Banksy in Boston: Essex St, Chinatown, Boston (Photo credit: Chris Devers)

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” – Abraham Lincoln

1. Lastly, always,always remember that pro athletes, movie stars, and wealthy people are always resented in exactly the way you are. Because you have character, abilities, good looks, whatever, that constantly makes them insecure around you. As you already know they will try every dirty trick in creation just to knock you down another wrung on the latter just to make themselves feel better. Best advice ever given to me,”Be a critical thinker, not an emotional thinker,Save your emotion for loved one – SledgHammer11 1 month ago

2. I’m tired of spy games, every time I meet someone after a while he/she becomes a “perpetrator” or agent’ or whatever you want to call it, its frustrating, you cant have real conversations, you cant meet decent people that have nothing to do with this, you just have to play dumb and ignore all their insinuations , and this is why i decided a long time ago to cut from these kind of disappointing relationships, I’d much rather be on my own than to have relationships with people lying to me and not admitting to this, i also decided not to go out.. what’s the point? its a freak show outside, everything is orchestrated, nothing is real just scripted and meant to either provoke you or spy on you – Elior ( a targeted individual)

3.  This kinds of terrifying stuff happened to me., causing job loss and loss of loss of trust about in just about everyone in 2009. I was convinced that people around me ( from friends to all the way to strangers) had been coerced by secret police or FBI into harassing me. The harassment consisted of people mentioning reference to my past or private life(as if they knew my secrets and were participating in a reputation smear) , reference to my home(as if my home security were threatened, reference to things that I have done private(as If I were under surveillance) and later things I had only thought of ( which could make others things I was mentally ill, had I shared this facts with them, etc. – CuriousMind36(TI)

4. When this technology is used on someone who is near (or noticed by ) the targeted individual , they will do or say things that suggest to the target that they are knowingly participating his/her surveillance or harassment, BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT they are doing or saying things THAT HAVE BEEN SUGGESTED TO THEM REMOTELY (by a third party) and WHICH ARE SIGNIFICANT to the target because they are acquired by reading the target’s mind. – CuriousMind36 (TI)

I would like to add my two cents here. I have been experienced the same thing when I talk to my friends, co-workers or strangers.  But I am not sure they are doing this because these per-sensitized words or acts are suggested to them remotely. I rather believe loosely connected network of people pass these subliminal messages to people whom I associate with.  Probably my friends may have been asked to use certain words when they talk to me. Most of the time,my friends do not know this is a some kind of psychological torture or manipulation.  By doing this way, anyone who talks to me can influence my thought process.

I will give you one example.  When I worked for a small company, I used a certain word while talking to my co-workers. Soon, I realized everyone who talked to me out side of work used this specific word.  The cashier at the grocery store, the mail person and group of friends I met at the party used the same word during their conversation. This was noticeable and odd.  This is just one example. If I tell this to my friends, they probably tell that I am crazy. I actually asked some of my friends whether someone else asked you to use this word. Some of them just smiled sarcastically. Some of them seemed frightened as soon as I asked this and apparently they did not want to talk anything about it. –Blogger

5. the following days I noticed though people taking strange behavior with repetitive gestures that could seem normal in appearance but that repeated continuously gave me to understand that their presence was signaled in order to let me know that they are followed. People are always different, sometimes more or less disguised conspicuously to make myself understood intentionally be agents or whatnot.It was quite obvious the provocative attitude that legally should be identified by agents provocateurs; but the thing I worried about being myself absolutely most virtuous person who ever had anything to hide and that he could not in any way arousing the interest of secret services and whatnot, including normal law enforcement. So I continued to do my quiet life without being the least bit bothered by such appearances without having and, above all, without showing either the ladies or to my friends any worries as it was. –
targeted individual (From the Facebook page Target individuals of gang stalking and mind control around the world)

6. The harassment is usually small non criminal acts that happen to most people on occasion, usually perpetrated by someone whose biggest crime is they are inconsiderate, or just plain rude. Here’s an example: As you leave the store, you are unable to back out of your parking space because a car is idling directly behind you, presumably waiting for a parking space up ahead. How long do you wait before you get annoyed? Chances are, even if your ice-cream is beginning to melt and run on the floor, you aren’t going to call the cops. Most people will eventually tire of waiting, and get out of the car to speak to the other driver and try to move things along.

The first time this happens to a Gang Stalking victim, it goes like this: You get out of your car and approach the driver, who is wearing over sized dark sunglasses, and a hoodie or a beanie, pulled down low. They don’t roll down their window, or acknowledge you in any way, except one: the driver, who never looks in your direction, has a big smirk on his face. You look around and realize he isn’t waiting for a space; there are plenty available. It dawns on you slowly: This is a deliberate act. This person, who you do not know, is deliberately blocking you in, for no apparent reason. The person finally moves on, when you pull out your cell phone to make a call. It is a very creepy feeling, one that is easily dismissed and forgotten, if it remains an isolated incident. But it doesn’t…. not if you’re being Gang Stalked..

If you are being Gang Stalked the same thing happens almost every time you leave your house, your work, the grocery store, etc. The cars change, the drivers change, but the circumstances are identical and it happens every day and sometimes many times in a single day. It is so inexplicable, so distressing and unnerving that it causes you to change your habits, to avoid putting yourself in that situation. You run fewer errands. You cruise parking lots trying to find a parking place where it will be difficult to block you in. You make sure you never leave your house without a cell phone, a camera, and a pad and paper for writing down license plate numbers. You start noticing the idling drivers who blocked you in, start showing up in the the stores you visit, the restaurants you eat at and in your rear view mirror at traffic lights.  It feels like the twilight zone. When you bring a friend along, nobody blocks your car. If you call the police, the driver is long gone when they arrive and you feel like an idiot, because really …. What kind of person calls the police when someone temporarily blocks them in at a public parking lot. The police, understandably, don’t file a report, because it is such a trivial incident. When you finally find yourself getting out of your car and angrily snapping a picture of a driver, who really is just waiting for another car to vacate a parking space, the Gang Stalkers have successfully sensitized you. “Sensitizing ” is just one of the sick psychological tactics that are part of the Gang Stalker’s bag of tricks. – Targeted Individual ~  http://justifiablydisturbed.wordpress.com/

7.   Targets of these campaigns become known as Target Individuals, and their lives are firstly assaulted with smear campaigns that isolate them from family and friends. The campaigns then sabotage, either slowly or quickly, everything from employment and finance, to marriages and family ties. The aim is to, through pervasive coverage of a targets life, boycott the individuals every affair, from professional to leisure, and beyond. There is usually little help for the target, and any sympathizers the target may have, or may acquire while being targeted, will be worked on by the campaigners of these criminal assaults. Lies and clever profiles of the target will be presented to anyone and everyone in the community, who may have contact with the target.- From Temple of truth

8.  A blacklist was also used by the State on Russian dissidents. In his book The Persecutor (Prosecutor), Sergei Kourdakov, Member of the Brigade of plainclothes people, stated that, when a person became a victim, was “treated like a leper and could only get worst jobs”.(*) To draw up blacklists, the USSR sometimes used a tool called libretto, used to advance or to destroy careers. If it was the collaborative, his career could be very successful. Otherwise, it was misery.
In East Germany the dissidents appear on blacklists and their careers were destroyed. After the fall of the wall, people have obtained permission to examine the files that were discovered because they hadn’t got jobs or University assignments. Dr. Munzert speaks of analogy between what is happening now and what happened in Germany; States that the objective is “the financial collapse of the victims” obtained thanks to the “loss of employment”. The “financial situation is allowed to collapse,” said Moret.
For anyone who has been placed in conditions of unemployment because of bullying and is on the blacklist, bullying can continue during job interviews. Presumably, the aim is to further traumatize the victim. For example, are asked to the victim questions that must respond negatively, as references for activities not listed in the curriculum. May ask if you have skills that were not present in your ad published. Are bullying tactics adopted in order to humiliate the victim. Can happen to everyone … every once in awhile. This is essentially a “safe zone” that these people can use to harass the victim, without much fear of being blamed.
Questions to job interviews can be arranged with accusatory tone or mocking; may contain key words relating to the environment that the victim had just left, known only to yourself and to former colleagues (responsible for the bullying in his concerns). Such questions are obviously designed to trigger negative emotions related to a previous working environment unpleasant and in which he had been the victim of bullying. The same questions can be posed several times with slightly different syntax.
During an interview, the victim is seen asking potential employer questions regarding unsolicited references as requirements in your ad. During the talks held by the employer says that it answered an ad other than that for which it was requested. They can also support for not having posted the ad, or to have published one slightly different. Can say that the victim’s updated curriculum has indicated that it is working in a place where it has never been, or where it was ten years before.
The harassment is thought out in order to hide under layers of lies, to reinforce the impression that, if you do not work, it is because you do not want to work. For example, recruiters which had harassed the victim in the past, leave a message on the answering machine (or the Secretariat of relatives/friends), stating that there are opportunities available. The aim is to prove that the responsibility for unemployment falls entirely on the victim. The general public may not realize the existence of blacklists because the institutions that employ run the majority of newsletters. Even journalists and historians come on blacklists if reveal corruption or historical facts that the corporate-government complex does not want to disclose to the public.
Target individuals of gang stalking and mind control around the world

9.  A decrease in the ability to experience pleasure, may be manifested by a lack of interest in activities, with much time spent on activities without purpose.Antisocial: lack of interest in human relationships.Negative symptoms are often associated with a general loss of motivation and a reduction in the sensation of purpose and objectives.Distrust, distress, fear of leaving the House or look out the window because of the small theaters that stalkers are preparing to torture targets. – https://www.facebook.com/FrancescaThe1?fref=nf

10. gang stalking technique:
Contradictory or ambivalent messages: a smile that could be a sadistic grin, a compliment that could hide an offense, continuous double meanings that are expressed verbally, through gestures, expressions or attitudes of the body, give contradictory orders. Generally each of these messages have a positive and negative value at the same time. . After a period of hammering by stalkers, the victim may lose its ability to judge the attitude of those is in front of him/her, leading him to reactions that in the eyes of an unaware observer will appear disproportionate, incoherent, insane.When you have been subjected to this kind of harassment over a long period of time, you lose interest in talking to people.



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  1. Ive been a TI for several years now…I wish I could escape this small town since my whole town is stalking me. Smh im just now waking up tp the fact. Will I ever meet a geniune person…ever again in this life. Its just me against everyone else. I just dont know why it took me so long to wake up. God finally opened my eyes to all this madness. All I can do is pray and stay positive. I have god on my side if no one else. Stay w woke TIs…prayer changes things.

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