My Diary

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” – Abraham Lincoln

(Please note that if you are not a victim of this crime, you may think these are mishaps happening in our day to day life. But I experience these mishaps pretty much everyday. Frequency is the key. Also they are well coordinated events. But if you are not a victim You may think that I am just unlucky or something. I don’t blame you for jumping into a such  conclusion. )

11-06-2017 –  I am not able to turn on my laptop for one week. This is the third laptop which has the same issue in four years. As I knew something like this is going to happen, I paid extra for three year warranty, When I bought this laptop this time.  Also my cellphone has charging issue. It was fixed month ago. Again I have the same issue. Our vehicle has A/C problem. I went to three mechanics at five different times. They  fix it so I can drive it only for two or three months without any issue. It comes again after couple of months. As I don’t have any income it is extremely difficult to spend money on these things now.

11-01-2017 –  There is a crack on one of the beams in my renovated apartment. I tried to call the contractor. But he avoids answering my calls.  I spent my little savings on renovating my apartment hoping that I can rent it later as I don’t have any income right now.

02-20-2017 – Today my mother went to Wadduwa office to check the approval of the house plan. Again she was informed that the officer is not at the office.  This is what they told me when I went there couples of weeks ago. They have been delaying this for more than 3 months now. Usually, this takes only three weeks to get it approved.

02-15-2017 – My parents want to move from Ambalangoda to Panadura as my sister and I live in Panadura. Almost all of our relatives live in Colombo.  They want to sell their house in Ambalangoda so that they can buy a new house in Panadura. But they are struggling to sell it as no one comes to buy it. If someone is interested, he/she asks it for below the market value.  Also I want to get my Panadura apartment refurbished. I hope to rent this out if I don’t have any other income. (Apparently, they are not going to let me work again. So I need to find a way to make some extra money.) I want to get the plan approved by the Panadura PC – Wadduwa office. I submitted this plan on 11/15/2016. I still have not heard anything from them. I called them couples of times. Once they hung up. I even went to the office. The officer was not there when I went there. Keep in mind, this plan was already approved two years ago. I made some changes to inside walls. Now I want to get it approved again. Also this is only a 500 sqfts upstairs apartment. This is not a big task. They keep delaying it. On top of that, I am struggling to find builders. If I find one, they try to overcharge me. Or else they mess it up so that it costs me more.

01-30-2017-  Today, HR manager informed me politely that they don’t have any projects for me as they are unable to find any Business Intelligence/Reporting projects. I have been doing nothing for months and I expected this. I have experienced this at my previous work places. Now I know the pattern. They asked me what I was going to do. I told them I would give my resignation. I already knew this was coming. The perpetrators have determine not to let me work anymore. I have not really worked in years now. I have forgotten most of the things in my field. I am not sure what I can do now.

03-20-2016 – When I was driving today, I was cut off by a motor cyclist. I was driving at around 10 mph as It was slow moving traffic. He hit the left corner of the front buffer. This is another form of harassment. People cut me off all the time when I drive.

01-18-2016 – My father had a heart attack. He was admitted to a hospital. While he was there, one nurse had givne him a wrong medicine. He told her he does not take this medicine usually. Then she said no this is a new one. So he took it. Later he told this to the head nurse. This is another example.

10-19-2015 – The perpetrators can make me sick. All of sudden I had a bleeding problem. My father had a heart attack. My sister had some mild bumps on her both hands. My mother had an issue with her ankle. The  perpetrators can directly or indirectly make us sick. Of course, we are stressed out constantly too because of the psychological harassment. That is just one way of making us sick. There are other direct methods. Another thing they do is when you see a doctor, he/she makes you really scared. However, only some people ( more correctly some groups) do this. Some doctors do not listen to these evil people.

09-23-2015 – My mother has bought some orchid plants two weeks ago and planted them in the front yard. No outsider knew it. Today , someone has come to my parents house and stolen all of them in broad day light. It was the school time and road next to house was so crowded. My parents were inside the house. As soon as they walked to the back side, this theft has occurred. Couples of minutes later, my parents noticed that gate left open. Then they found out the plants were stolen. Well I know these are the things happen in our day to day life..But I know this is more than that. Again this is not the first time it happened.

09-14-2015 – Today, I went to a local restaurant with my dad. We ordered vegetable fried rice which costs Rs.300. When he wrote the bill, He put Rs 380 instead of Rs. 300. I asked why he charged me Rs.380 instead of Rs.300. ( I already guess that he was going to do this as he did this to my father twice before. So I checked the menu.). Then He said “Oh I am sorry. I thought you wanted chicken fried rice”. Then he altered the bill. If I did not pay the attention, He would have charged me extra Rs 80. This is another form of harassment they have been doing to me. They encourage traders to overcharge me or sell the most expensive brand etc.

09-03-2015 – It is so difficult to get done anything because of perpetrators. I wanted to remodel two rooms in my parent’s house. First, I had to get the plan approved. Architecture who drew the plan took nearly two months to complete the work. Even though I clearly said what I wanted and how I wanted, He did not seem to care. It was supposed to be just a simple, straightforward plan. I had to have him redraw three times and he was not happy. Then I had to go to municipal council office several times to get it approved. I had to submit several copies of unnecessary documents even though they already have them with them. This is just one of way of harassing me. They try to delay it or overcharge it. Also I have to visit their office more than couples of times to get the work done. Their goal is to discourage / demotivate me.

Then, finally when I found a builder to remodel the rooms, he pretty much stole my money by overcharging me. He did not even finish the work. He made several mistakes.He started working saying he would charge for square feet. Later, He changed his mind and wanted fixed amount per day. Everything was scripted by my perpetrators. The perpetrators share my personal information so that these people act like robbers/haters. I guess this is how they do. The perpetrators may say I have lots of money (which is a lie) and it is ok to overcharge me. This things happens every time I want to get something done. I know it is hard to believe if you have not experience this before.

09-11-2014 – Today thieves have broken  into our home. They have broken a glass window and entered the house while no one was there.

08-05-2014 – Once I moved to Sri Lanka, some harassment such as vehicular harassment tapered off.  But my job situation got worst. Social isolation is another major problem. The perpetrators let me talk to a selected crowd.  If I don’t like them, I have no other choice. I have been applying for several jobs now. I still have no luck. Well the truth is they do not let me find any job here. My current employer ended my contract as I expected. Whoever manipulated them were successful of ruining my career. After I moved into Sri Lanka, the perpetrators started doing the same BS’s at work. The salary was low. I knew this was the same group who ruined my career/social life when I was in US.  The real perpetrators made sure I was unmotivated eventually. I am not sure this is the end of my career. Would they ever let me work again?

07-24-2014 – In the past I had been working as a BI developer/application analyst. That is what I want to do and I am good at it. However, in my current job I am assigned task in completely different areas. This is another form of harassment. Even in the past, they did not let me work at one place for long time. Whenever I change the client, I was assigned completely different tasks. Ex: If I used SQL in my previous job, they asked me to use Oracle in my next job. Funny thing is when they interview me , they ask questions about SQL. By doing this, they make sure, I always feel uncomfortable. Also they don’t have to pay a higher salary as I don’t have that much of experience in the new software application.  Those who gave me the job can pretend like they actually help me. However everyone is not bad. Only certain people/groups are bad. Another observation is the perpetrators do not let me work for a woman. Even if I work for a woman, they make sure that I don’t work for her too long. The perpetrators carefully select people. They know that I easily get alone with urban educated crowd. But 90% of the time, my team mates ( sometimes managers too ) are from small towns.  I would not have mind this, if this was not done purposely. I have zero motivation to work like this. I am not sure how many of you can understand what I am trying to say here unless you know my story right from the very beginning.

05-23-2014 – While I was walking on streets, several people collided with me. They pretended like those collisions  were accidents. They were scripted events. One guy even pushed me when I told him that he just collided with me. A van was parked at the corner of the street. The driver was watching us. If I hit that guy back, the driver would have told everyone that I hit an innocent guy.

Also the perpetrators had sent some teens wherever I went today. Teens were everywhere.  That was another tactics. When I was mobbed at my previous company, gradually the perpetrators cut all my social ties.  However they encouraged me to talk to lower middle class, small town teens. The perpetrators know that even If I hang out with them, it is not going to be a problem. Lower middle class, small town teen can do nothing. They can’t help me. They are not capable of introducing people who can help me. Also they don’t understand what is going on. So The perpetrators do not mind it. Even though I try to talk to everyone nicely, I know what kinds of people I want to hang out with.

04-27-2014 –  Two guys assaulted me last night(4-26-2104)  just because I asked the one who sat next to me in the bus not to press me. He was sitting on a back seat. Then he decided to sit on the seat next to me. Couples of minutes later, He started pressing me towards the window. It was a deliberate act. For them, that is just another way of harassing the targeted individuals. I have been harassed at public places in this fashion for months Whenever I get into a public bus, my perpetrators send someone to harass me or bully me. I had a similar experience to this incident back in 1995. That time bunch of thieves tried to steal my pocket. I knew what they were trying to do. As they were not able to steal it, they got mad and beat me up before they got off the bus. Luckily a stranger came to rescue me at that time. Still I was beaten badly.

03-28-2014 – Right now I am working on a small project. It is a freelance job. I can’t really say I am working. There is no job satisfaction. I am tested once again. I have to go through the same BSs again and again. Sometimes I wonder why I need to work like this anymore. Weekly salary is less than $150 and I can’t really do much with this kind of salary. Since 2009, my salary had considerably decreased. Since 2009, all my work was contract, temporarily jobs. I have no motivation to work anymore. When you just get enough to survive, how can you be motivated. My perpetrators decide where I can work and how much I can make. At the same time, they can deceive the audience by pretending like helping me. In couples of years, I will be a useless person with no skills or real experience. Actually, my performance are already affected as I have not really worked since 2009.  (There are people who honestly want to help me too). Even though I have a master’s degree in Engineering and professional experience, still I can not get a proper, well paying job because of my perpetrators.

03-26-2014 – I went for a job interview today. It was in Colombo 03. I was supposed to be interviewed at 9.45 am. When I entered the office, another guy had already come for an interview. We were asked to go to the 4th floor. He was not wearing a tie. He seemed to be someone from a rural area.(These are important factors. These facts are related my previous interview experiences.) It was 9.40 am by the time we went there. Other guy was called for the interview and I was asked to wait at the lobby. While I was waiting there, people inside the office start acting in weird way. I knew they were approached by the perpetrators. Some of them got phone calls. One conversation was like this.”Why did you ask I am working. I am at work. Do you think I am playing here.” . Readers may not be able to understand anything unusual about this phone conversation. Day before the interview day, I called one of my friends and wanted to know whether he was busy at work. If he was busy, I did not want to disturb him. So I asked him the same question.” Are you at work? “. The perpetrators gave me a psychological message. Meanwhile 3 other guys came after me and they were waiting at the lobby. First interview was done at around 10. 25 am. I thought I would be the next. No I was wrong. Interviewer came out of his room and checked our names. Then he again called a different guy for an interview. Then I made sure what was going on. B that time I knew this is not going to work anyway. I was bit angry. I explained them what were they doing and they were just manipulated.

After the interview, I went to a bank. I want to get some information about a credit card. A good-looking fair skin color sexy woman asked my name and noted down. She looked professional. She was wearing a blue short skirt and a blue blouse. Then she said after she was done with her current client, she would call me. I was waiting there for about couples of minutes. Then I noticed something was going on near security desk. Two security guards were talking to another guy at the bank. They all were darker skin color people. I realized what they were talking about. They were looking at me and laughing. One security guy told the banking assistant that I was there only because I wanted to talk that sexy woman. Few seconds later, he came to me and asked my name. Then he said yes I can help you. Please come in Sir. Meanwhile they all were sarcastically smiling. This is another good example of how they prevent me even talking to people I like. Similar incident happened when I went to a travel agency on the same day.

03/16/2014 – I took a bus to come home today. The bus conductor gave me Rs 200 instead of Rs. 300 as the balance. Then he was watching me whether I was going to put it in my pocket without checking. I counted it and kept it in my hand. Then he gave me another Rs.100.  My perpetrators are so cunning . They had approached the conductor and shared my personal information. So he tested me. If I was negligence about the balance, he would have kept that Rs. 100. I have to be so cautious all the time.

I went to a coffee shop and ordered a drink. He asked whether I need whip cream, any flavors etc etc.  Originally the price of the coffee cup was Rs. 410. After adding those things, it came up to Rs. 600. I said, I don’t need whip cream and ice cream. This is also another tactic. I did not really understand this when they first used it. But I was able to figure it out quickly how my perpetrators tried to make me spend my money, when this happened so often at different places. There is always a pattern of this harassment.

Last Friday, I emailed a construction company for asking a quotations for renovating a kitchen. The person who replied me was saying the rate is Rs. 3500-5,000 /sqft. Luckily I saw couples of paper advertisements about house renovation works from well reputed companies. Their price range was Rs. 1,500 to Rs.2,900. A relatively unknown company is asking me more. Again There is a high possibility that this could be a work of my perpetrators.

03/15/2014 – It happened again for the second time in two weeks. I was overcharged for a three drinks again at another pub. Even after I told the server, he tried to convince me that the bill is correct. But as this happens so often now, I had remembered price of a drink. After I proved it that they are wrong, the manager came and apologized. He said the server must have entered the wrong button when typing the drink code. Yes that is a usual excuse. Then he refunded me the due amount. But he kept the old receipt. This time I took a picture of it from my camera phone.

That was not the only thing happened during this week.  I was overcharged on my credit card. That was also refunded after I made a complaint.

03/01/2014 – Today I went to a pub. As soon as I sat at the bar, one young guy and another older guy came and sat left and right side of me. I just ignored them. Then I bought two drinks. The server had charged me for three drinks instead of two. When I told him that he gave me the balance. But he kept the  receipt. As this is happening more often, I always check the receipt now.

01/29/2014  Currently I live with my parents as I want to save some money. (Yes I want to live in my own place. But I know it is not the best option at the moment. At least I have to live with them until I find a proper job. I am not sure I am gonna ever find a proper job again in my life) .  I have noticed that the perpetrators even harass some of my family members too.  Whenever I hang around in front side of the small garden, all of sudden I notice  traffic on the road in front of the house increases. It is really chaotic sometimes. Some drivers honk. Some drivers rumble their motor cycle or tuk tuk engines. This is one type of noise harassment. It also pollutes air.

As soon as I finished writing this, Some random driver on the road was honking . It is 10.43 pm at night and no one is on the road except that guy.

01/25/2014  Today I went to see a doctor. I was supposed to meet him on last Saturday. I was notified that his session was cancelled. So It was rescheduled today at 1 pm.  Then it was shifted to 4pm. But he was nearly one hour late. While I was waiting there, a maintenance work was going on at the rest room next to my waiting room. It was too loud. Is this part of noise harassment? Then, When I saw the Dr., He refused to give me medicine in spite I insisted.  Instead he recommended a surgery and he asked me to come and see him if I decided to do it. He has a darker  complexion. My skin color is brownish. I don’t know that was the motivational factor for him to act like this. I know he was contacted by my perpetrators. Apparently some of the darker skin color people are offended by my brownish skin color. I believed this is how it happened. When they monitor me 24/7, they get to know all my likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness etc. I usually prefer to date urban, educated brow and white women. I guess most of my perpetrators in Sri Lanka are darker skin color people.  Somehow they got offended by my personal preference and they have been forcing me to date a darker skin color woman. At the beginning, I had no idea about this.

Later I went to a spa to get one hour massage. After half and hour later, the massage therapist told me that she was too tired and she could do this anymore. So it ended up in 30 minutes even though I paid it for one hour.

This is another thing I noticed as a victim of multi-stalking. They do not let me take any decisions. They pretty much leave no option. So I have to choose what they recommend. They do not let us enjoy even simple things in our life.

11-22-2013 – I want to say something here. It seems like my perpetrators are spreading another lie. Just because I like to live in Colombo(capital city of Sri Lanka) When I am in Sri Lanka, does not mean I want to live in New York city When I am in US. Sri Lanka is a small island and it has only one big city. But there are many nice cities in US.  Those who do not know what is going on with my life would not understand why I am saying this. There are  many good  people from different cities in US try to help me. If one of them read, they will understand what I am trying to say here. When I was in US, one fundamental right-wing religious group was specifically trying to distance me from the locals.  Some of the locals who tried to help me sidelined because of them. They made sure I didn’t get to know many Americans.

11-15-2013 – Today I called one of my old batch mates after a long time.  He is an engineer. Very next day, I noticed my perps are trying to convince that I only get along with engineers. This is another way of attacking my social network. They use divide and conquer to divide people into small groups and use against me. This is another way of pushing me to social isolation.

10-14-2013 – What they did in US are going to repeat it here as well. They are going to push me into a crowd that I am not going to fit in. Usually I like to hang out with urban educated crowd (not nerds, not necessarily people from tech field but fun and open-minded people).  Also they are the one who may be able to help me.  I have a feeling that perpetrators are trying to distance me from this group. They did this while I was in US too. They are gradually going to make me social outcast.

09-24-2013 – I was called for a face to face interview today for the first time after four months.  I was surprised that i was called for this interview as they are using a complete different technology. Anyway, I applied for this position hoping that they may want to use my current skills as well. Despite the fact that I have applied for many other job opportunities that are more relevant to my current skills, only time I was called for an interview was for a role that have nothing to do with my past experience.

09-21-2103  – Still I could not find a job.  They know that when I work, i go out and try to meet people and try to be socialized. They do not want me to be socialized. Last Friday, I got a call from one company. He was talking to me for a couples of minutes. Then he got another call. He said he would call me back later. He never called me again. This is the second time this happened in three days.

Those who put me in this mess in the first place made me leave US so that they can get rid of the crime they have been committed. They systematically distanced me from those who tried to help me.  Particularly one group determined not to let me live in US after what I was subjected to work place mobbing at the email company.  They do not want to take the responsibility of the crime they committed. Some of the things happened in US are happening here as well. It seems like only some people willingly participate in these harassment programs.

07-06-2013  So my previous employer ended my employment on 05/30/2013. Technically I am out of status now. I need to find a job as soon as possible.  Apparently these people trapped me by making me moved to Phoenix. I had some kind of support system when I lived in Denver. Somehow one particular group destroyed all my support system one by one.  After I moved into Phoenix, things got worst. I can no longer find a job. It looks like they cut  all my support systems.

07-03-2013 Apparently, My perps decided not to let me work anymore. I have been unemployed for months now. I have been keeping in touch with another consulting company in Boston after my current consulting company ended my employment. At the beginning, they were nice. Gradually I realized something else is going on.  When I get a job requirement, I forward it to my employer. He negotiates the rates. For some reason, nothing works so far. Now I realized that he was trying to market me for really high rate  so that the recruiter would not able to agree. He was instructed to do so by my perpetrators. (If they see this post somehow, they would start doing exact opposite). My previous employer was forced to do the same thing. Ultimately they decided to let me go as they could not do that anymore. They know who these people are.

06-26-2013 Today When I checked my credit card account, I noticed that the receptionist at the extended stay hotel has charged me $133 more for my two weeks stay. This is something the perpetrators do so often. They probably have asked the receptionist to charge me more. I made the reservation online. I also kept the online receipt.

06-21-2013 I moved into a temporary place as I did not want to renew my lease with the previous apartment while I am not working.  Three days after I moved into my new place, I noticed that all unoccupied apartments next to mine were occupied. Most of  these neighbors stay home through out the day. I also noticed that they started making those creepy noises like banging the wall or floor and door slamming. One guy next to my apartment is a night owl.

When I went to grocery store today evening, a funny thing happened. I was walking towards the counter to buy a ticket. There was a girl at the counter. As I approached  her , she  left. She was a good-looking girl. Quickly, I understood what happened. That was not the first time it happened. My perpetrators had instructed her to leave as I approached her. They do not let me to talk to a good-looking girl. (Let alone dating). This sounds silly. But sadly that is the reality. Couples of minutes later , another girl who happened to be not so good-looking came and asked me whether I need assistance. (I did not want to offend her. But when this types of things happen so often and You know that they are doing this purposely. You see the evil side of these accidental,small incidents. In psychology this is called negative reinforcement. I explained the second girl what just happened. I told her the other girl who was at the counter  just left when I was going to ask her help.

I am not sure my perpetrators will ever let me work again. Even if they do, it would not be a place I would like. They pretty much control everything.

05-26-2013 ~I have been unemployed for 3 months now. Eliminating a persons means of subsistence and financial resources is another way of controlling TI’s life.  I have been going through this for last 6 years. They know that this is a very stressful situation. Usually the perpetrators let me work only seven or six months per year.


Establish control over the person’s social environment, time and sources of social support by a system of often-excessive rewards and punishments. Social isolation is promoted. Contact with family and friends is abridged, as is contact with persons who do not share group-approved attitudes. Economic and other dependence on the group is fostered.


9 thoughts on “My Diary

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have 2 You Tube accounts; because I was watching videos from someone with almost the same screen name….. I am Victoria…..

      1. Hi Stalkingnightmare! Problems again! Now the comments section on my WordPress won’t work. Your theories may be true…..are we being shut down, here?? So I found your diary section and decided to leave you a message here. I really enjoy being able to chat to all of you. Is there anything that can be do to remedy this? Best wishes.

      2. Still I can not see the comments under my story section. But I can still comment. Yes You can comment under diary section. At least people can see the comments.I will try to find out why that happened. Yes it is always good talking to people who understand our situation better. Best wishes.

  2. Hi stalkingnightmare! Thank you for being so kind again. And thank you for saying you would find out what is going on. It is rather odd! Gang stalker neighbours driving me crazy again today!! I do hope you stalkers are behaving ok. Best wishes.

      1. It does get crazy. And it astonishes me that because they can gang up…then they behave like you are the issue! Well…not this time! I have witnesses. And one of my witnesses is my best friend. So he and I have decided to move from the area. We tried to stop them but they just have fixed beliefs.

        We have been stalked by idiots in cars, slandered and humiliated. And not one has taken responsibility. We told them we are leaving…that good people are being pushed out of the area because of their behaviour. The fool said “Well, we will all have a party”. What a kind, generous lot they are!

        So good riddance! I do hope we will find somewhere safe. I will keep in touch with updates. I am looking at different areas now. My best, as always.

      2. Please be safe. I hope you will find a safe place. Yes it is better to stay with a friend rather than alone. That is a wise decision. I have gone through the same things. These days my major issues are unemployment, dating and social isolation. Noise harassment were somewhat decreased. I am not sure for how long though. yes Please keep in touch.

  3. Their “GOAL” is to run you over one or another. They really wanted to physical kill us; but, THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO LOVES…AND WATCHES OVER US, is ALL POWERFUL…THEREFORE, THEY CANNOT TAKE OUR LIVES AWAY…IN THESE STAGES CAR ACCIDENT…

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