask a narrow-minded, small town, old fashion person to be nice to me. This way they can control who I am going to hang out with. Early stage of the manipulation process, I did not know this. After a while I realized, I rarely get a chance to meet people I really like.

Different groups have different agendas. The group leaders decide everything. (Keep in mind these are informal groups). They control every aspect of my life. However, people in the lower level of this pyramid have no power and they are just the messengers.  Whenever I meet a new group or start a new job, I am tested. It is more like a personal/psychological test. Everything is orchestrated. They may think I am not aware of being tested.  I am sensitized to their certain acts and words. When I am tested by my friends, co workers, strangers every time I meet them, I feel like they all are fake friends and they are part of this. When I hang out with my friends or any group, I get an unusual attention from everyone in the group. Apparently, they observe me and report back everything I do and say. Everyone wants me to accept them regardless of their interests, personalities etc. Whenever they think, I do not like their views or agendas, they tend to harass me psychologically. They report back in a negative way. When someone knows my personal information, weaknesses, fears, desires etc, it is natural that person could use them against me to hurt me whenever that person feels threatened, inferior, hurt or something. It is the normal human nature.This program utilizes it to harass the target. Imagine everyone in my social circle knows them. The people always act like groups. Groups can be formed based on some common cause. They ask their friends, followers and supporters to make a derogatory comment or say or do something rude whenever they think I am not in line. There are some nice people who are friendly and not hostile. When this happens over a long period of time, I tend not to express my personal view in front of my friends, co workers etc. This is how the programs is used to silent me. They gradually isolated me from the society. The perpetrators quickly jump into conclusion and label me the way they want as soon as I say or do something. Let’s say I don’t like a woman because I am not attracted to her. Then one group may say I don’t like women of her race or religion or color her age range. The perpetrators try to generalize it. They do not let me date anyone. They think I am not deserved to be loved. Ultimately my friends are confused too. They do not know what I like and What I don’t like anymore. They see me through perpetrators view-point.

One of their goals is to degrade the quality of my life. They do not let me enjoy my life.  The perpetrators try to humiliate me or agitate me. They play with my ego and emotions. When I fight back, the audience thinks I am arrogant, senseless, heartless, hot-tempered person. The audience does not know that I have been going through this for years. When I am forced to do something that I don’t like, I can do it for couples of times. But when it happens for a long period of time repeatedly, I tend to get intimidated. It frustrates me.  Like I said the perpetrators know my personality. They know what types of people I like etc.

I realize some people do this not knowing what they are doing. Some people are part of this just to help me. Some people do this for some personal gains. It could be something like getting a favor when buying a house or a car. Also, it could be a job promotion. Some people do this for pure pleasure. Some people think they are doing a social service. Some other may have been  forced to do this. Some people just enjoy controlling another human being. Some people enjoy the false sense of power by engaging these activities. In a normal scenario they are not capable of doing it. Also racism, religious beliefs, skin color, profession, social status or any other difference could be a motivational factor. I have a feeling that my friends are being manipulated and they don’t have freedom to take own decision when they hang out with me or talk to me.  I come to know that they are instructed to say certain things or act in certain ways. This is when I gradually lose interest in talking to my friends.  I lost interest in hanging out with people.  I am afraid one day I will lose faith in humanity. This is how the system is designed. Gradually I lose some feelings like love, compassion, self-satisfaction etc. This is a very unfortunate situation. When you are trying to get to know someone, all of sudden you notice that he/she starts talking about your personal life in indirect way.(Most of the time in a negative way). Sometimes you may have to defend yourself against some kinds of accusations. Some people honestly want to help me because they know my situation. They try to introduce me to new people. Unfortunately, perpetrators blends with my friends/co-workers.They may also pretend like helping me. But they are doing exactly the opposite.

When I move to a new area, the perpetrators recruit leaders from those local community groups  and religious organizations etc. When they recruit these people, they carefully decide who can be used against me. They act as intermediate handler between top leaders and people at the bottom of this stalking pyramid. They feed the information to lower level. Audience or the people at the bottom of the pyramid are not aware of this. The ideology/agenda of top level group leaders are the same. When it comes to lower lever, there could be people from different backgrounds. They do not know that they are fed with controlled, scripted information. The new groups also use the same protocol to harass me. Intensity could be varied. I do believe local fusion centers in every state have a direct connection to this multi-stalking. They may coordinate groups. However, I don’t think they directly contact people. They probably use those civilian groups. Whoever is behind this program, wastes a huge amount of tax payer’s money to carry out these operations. But definitely individual groups have greater control over my life. Sometimes a religious group maybe on the driving seat. Sometimes it could be a community group or  some other group. This is why I feel that the perpetrators want me to do different things at different time. I see the reaction of the audience also changes when I move into different places. This is because each group shares my personal information the way they want. If they want they can make me look like an evil person or a church boy. The perpetrators decide what type of person I could be. The perpetrators can mislead or confuse the people. Most of the time, the perpetrators try to turn other people against me.

Like I said there are many informal sub-groups. They are from all races, religions, social classes, colors, political parties, regions, countries, professions, small towns, big cities, age groups etc. Informal group leaders of each group want me to accept them and reject other groups. This is an impossible scenario. If one group feels that I get along well with another group, the first group started spreading lies and rumors so that they gradually turn the 2nd group against me. Vice versa is also true. Most of the people do not acknowledge that this is a harassment. They may be participating in these programs because they are afraid of retaliation. Some people do not understand it. Some people are forced to participate in this game. Some of them are blackmailed. There are other factors too. Some people enjoy controlling someone else life . Some people enjoy the false senses of  power. This could just be one group who manipulate people from all different races, religion, and color. I cannot pinpoint which group is good and which group is bad. There are good and bad people in every group.

The perpetrators can track me even If I go to another country. So apparently this is an international network. This could be a collaboration work of intelligence agencies of many different countries. (It could be an informal group). Yet all my life events are controlled by the regional stalking groups. I am yet to be fully convinced that this a government sponsored program, even though the government is not ready to investigate these types of crimes. Maybe some rogue elements of intelligence agencies have teamed up with civilian organizations to push their own personal agendas. Or else this could be a government sponsored program to keep people in line.


9 thoughts on “Psychological warfare

  1. I have been stalked and bullied by an employee of our local airport. In 2009, we called to see if the student pilots would please stop doing stall maneuvers over our homes. Within one hour, we were being destroyed. Three weeks later, every single jet so low our homes shook. Lived here 11 years before that call, and never once did a jet fly over this urban forest. This man is a true monster. Every place we go, he sends military jets over, military helicopters over. We live nowhere near an airport and there is NO MILITARY BASES ANYWHERE NEAR US. We are not under any path. This was created to cause suicide. NO ONE WILL HELP US AGAINST FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. How many people have lost their lives, their children. their homes because some federal employee abused their powers? I want to die. I am 60 years old, never even had a cavity, and I am ready to leave the planet. This is too cruel and NO ONE WILL STOP HIM. No Scott Kelly, not anyone. ARE THERE ANY HEROS LEFT? My life depends on it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – SOMEONE DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. HE WANTS ME DEAD AND I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE. 6 YEARS!!! Every hotel, every restaurant, every bookstore, every doctors appointment, the beach, the park. He listens to our calls and emails and if he doesn’t like what we’re writing, he sends a jet way too low. This is psychological wartime torture tactics by a SUPER BULLY. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

    1. . Gang stalking is a new form of crime. Police do not deal with it because people share a victim so there is no trace of the perpetrators. Victims can be chosen because they are isolated, have mental health issues, and/or are kind people. This is not to say that people that tend to stand against what is commonly accepted by our society are not victims. Gangstalking begins with a campaign that uses color sensitivity, crowding, gaslighting (moving into your home and move things around) and sound sensitivity to keep a victim from sleeping and to throw them off psychologically. Particular employees of utility companies use phone wires & electrical wires to set up microphones aimed into homes to use noise to attack the victim. Utility companies do not keep tabs on employees that go out on calls.These employees say that they are on lunch from their work vehicles, leave work early or arrive early to plan to attack a victim. The system itself is set up so that these employees can get away with attacking victims because there is much free time in their job situation and little accountability. Police know how this works, they even know who these people are however as I was told by a policeman, there are real crimes to worry about leaving little resources left to chase criminals that are causing mental health crimes. After the campaign others are paid and recruited to say things to the victim that are very personal. What the victimized population does not stop to think about is that in today’s society we as a population live our private life in public through Facebook, twitter, or instagram, prime information for anyone to access. Conversations are set up with random people that are recruited to retrieve information from the victim. The victim innocently gives personal information by answering what seem to be harmless questions not expecting the person having the conversation with them of anything but just having a conversation. However, there is an alternative intention-to offer up information about the victim. The victim not realizing, tells everything. These criminals know how to abuse technology, there is a back door they know how to access to look at your credit card transactions, telephone conversations and email conversations or send messages using your digital lines. As we all know technology is advancing faster than safety protocols can be put in place. Radio waves can be used to open car doors and steal things from inside cars, they can drive past a car and change the digital dial on car radios from cable dishes, any technological gadget that runs on radio waves is susceptible to be used in an attack. Common tool that scientists use for good, these criminals have learned to use to attack people. These criminals use common everyday things to throw their victims off. Sugar water, germs and virus’ to cause stomach discomforts or illnesses, allergens that victims might be allergic to, again I don’t know how they are accessing this but many things can be sold on the black market and there are always people needing money or greedy for money that may be selling scientific and medical biological substances that can make victims sick. Victims cannot explain what is happening to them so they opt to explain their experience as “technological” attacks. Criminals use scapolamine or a substance like that to do two things, to plant a biorhythm chip into the body that can also act as a transmitter device to find the victim later. This device can also read a bodies biorhythms. They also take blood to know allergens or medical weaknesses victims have or may have in the future. These criminals build their reputation on the victim’s very anxiety laden responses, once they have a victim scared they can write engorged details about what is supposedly happening in their organization to torture victims. Victims thrown off by their fear and anxiety go to the internet for answers. There they read information that is controlled by the criminals and leads them to believe that these criminals are capable of causing cancer, and are using other technology to read their thoughts. Victims believe these things are happening to them, especially because they cannot explain it. The vicious circle of misinformation creates a world that seems psychologically and therefore powerfully imbalanced with the criminals having all the control. Victims have to learn to help each other. Many times neighbors and friends may have been given untruthful information about the victims. Victims know these criminals attack homes and cars. Now we know the police force does not have the resources to help victims. The only way to defeat this is to be there for each other. Every time victims get angry and swear at their perpetrators they are falling exactly where these criminals want them. Retaliation and anger is exactly the response that keeps the cycle moving and keeps people as victims. Instead victims need to band together on the internet or blogs or facebook and simply support each other through the campaign portion of these crime. Public theater, loud conversations that victims are meant to hear, being followed, and gaslighting has one purpose to induce mental health issues. The best way to combat mental health issues is to talk to someone who is willing to listen, empower and understand. Be that for each other. Other ways to cope include using headphones with calming music during the noise attacks that are coming from the wires outside the victim’s homes, ignoring the perpetrators, and surrounding victims with true friends. True friends have to be people that the victim knew before the campaign happened. These criminals will indict themselves if the victims just quietly wait. Their behaviors will stick out as odd and mean and they will condemn themselves. What these perpetrators don’t realize is that they don’t look normal. They look like they are trying to cause havoc and anger. As a victim, don’t discuss this with your immediate friends and family. This is important because it keeps a sense of normalcy in the life of the victim. Find an internet outlet for these discussions with other victims. However, surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family if they can be found, will keep you from isolating yourself and create even more opportunity for these people to attack you as the victim. These perpetrators will expose your weaknesses, we all have them, even the criminals that are coming after the victims- so find ways to turn the tables. Know yourself, your weakness and your strengths. Embrace yourself for who you are and know that you are the underdog in the situation and that makes you innocent. If situations can be explained then they are not so scary any more. By being able to logically explain what is happening you take power away from the criminals. Historically Hitler was the criminal, his victims innocent. Think of every movie; child’s movie, super hero movie, where there is a “bad guy” that loses in the end, it is the victim that comes out on top. Find inspiration in music, movies, art, physical activity…know that in the end you as the victim have done nothing to deserve what you are experiencing. After all if you really deserved what you were getting these criminals wouldn’t be doing it in secret. I don’t know who these criminals are, maybe they are psychopaths that have found an outlet for their own mental health imbalance, maybe they are average everyday people that are jealous, angry or feel cheated in life, maybe they are the multiple ex cons that have been empowered by our system by given them blue collar work. Regardless of who these people are one thing is for sure, they have set up a pretty good system and the only way to break the system is by logically and reasonably call them out, in the end their hatred and anger will do them in. I am calling all of you victims to ban together, leave hatred at the door and share what is happening to you so that the majority can stop the minority. Dr. Martin Luther King stated, ““Let no man pull you so low as to hate him. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, there comes a time when silence is betrayal and NEVER forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was illegal.”

      To these people that decide to prey on their neighbors, friends, coworkers and complete strangers I say “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr. Let’s start to make a difference in society.

      1. Thank you for your comment. Also thank you for your advice. I agreed with most of the facts that you mentioned above except two. First, I am not sure how or why a target is chosen. I don’t think targets/Victims are isolated or mentally ill before that harassment occurs. Rather harassment causes social isolation or target to be depressed, stressed out etc. This is how the program was designed. I used to be a very social person. I did have lots of friends. But today my only social interaction is via through social networking sites.
        Also I have been going through this for a long time, even before that social networking sites like facebook, twitter are found. I agree definitely that perpetrators gather our personal information through facebook, twitter etc. However, I have a good feeling that even without those sites, they are able to track us and gather all our personal details. I am not exactly how they do that. May be combination of several methods like satellite technology, information from those who are in target’s life etc. Also I use those social networking sites to expose this crime against humanity. Like you said, we need to get together and fight back.

  2. make no mistake – it is harassment and it is a crime. however, the law courts are usually very ineffective in mounting an effective response – the existing processes are stacked against you in such situations. The disguise of “friends” is always dangerous when it is used to infiltrate your close space and misuse it for undisclosed agendas that are not apparent to other onlookers. It is and is intended to be exhausting, it takes time from your efforts to get anything productive done, and thus amplifies their efforts to make you look unproductive, frazzled and out of control. There will be an endless stream of demands until you eventually say no and then will be paraded out as selfish or lacking conscience.

    Think hard and fast and act after consideration . Find peace and quiet wherever you can for however short a time as they stalk you. Recognise that every friendship will have risks and think carefully about them. Never let their abuses be used against you by the way you respond.

    You need friends as powerful s they are to take them on and they wont let you make them while they are around. – or will destroy them as well

    Make them realise that they will never get what they seek and eventually the legal processes will defeat them – although they may destroy your life at present they will still pay for their haranguing and attacks – either through traditional routes or through societal objections, Their lies will eventually be apparent. The thrashing beast will try and take you down with it for sure.

    Never do a deal wtih them. in any shape or form – and remember they eventually had to pay the slave labourers from the Nazi camps and return the looted assets

  3. OMG yes, perfectly described, Kate!! To a “T”! I’ve been under constant attack from every angle w/ the demands. None of it your avg, run-of-the-mill happenstance. Reading your post helped me calm my frustrations about ongoing ‘1 step fwd, 2 steps back”, lather, rinse. repeat. Feeling like I’m swimming upstream and exhausted and making almost no progress w/ the simplest things.

  4. the methods and the mechanism of stalking by and large remain the same,irrespective of who is being long as the person doesn t realise, that .he or she is being stalked,there are no visible affects in the individual.however ,once when the persons realise, that they are being stalked,but are unable to identify who the stalker is/are and why the stalking happens,that is when, a cascade of confusion ,fear,anxiety etc emotions descend on the individual.the important aspect is the graduality with which the entire process proceeds.the insidious nature and the reach of the stalking pattern involving multitude of people is the real disturbing feature.

    while stalking could be done for various reasons,the most painful is moral stalking of women ( even if married ) and girls. shadow stalking a woman or a girl for moral reasons,by / organisations / neighbours / media / public / individuals ,with due knowledge of the woman/girl induces a sense of unwanted ( the world is not replete with puritans after all ) shame,embarassment,guilt,unworthiness,and many other perplexed feelings.the publication of such moral stalking processes,procedures,acts etc creates many a subgroup or individual who can sustain the process ,even though the originator of stalking can still be live with their hidden motives.the flip side of the publication of moral stalking of an individual woman/girl is the immediate threat to her physical security,with psychological security not to be excluded.the justifiers of stalking will generally be abject,and it wouldn t be surprising ,if they say,that a woman /girl who they think is morally corrupt,has got no locus standii to complain about threats to her physical safety. it is tantamount to saying, that a woman /girl who is said to be a prostitute,should not claim right for her bodily privacy.taken on an antonymic scale,a prostitute s body belongs to anyone and everyone to be gazed at and probed .going on an extreme ,she can even be raped in public.p,men won t take her case.there won t be any public outcry either.this,at the outset might appear like medievality,but it is still in vogue,in civil societies very much at the thought level.

    we have seen evolution taking place at the physical level,for over several thousands of years. humans started living in groups for better survival.their social formations did have many advantages .the extremes of human greediness also started from such thing ,was the concept of private property.this necessiated propertifying women as the wife/wives of men.since then started the mere bodily living of women in the society.the subservient attitude ( on part of women ) necesssary to accomplish the objectification process,was instilled by religion,and it got so hardwired into the male and female psyche,that even a small deviation becomes untenable and scorchingly punishable,again only for women and can afford to be loafers,yet enjoy godly status,positions of power and money.the society has absolutely no qualms about that.this said,not all societies and individuals are treating women inferiorily.many societies are more evolved socially,and many individuals too.the moral stalkers are perhaps not aware of that.even if they are aware of that,their pride( sometimes wounded pride), their desire to coercive control the woman/girl to justify their stalking habits would not let them see reason and conscientious wisdom never prevails on them.the result,the victim is always victimised.

    so far,i wrote generally. telling specifically,i myself ,i am affected by moral stalking for the past ten years or,institutions,neighbours,public have all been part of the was not just to prevent me from indulging in moral transgressions,for which ,i am said to be having hangover/racedivistic/unquenchable/incorrigible tendencies ,at a mind boggling 24/7 schedule,but also to have their superiority established over me.the most pricking was when i was connected to many a man/guy,whom i had not even seen/talked with.even more pricking was the fact that such rumours were started by women,greeted by men and perpetuated by both.the prankster who initiated the immoralising – me scenario,i am sure will be living scot free,as he is a a man.

    i find a lot of similarity in terms of the techniques described in the article,and what happened/happens in my case.the important effect( as pointed out in the article ) that is to be taken cognisance of,as with any stalking,moral stalking in particular ,is the fact, that it delves into our psyche so much,that it becomes difficult to have normal human emotions and relationships.mind is always clouded with doubts,as to the believability of people around us,sometimes our own close my case,the in-house cameras, cell phone-cameras,laptop-cameras,workplace-cameras,public place- cameras have been pressed into service to monitor me.this has deprived me of my bodily privacy.the worst part is associating and attributing meanings to my gestures,actions,facial expressions,notwithstanding my age and the fact that i am an orthopaedic patient.the stalking takes a ridiculing note,in the form of horn sounds, animal sounds,bell sounds,advertisements in the media, songs in bus,objects and actions .they are also used to agni pariksha me.the repugnant effect, all these have left in me, is that,i have become overly self conscious,as to what action/gesture/expression of mine will be taken for what.the camera stalkers ensure that they arrange for some sound in the street adjacent,to make me know,that they have seen my face in a particular context,which is taken as a proof of my erstwhile culpability.this has a reinforcing effect in me and leaves me extremely embarassed and conscious.i find myself severely crippled for mental and physical space.being stalked is an emotionally draining,benumbing feel to experience.

    when the societies have gone to the extent of fighting for animal rights,plant rights,eco rights( not that these rights should not be fought for),here live the stalkers,who don t believe in – humane ways of dealing with the victim,meaningful ways of fact finding,objective ways of analysing the situation,genuine ways of ironing out differences between people,impersonal ways to understand the victim s standpoint,magnanimous ways to accept individual perception.

    .the stalkers have no regard for the legal system.they have lot of regards for their pride,ego,position,power,social influence.they collate all these to target and minimise /erase the victim.if stalking goes for years ,it doesn t just become a becomes a daymare and even a lifemare,marring the life and psyche of the victim irreversibly.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with the inhuman way people treat one another in society. It is hypocritical on so many levels, especially with all the argument about the rights of every other living thing on the planet, that human animals have little or no regard for one another in the same light.

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