This is taken from the book called Hidden Devil. The book was written by Mark M. Rich.

Space Invasion (Crowding)
Space invasion includes blocking, cut-offs, and swarming or what some TIs refer to as, crowding. Targets may be encircled by people wearing colors or holding objects that they’ve been sensitized to. Prolonged crowding can have an extremely negative effect on your mental/emotional health. The people who designed this harassment program were obviously well aware of this. While some cultures may be more immune to crowding than others, even people from parts of the world that have been historically crowded react stressfully to crowding. People who have not been invited into your personal space but deliberately violate it are attacking you.
Body language is more accurate and reliable than verbal communication. Most of this non-verbal communication is unconscious. The study of this language has been called Social Kinesics (the study of body communication). There are two components to this communication: One contains movements, gestures, postures, the other is spatial relationships. The study of communication using distance/space is called Proxemics.
For most North Americans the intimate zone is 0-18 inches and personal space is 1�-4 feet. This type of communication is used to harass a person. For instance, while in stores, restaurants and public places that are not busy, a target will have people invading their personal space. This happens even if there are only two customers in a store. If a targeted person makes a move from one place to another, several people may suddenly appear and jump out in front of him from around corners and isles.
The deliberate space invasion use by these people is designed to look like normal cut-offs and collisions that we all experience from time to time. It can happen with vehicles, on foot, or a combination. This type of space invasion is obviously intended to startle people and make them tense. It can be thought of as a virtual slap. They are used in blind areas such as corners, hallways, restrooms, or intersections where targets have people or cars cutting them off, or almost hitting them in a calculated manner. This happens in stores, buildings and on the street, with people and vehicles.
With some artificially induced cut-offs, the perpetrator is seen at a distance. The target and the perpetrator(s) are heading toward the same focal point which is used to maximize crowding. The point may be a corner, a very small walkway, a thin passageway, or an obstruction on the sidewalk such as a telephone pole or a tree. The informants adjust their timing so that they meet the target at the exact point where there is the least amount of space for all parties to pass, thus maximizing the invasion of the target’s space. Apparently the idea is to get the target’s attention and make them uncomfortable. When standing in a checkout-line, targets may routinely have group members standing a foot or closer behind them. And rather than wait for a target to leave, they may crowd them as they reach to the side or in front of the target to put their items on the counter.
If a target is outdoors in a populated area, he or she may see a wave of people move in the direction that they’re headed in order to swarm them. If a target moves, then stops and waits for a few moments, they may see that the activity will settle back to normal again after the horde passes. This test can be run indoors and outdoors as well. Sometimes the horde may blatantly adjust their timing, or linger for a while until the target begins to move again, then they’ll continue. These crowding and blocking tactics amount to an obstacle course that follows people wherever they go.(**)
They will also block targets, both on foot and with vehicles. For instance, as a target leaves a parking lot, a vehicle or person will be in the way, usually for a few moments. These things happen to everyone, once in a while, but for targets, it happens consistently, regardless of the time of day or how busy the area is.
This space invasion happens on days/times that there are normally not many people. It happens in stores while making purchases, restaurants, businesses, where targets have people frequently cutting them off, invading their space, using sensitivity programs, or other harassment tactics. If there is one customer in the store, they will probably be invading the target’s space. For instance, a TI is indoors when it is not crowded, but witnesses multiple people who, instead of taking the shortest path to their destination, go double or triple the distance just so they can brush by them or cut them off.
Here is one personal example which took place at a YMCA in Boston, shortly after I realized I was being Gang Stalked. At the time, there were four people, including myself in the weight room. After I was there for a few moments I noticed there was an unusual amount weight banging. It was louder and more repetitive that it normally is.
I’ve been exercising and going to health clubs for about 15 years and I immediately recognized that these few people were repeatedly going out of their way to make as much noise as possible. I sat down on a bench and started doing dumbbell presses. Two students walked in, stood on either side of the bench I was sitting on and began to do lateral arm raises, blatantly invading my personal space. There was no special equipment that they were using in that area. I noticed one had a shirt on that said something like, “The MOST important part of playing rugby is support.”
Anyone who can’t wait a few minutes for you to finish and needs to stick their arms in your face is probably doing it on purpose. In addition, the exercise they were doing could have been done anywhere else a gym that was almost empty. It was a dead giveaway. Another student arrived and began lingering in an area to my left. He stared at me for a few seconds and started smirking.
Once he had my attention he turned his back to me so I could see his shirt which read, “CHASE.” In smaller letters underneath was the word, “Manhattan.” These attacks using symbolism are common reports among people who are targeted. The kid with the CHASE shirt left shortly after, and his total stay was about ten minutes. That episode is an example of noise, crowding, and symbolic attacks.
Noise Campaigns
All targets of the Hidden Evil are familiar with noise campaigns. Basically, targets report experiencing a steady stream of noise consisting of a rotation of various types of disturbances around their homes. This includes door slamming, yelling, car alarms, horns, tires screeching, loud music, engines revving, and frequent construction projects which include an assortment of noise from heavy machinery and tools. Not surprisingly, in his books Future War and Winning the War, Dr. Alexander described using noise as a weapon. In Future War he wrote, “Audible sound, in frequencies from 20 to 20,000 hertz, can be applied to influence behavior, as most people are sensitive to very loud noises.”(***)
For instance, if you’re targeted, there will be doors slamming for a few moments, several minutes of silence will ensue, then a motorcycle will drive by and rev its engine outside of your house. After that you’ll have someone mowing the lawn. Then there will be alarms going off. After that you’ll hear a loud crowd of people walk by your house. Then you may then hear fire or ambulance sirens. Then there will be hammering and sawing sounds from the ongoing construction projects. Then you’ll hear car alarms being turned on/off in succession multiple times from multiple vehicles around your house. There will generally not be a solid five minutes of uninterrupted peace.
Moret spoke of the use of “noise campaigns” which included the frequent use of garbage disposals in surrounding apartments, vehicles with “blaring horns” and the sirens of fire trucks. She also spoke of habitual door slamming, proclaiming, “they’ll slam doors all day and all night long.” “Door slamming,” agreed McKinney, “is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment settings.” Those targeted may experience a “chain reaction” of door slamming by apartments or houses surrounding theirs. Other types of disturbances include frequent noise from lawn mowers, snow blowers, vehicles with loud exhaust systems, and ambulance sirens, etc. Noisy construction projects will usually be ongoing.
“Blaring horns, sirens, [and] garbage disposal[s]” which are “run concurrently in apartment settings, for excessively prolonged periods of time,” are common reports wrote McKinney. She also noted that targets experience frequent “amplified transmissions” of “general racket” which is “used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to persuade the individual that he or she is under surveillance.” She added, “In all of these cases, the individuals’ neighbors apparently pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden, continuous explosions of noise.” They’re oblivious to the noise because they’re complicit in the program.
Also, the people above a targeted individual may loudly pace as they mimic his or her movements from above. For instance, if you’re targeted, as you walk into your bathroom, you hear loud stomping from above which follows you into the bathroom. McKinney affirmed, “A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room, tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance.” They’ll “pace in their apartment,” added Moret, and seemingly to the target underneath them, “it sounds like they’re being tracked … from the apartment above.”
If you’re targeted, helicopters and small propeller planes may frequently pass over your home. Some of these aircrafts may be low enough to vibrate the room you’re in. According to Cheryl Welsh’s March, 2003 article entitled, List of Mind Control Symptoms, the use of helicopters is a common tactic reported by targets. Apparently these overhead assaults are used for sleep disruption and to undermine the morale of targeted people.
Welsh is one of only six Non-lethal Weapons experts in the world recognized by the United Nations. This noise may follow you to destinations you frequently visit. Foot and vehicular traffic may be re-routed through your street, causing an unnatural amount of vehicles driving by your house (even if you’re on a side or dead-end street). There also appears to be a fleet of vehicles equipped with loud mufflers that groups use specifically for creating noise in the targeted area.
Often, noise will be synchronized with some type of activity. For instance, a target hears an ambulance, fire sirens, alarms, or beeps as they leave. Or as they leave, a small aircraft passes overhead, then as they approach their car, they hear alarms or doors slamming. Noises made as they leave also appear to serve as a form of communication to alert group members in the area to begin pursuit. In addition to the standard noise package, whatever noise would naturally occur in the area you live will also be increased in frequency. For instance, if a target lives in a rural area then noisy chainsaws will be quite regular. And in the winter there may be frequent loud snowmobiles that pass near the area.
In this manner, noise is used as a weapon to inflict pain. Chronic exposure to even low-level noise is considered a health hazard that has been known to produce adverse physiological & psychological health effects. Prolonged exposure to noise can produce high blood pressure, a rise in cholesterol, damage to the circulatory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, & musculoskeletal systems. If you’re targeted & pregnant or plan on having a baby, you may want to think twice. Noise has been known to cause hearing loss & growth disturbances in a fetus, & can lead to birth defects.
Prolonged stress in general has been known to cause miscarriages, and some who have been stalked and harassed over a period of time have attributed their miscarriages to ongoing harassment. Just as the fabricated cut-offs are likened to getting slapped, these noises are the equivalent of being repeatedly shocked. The creators of this program are obviously aware that these noise campaigns are acts of violence.
Groups will try to synchronize their tactics with things that targets do such as entering or leaving their homes. The target’s movements will be synchronized with vehicles or people coming or going, or other movements. These synchronization tactics are often done several times, perhaps three or more. For instance, when the target arrives, two cars will drive down their street, while their next-door neighbor leaves.
If a target has a habit of going to the bathroom at 2 AM and looking out his bathroom window at a specific area, then they will eventually arrange it so that there is some activity such as a light being switched on or someone leaving or arriving in that area. This is an example of the level of detail that they will resort to when tailoring a harassment protocol to the profile of a target.
Synchronization is also used with sensitivity tactics and noise. For instance, if you’re targeted, you’ll hear ambulance or fire truck sirens the moment you enter or leave your house. Or car alarms, hammering or some other type of noise will occur as you look out the window. As you leave your home, you may notice people walking by, wearing a color or holding an object that you’ve been sensitized to. If you pull into a parking lot, there will usually be cars arriving or leaving. Synchronization is also used with blocking/crowding. For instance, as you approach a store’s entrance, people will be either walking in or leaving. They will often be wearing a color or holding an object that you have been sensitized to.
A variation of this is echoing and mirroring. Like other forms of non-verbal communication, echoing and mirroring are very powerful, (but usually unconscious) ways of interrelating. This form of information exchange has been outlined in the book, Secrets of Sexual Body Language: Understanding Non-Verbal Communication, by Martin Lloyed-Elliot. Most of us speak this language without even knowing it to attract others.
However, this form of communication has evidently been incorporated into this program as a tool to annoy targets. With echoing for instance, if a target is in a restaurant, or on public transportation, and they drink then an informant next to them will drink. If they pull out a cell phone, then the informant will produce a cell pone or similar device. When the target puts it away, so do they. In essence, they will mimic the movements of a target.
With mirroring for example, targets may frequently have a person or group of people walking parallel to them, in the same direction on the other side of a street, or any public area. Also, there may be someone directly in front of the target, and approaching the same intersection that they’re approaching. The informants adjust their timing so they approach at the same time, and cross the street just as the target does, at which point crowding may occur. The informant(s) may also be wearing red, holding cell a phone or another device, which the target has been sensitized to. Dr. Alexander and Janet Morris also spoke of the use of mirroring to influence people, in their book,The Warrior’s Edge.
Harassment Skits (Street Theatre)
Commonly used routes are used as avenues for various types of Street Theatre that unfold as targets pass through. Street Theatre is used during group stalking and contains verbal and non-verbal harassment, threats, insults, intimidation, and violence, conveyed overtly, or covertly using themes, symbolism, or other medium. They may be carried out after a target has been sensitized using NLP. This harassment can be relayed with metaphors, verbal remarks, and symbolism using clothing or other items. Targets may be stalked by a network of people who frequently stomp their feet, clear their throat or cough (even in the middle of summer) to indicate that they’re part of the program.
Stalkers may be speaking on their cell phone and loudly accent the insult as they walk by and stare at targeted people. Blatant, hostile or smirking stares are also common. Sometimes they may not be on the phone and may just overtly insult you as they walk by. As an example, I have people walk by me and say things like fuck you, fuck-up, fuck-head, you’re disgusting, etc. I’ve also witnessed them spit in my direction as I walk by them and have seen this spitting tactic used by teenagers who would spit on the lawn while I was on the front porch as they passed by my former residence.
Some words carry with them a particular weight to potentially trigger an effect on a person’s emotional state. For instance, if you’re at a restaurant you may have a couple sit down at a table next to you, and mention some events that are taking place in your personal life, in order to get your attention. After that they may make repeated references words such as paranoid, crazy, scared, panic, insane, freak, sad, depressed, etc. The idea is that the words will invoke the emotion. Not only is this possible, but it works best when you don’t know it’s being done to you.
This tactic appears to be a variation of a pacing technique used in hypnosis. It involves first linking something to the subject’s ongoing experience (or personal life) and then using certain words intended to evoke a particular response. Morris and Alexander refer to these words as “verbal anchors” and state, “Verbal anchors can also be effective tools… Words such as freeze or ducktransmit complete messages. … Verbal anchors can elicit both positive and negative states.”
In addition these words can be emphasized by changing their tone and volume when they’re spoken, so that some words are slightly louder and spoken longer than the others. This can completely change the meaning of a message. This is called metacommunication. Metamessagesare suggestions hidden in a statement, perhaps a compliment. The tone, volume, and rhythm of specific words in the sentence are changed so that the actual message is different than what the spoken words are.
“It’s hard to defend against the anger and disapproval expressed in negative metamessages,” stated McKay, Davis, and Fanning, in their book, Messages: The Communication Skills Book. “The attack is often so subtle that you aren’t aware of exactly how you’ve been hurt…” The basic function of metamessages,” they say, “is to say something covertly that you’re afraid to say directly. Since metamessage attack is covert, there is little chance of overt retaliation.”
These metamessages are quite similar to indirect imbedded messages used in hypnosis. In the book, Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., Richard Bandler and John Grinder provide examples of a master hypnotist named Erickson. Describing this type of covert communication, they write, “Imbedded commands serve the purpose of making suggestions to the client indirectly and, thereby, making it difficult to resist in any way… These are most effective when they are also marked analogically by emphasizing the command and by looking intently at the listener, if their eyes are open.”
It appears a variation of this message can be conveyed with multiple people blitzing a person with cut-offs while talking on their cell phones, looking directly at the person and emphasizing (metacommunication) weighted words and/or information about the person’s personal life that was obtained from surveillance. Groups will also use these phony conversations to harass targets in stores, restaurants, public places, elevators, etc. McKinney wrote of recurrent negative comments by strangers that are apparently intended to evoke feelings of “paranoia.” She also wrote in her report that the stalkers operate in large groups over a long period of time–seemingly with the support of the government.
Bandler and Grinder describe a positive use of this tactic when quoting Erickson addressing an anxious patient, with “My friends tell me to feel comfortable and to loosen up when we are out on the town.” Note that the italicized words are emphasized when spoken. This tactic can be used even if the intended subject is not being addressed directly, hence the name “Indirect Imbedded Command.”
Again, something about the target’s personal life or real-time ongoing experience is mentioned near him so he will identify himself as the subject, then weighted words conveying insults are used. These covert public mocking tactics using trigger words which are intended to evoke negative emotions, are based on NLP/hypnosis, and seem to be the result of an in-depth study of hypnosis by the CIA which occurred during the MKULTRA period.
“When we hear something, even from another conversation, we can’t help but make images and sounds of it in our head,” announce Adreas and Faulkner. “The professional persuader knows this intuitively. In NLP we know it explicitly.” They affirm, “You cannot NOT communicate.” The use of NLP/hypnosis by these citizen stalkers as directed by their handlers is obviously intended to drive people insane.
Victor Santoro explains how these tactics can be used in a destructive format, as a way to “foster your target’s paranoia” and “suggest that he’s being mocked…” He explains, “If you can get several accomplices to do this … he’ll get the feeling that mockery and ridicule of him are widespread.” Santoro’s book seems to have some accurate information pertaining to this program, which makes me wonder if at some point he was employed as an intelligence agent. At any rate, the Hidden Evil was obviously designed by experts in the behavioral sciences.
After a target has been sensitized, they can even be harassed, insulted, and threatened with symbolism using articles of clothing, newspapers, and other items. Just as body communication (Social Kinesics) is used to harass a target, so too is symbolic communication. Symbolism can be used with articles of clothing, especially during a wave attack where a target is blitzed by a crowd of informants who smile, laugh, stare at them, and cut them off as they pass. Some of the messages I’ve noticed on apparel include: Stop and Die, Big Bro, Watch Your Back, as well as Satanic, Freemasonry, and Wicca symbols. An attention-getting tactic may be used. It can be a cut-off, blatant stare, loud noise, or other sensitivity tactics. Remember how the perpetrators at the YMCA both used an attention-getting tactic? One man gave me a smirking stare and the other two swarmed me.
In essence, they will take an event that is unfolding in a target’s personal life and make references to it using any number of methods. Interestingly, an article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, on October 22, 2004, entitled, The New COINTELPRO, stated similar that tactics were being used on protesters at anti-corporate rallies. The theme may pertain to something in your personal life. They may play on this theme for a single day, a series of days, or weeks. In addition, they may choose a theme and try to project it into your life. Personally, I doubt that most of the citizens who are used to flash these messages are aware of their meaning.

Stores and Restaurants
Store and restaurant staff work in tandem with citizen informants to harass targets. Wait-staff in restaurants will be rude or give targets bad service. Or they may appear to be friendly as they stick their elbows in a targeted person’s face, repeatedly kick their chair, or crowd them while taking an order or delivering food. They will also mess-up orders, and appear clumsy or incompetent by accidentally dropping food or silverware on targeted people.
If you’re targeted and make a trip to the bathroom, you will be cutoff by wait-staff who appear from around corners or through doors. Plain-clothed citizens will be assisting them in the harassment as they crowd you while you walk to and from your table. They’ll also follow you into the bathroom where they will crowd you or appear to be talking to someone on their cell phone while parroting information about your personal life.
In restaurants, these citizens will be seated around the target, wearing a color that he or she has been sensitized to. They may very well have conversations which contain specific information about the target’s personal life. This is obviously a very empowering trip for some of them. This seems to be done, both to harass targets and to try to evoke a sense of helplessness in them by not being believed if they were to tell someone about the harassment.
Similar to restaurant staff, store clerks work with citizen informants in their store to crowd, block and cut targets off. They may engage in conversations with citizen informants at the checkout line or in the isles as a target walks by, which are obviously intended to be overheard, and contain information about a target’s personal life. A variation of these tactics were used in East Germany, where the Stasi would co-opt a business owner to utter some words in the presence of a targeted customer, in order to let him know that they had been expecting him.
Stores and restaurants also participate in noise campaigns by banging merchandise on shelves as they put it away, throwing boxes on the floor as targets pass by, door slamming, slamming items on counters, and other types of commotion. If there are low ceilings, there may be banging directly above the target which will also follow them around the store. The Noise Campaigns and Street Theatre are apparently intended to create a cloaked hostile environment to persuade the target to leave, and let them know they’re being watched.
Also, specific products that a target shops for may be sold out in the stores that they frequent. Apparently they are removed from the shelves prior to the target’s arrival. In addition, if targets purchase products from vendors over the phone or online they will frequently encounter representatives who don’t return calls, appear vague, or incompetent. Generally, targets will receive poor service. These things happen to all of us, but for targets it is recurrent.
Friends and Family
If you’re targeted, friends and family may be recruited to break you down. They may participate in harassment skits intended to make you look incompetent, inconsistent, hypocritical, and to mock and demoralize you. The methods used to recruit friends and family will be covered in theInformants section.
New friends, may be used in an attempt to do the same. “A number of individuals in touch with us report a range of experiences with new ‘friends,'” wrote McKinney. These ‘friends’ pose as confidants and abruptly end these ‘friendships’ under deliberately degrading and humiliating circumstances. She added, “When taken in the context of the ongoing surveillances and harassment, these exercises appear intended to heighten emotional trauma, perhaps to provoke an uncontrolled response and/or to enforce isolation.”
If you’re targeted and live with someone who has been co-opted, perhaps a friend or family member, they will probably be forced to carry out some of these harassment tactics. At home they may frequently slam doors, cabinets, draws, and make other types of noises. They may frequently crowd or block you. Areas that you commonly occupy, or spaces normally used, will be littered with objects (blocking), that you have been sensitized to.
Frequently used pathways will also be blocked. Traps may be set, such as items frequently falling out of freezers or cabinets as you open them. Phone conversations which occur while you’re present will be loud and contain information about your personal life. Out in public, these friends or family members may be forced by their handlers to guide you through and participate in Street Theatre, where they will interact with other citizen informants to harass you. These skits will be intended to make you feel foolish, incompetent, or inconsistent.
Thefts and Break-ins
When break-ins occur there is usually no sign of forced entry, and they occur when the target is sleeping or elsewhere. This is the case even if there is a Hi-Tech security system in place. “In virtually all such cases [investigated], the burglars leave evidence of their visits, such as by relocating objects, or by committing petty and not-so-petty acts of vandalism,” wrote McKinney.
This happens at the home as well as the workplace if the target is fortunate enough to be employed. Targets have reported clothing being ripped, milk, coffee and other items poured out, and small-scale damage. Items may be stolen and brought back at a later date, and they may move items and place them in a slightly different spot. These are essentially Gaslighting tactics.
Victor Santoro claims that these subtle memory games can be used to drive people insane. Small things such as pens, shoes, and silverware are taken or tampered with so people will seem delusional if they file a police report. “Burglarizing your home is very, very common,” stated Moret, and “a lot of times they’ll leave evidence of their visits, just little small changes in the target’s home which is noticeable.” Executive Order No. 12333 states that these break-ins can be done legally.
Interestingly enough, surreptitious break-ins, thefts, and sabotage were a staple part of the old Cointelpro. Other tactics Santoro advocates include filling a target’s gas tank, or substituting items of his clothing with ones a size smaller. If you’re unaware that you’re targeted, as most people are, then these small changes may be attributed to a lapse in your memory. If these tactics are used in combination with others, then as Santoro illustrates, you may think you’re going insane.
Gunderson also spoke of Gaslighting tactics, which he described as “psychological warfare.” In his personal experience with what is presumably state-sponsored harassment, he has noticed bits of furniture and other items being moved around during surreptitious break-ins. He states they are, “so arrogant that they almost always leave subliminal messages of their … entry.” The logic is that a thief would never break into your home and leave a computer or stereo and just steal a toothbrush, or pour out a portion of your milk.
In his book, Subliminal Mind Control, John J. Williams wrote, “If you are being subjected to a secret and involuntary subliminal experience it is a malevolent, sinister and often dangerous attack against you that you have every right to vigorously oppose and thwart as if you are a POW or someone has broken into your home to rob you of what is rightfully yours.” He warns, “In fact they have broken into your mind, and are trying to rob you of your free will. Even in cases where there is actually an intended positive outcome.”
Sabotage, Vandalism and Staged Events
Targets may regularly experience acts of vandalism. Electronic equipment may frequently be failing. People have reported having electrical systems in their cars, brand new appliances, TVs, radios, PCs, and other electronic equipment suddenly die, or act strangely.
Targets may experience frequent computer trouble such as failing hardware. Ongoing computer problems which do not follow any logical pattern may also occur. Some of this can be attributed to the E-bomb which can destroy electrical equipment while not damaging humans.
Many times this vandalism is usually just below what you’d report to the police. For instance, a small but noticeable portion of your masonry has been chipped off, and a crack has appeared in one of your windows. This may be restricted to minor vandalism, just to let you know that you’re under surveillance. However large-scale property damage is also done to homes and vehicles, such as slashed tires, broken windows, tampering with break lines, and destruction of electrical equipment.
Some targets have reported that their pets die suddenly of mysterious illness. For instance, they come home to find a perfectly healthy pet dead. Vandalism and pets being tortured may also be in retaliation for a target taking action to expose them.
“Automobiles are one of the biggest targets,” said Moret, adding “they slash tires, they smash the windows, drain the oil out of the cars, fool with the electronic components and batteries.” She continued, “A lot of people have complained about breaks suddenly failing, clutches failing.” McKinney agreed writing, “Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious attacks in these harassment campaigns-slashed tires, smashed windows, oil drainage, oil contamination, destruction of electronic components and batteries … grounded fuel gages” and “suddenly failed brakes and clutches,” occur. Recurrent auto thefts have also been reported.
McKinney explained that some of those she was in contact with had experienced staged accidents. One involved the breaks failing on a tractor which resulted in the death of the driver. And another episode included a person barely escaping being run off the road by an off-duty bus. “Two others,” added McKinney “narrowly avoided what appeared to be deliberately attempted collisions by drivers who quickly sped away from the scene.”
Another episode involved a targeted person who avoided three attempts in four days at being run off the road. Still another survived being run off the road twice within week, which resulted in a totaling of her two vehicles. “They also conduct staged accidents where people may be forced into accidents in their cars,” echoed Moret.
So, according to this information, multiple seemingly independent vehicles can be used to facilitate an accident which can appear to have been caused by a targeted person. Add to this, multiple independent witnesses (informants) and you have a recipe for murder or a framing. In fact, “accidental” deaths have reportedly occurred. Once more, the Stasi would do similar things. “Car brake-leads have been cut, accidents and deaths reverse-engineered,” noted Funder.
When targets drive, they may be surrounded by vehicles driven by citizen informants who frequently cut them off and tailgate them. Targets will experience more tailgating and cut-offs than what would naturally occur. Vehicles will frequently pull out past stops signs as the TI approaches an intersection. This is apparently done to startle them.
While traveling on the highway there will be a rotation of vehicles that surround targets. These vehicles may be marked with an identifying feature, or a color that they’ve been sensitized to. This seems to function as both an NLP tactic to trigger negative emotions which have been anchored to the feature, as well as a method to unite the group and promote group cohesiveness. In other words, it is similar to a uniform, or a squad car.
There will also be a rotation of people tailgating targets. These vehicles may cut them off after they’ve been tailing them for a while. Apparently this is done to imply that they weren’t going fast enough. When done in a recurrent manner by multiple vehicles, this antagonizing behavior may also serve to encourage the target to accelerate, which may result in them getting pulled over. This may be especially effective if they’re not aware that they’re targeted.
City and state vehicles which may stalk targets in public, include: off-duty metro buses, school buses, local restaurant delivery vehicles, city and construction vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances, police cars, postal and UPS vehicles, taxis, and 18 wheelers. Helicopters and small planes have also reportedly been used to stalk people. As will be revealed in the Informants section, many of these are vehicles belonging to organizations which have been selected for recruitment into the citizen informant programs.
Convoys of vehicles which are all spaced the same distance and traveling at the same speed will participate in stalking. Within this convoy, there may be several vehicles exhibiting traits that a target has been sensitized to with NLP. These traits are thereby symbolic of a uniform. For instance, most or all of them will be a shade of red. Or most of them will have their lights on, even during the daytime. Or they may have the same bumper stickers. During the evening targets may experience frequent Brighting while driving or walking.
Vehicular Brighting is an attack. It seems to be strategically used with corners. For instance, if you’re targeted and you’re walking down a quiet street late at night, you’ll see vehicles repeatedly turn onto or off of connecting streets. Their timing is such that they continually turn the corners while you are at it. This effectively blinds you. This happens frequently at corners. Or, as you walk down a side street, there is one or more cars parked on the side, facing your direction with the lights on. They will also wait for you to approach them and then pull out into the street, thereby Brightingyou as you walk by.
These Brighting tactics are maximized when a vehicle has one headlight grossly misaligned. The misalignment produces a Hi-Beaming effect. Like other tactics, frequency and duration play an important role here. Lights being shined into a target’s windows have also been reported. “Among the most common non-lethal weapons are bright lights,” wrote Dr. Alexander, in his book, Winning the War. He says, “The intent is to reduce risks of injury … by temporarily hindering the eyesight of the targeted personnel.” He also wrote of the use of bright lights on targeted people in his book,Future War.

– Hidden Devil By Mark M. Rich


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  1. I would do anything to rid myself of my stalkers. They think I am not human, I’m simply just property and I don’t have the ability to feel, analyze or fight them because the “University from Hell”, UCDIUniversity College D” allowed it even after it was caught on camera’s and witnessed by the campus police and I reported it so quickly within hours and begged for help going outside the dorm 3 times that night that if they swear on their life that they really disbelieve me and got me diagnosed as crazy within 12 hours of reporting the cyber-stalking and in person stalking since my name was used over 50 times, what planet are they from. It’s a school in Dublin, Ireland, and foreign students = $320K per american and anywhere from 0 to $2K per local student so I was very happy to provide nice computers for my stalkers to use on campus and nice facilities. 6 years later they spread and took over my facebook and made tons of fake accounts using my name, changing the spelling and getting the profile photo’s from different catfish accounts in order to assure no one believed me. I know the people who started it are also still involved. My old facebook I was locked out of has 3,500 people on it now who are following my every step and move I make and destroyed my entire support system. I used to be social and go out all the time but now I never leave my home because they easily have gotten people to get involved to further hurt me in my own home city/state. No more animal rescue starting as a teen. About 300 animals were euthanized or died in the heat since they destroyed my rescue reputation. No one believes me and they finally destroyed my friendship with my best friend because she and others don’t understand the concept of bullying on a playground and internet stalking/bullying and harassment and identity theft. Most recent letter I got by mail said they used information from stalking me and put them into Netflix and comedy tv shows and movies.

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